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Found 6 results

  1. So, I recently got my hands on the Invisible Kingdom/Revelation side manga released for Fates. I’ve been translating it with online translators so I can read it, as I cannot read or speak Japanese, but there’s a few lines of dialogue that either the AI cannot detect the characters used or the translation comes out borderline nonsensical. Can anyone help translate these? Just a quick note—for the first two, the lines I need translated are the ones in black with a white border, in a font that resembles messy/quick handwriting.
  2. This is a thread to share pictures of what FE swag you've collected over the years. Whether it be figures, trading cards from Cipher or the old FE TCG, or maybe even physical copies of the older, Japan-only FE games. As for me, I recently got a figure of Sylvia from FE4 [spoiler=Aww, isn't she cute?] And a physical copy of FE1 [spoiler=Complete with glorious Pantsless Marth on the label!]
  3. I've been eyeing the Genealogy of the Holy War Exceed a Generation figurines for several years but now that I want to buy some they totally disappeared from the market. I felt this would be the best place to ask about where to potentially find them and possibly locate some sellers. It makes sense that they only got rarer and more expensive over time but I have trouble coming up with the justification to pay more than $15 per figure at best. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction!
  4. Both websites for Cipher Sai have now been fully updated with event information and a merchandise listing! Main Site Merchandise List & Images Here's a text list of what all will be available: S1-S7 Artbooks (S7 is new) 2 new playmats (1 is a mystery) 2 binders (brown is new, blue is from Caravan) 3 new clear files 2 ballpoint pens (sisters is new, dot art is from Caravan) Jugdral can badge set (originally from C91) 4 sets of sleeves (originally in player boxes from C91, now sold separately) In addition, there are some special marker cards that will be available at the event itself featuring art of a bunch of lords, Risen King Chrom, and Seliph. There will also be a concert, draft tournaments, and other events. Cipher Sai will have two events, one in Osaka on February 19th, and one in Tokyo on February 26th.
  5. So yeah, I'd like to get my hands on those FE4 figurines and add them to my neat little collection of nerdy junk I have. However all I ever see on Ebay or Amazon are boxed sets which I know for a fact aren't all six figures, its six RANDOM figures. I could get a box of all Sigurds for pete's sake. So, anyone know anyone/where to just sell the figures individually? They got for about 10 USD a pop which isn't terrible imo, its just a matter of finding the damn things so I don't get needless dupes.
  6. hi everyone! first off I want to say that I'm a huge fire emblem fan but I'm kind of late to the series as my first was awakening and I've been backtracking since I just recently started looking for fire emblem related merchandise, I'm not really a collector or anything but I just love fire emblem so damn much, to make things short I wasn't previously aware of the 25th anniversary merchandise and only recently knew of it I made this topic in hopes of finding someone that is kind enough and willing to sell some of that merchandise the two things I'm hoping for the most are the staff book and special openings CD I already possess some merchandise such as the aqua necklace and the special badges but I only am looking for the staff book and cd in particular I've searched for these on many websites like amiami and ebay but I could not find anything which isn't surprising since they were only sold in japan at special events and weren't mass produced to anyone who would consider selling these items, wether directly or from someone they know, please know that I would gladly pay up to around 200 dollars and possibly more for both the staff book and cd but I will only buy them if they are at least in excellent condition as that's how I'd buy any merchandise so I hope someone replies soon! thank you!
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