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Found 8 results

  1. Huge Priscilla fan here, and I was wondering a few things 1: I heard she was top tier in FE7, is this the case, and if so why? Did I get the wrong information about Priscilla, is she as bad as her heroes counterpart? 2: What do you think of Priscilla? Is she a favorite of yours? Do you hate her? Are you indifferent?
  2. So the most recent Xenologue reveals that Hel, the Norse equivalent of the Devil (although she would be more akin to Hades from Greek mythology) is going to be the next villain in Fire Emblem Heroes. And that makes ridiculous amounts of sense to me. So why would Hel have beef with us summoners? Well, I would say that it's probably because we keep taking all her stuff. Hel rules over Helhiem, where all the terrible people like Surtr, Garnef, and Valter would go. You know, those guys we shoved into orbs and then brought back from the dead to fight for us for all eternity? It would make sense that Hel would hate us, because we are constantly taking all the people she's supposed to be cosmically responsible for. Surtr even comments that you plucked him from the realm of the dead when you summon him. If you owned a Deli, you'd be pretty mad if someone kept on coming into your shop, shoved your meats and cheeses into Christmas colored balls and then left without even acknowledging your existence. A large amount of the heroes we summon are dead, and if you go with the multiverse vibe that FEH lays down, its entirely possible that all the orbs we summon from contain the souls of all the characters that died while we were playing there respective games. All the times you reloaded because a character died created an alternate timeline, and the orbs are just a multiversal graveyard of sorts. It could turn out that Fire Emblem Heroes goes full Undertale on us. I would love it if that's the real reason why she's going to be the next villain. It would be so meta and so perfect if we show up in Helhiem and confront her and she just says "stop taking my stuff". I don't expect it to boil down like that, but it would be great.
  3. I remember a long time ago I was reading someone on this forums' analysis on the Genealogy storyline, deconstructing it, and picking apart all its good aspects as well as bad, with the last update being about Thracia 776 since Genealogy was completed. Does anyone know where I can find these?
  4. Hey guys, I recently got into cipher and am really enjoying the game. I'm coming from Yu-Gi-Oh and I really enjoy the deeper strategy of cipher and am looking to get competitive. I was wondering if any cipher pros wanted to give some advice about what seems to be the strongest decks, how they work, why they work, and a solid deck for a beginner that is still competitive. I also would like some advice on the best way to acquire certain cards that aren't in the structure decks that doesn't break the bank. I'm yet to find a decent website or store near me that carries singles at a reasonable price. I'm currently learning on the Roy and Chrom starter decks so I have knowledge of those cards/archetypes, but if they are on the weaker side of things I would love to learn another~ Thanks! -AncientEcho
  5. Me and my friend have decided to see how we could break Fates metagame, because all characters can get almost any skill through streetpass tutoring(children characters can get every non dlc skill in game i believe). So this is what we have come up with so far: Galeforce Copycat Puppet Warp Household Cure Breaking Sky Galeforce-after killing, move again Copycat Puppet-you split your unit, basically meaning you attack twice per turn until you die Warp-you can teleport and move again to any ally on the map(if you kill an enemy after warping, galeforce procs and you can move again) Household Cure-if you survive an attack, you can move than use elixir to heal then attack again Breaking Sky-skillx3/2 to add half of enemies Str/Mag to your attack(most 20/20 units have about a 30-50% activation rate for this) some strats for this skill set Warp>Heal Heal>Kill enemy>Galeforce>Warp>Staff Kill enemy>Galeforce>Staff clone Warps unit>9 units Warp in Kill enemy>Galeforce>Warp you have 4 inventory slots for weapons/staff because of elixir but anything else is customizable and only females can get warp, others need to find another skill any ideas for improvement or comments?
  6. Wow, both of you submitted your teams at 5:23pm TEAM THWOMP VS TEAM SWORD Stats UNIT HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS HIT AVO CRT ----------------------------------------------------------- BERSERKER!THWOMP 80 54 30 37 44 44 33 29 77 88 18 BRIDE!CORDELIA 80 41 38 44 44 44 41 39 88 88 22 SORCERER!THARJA 80 30 47 37 41 42 42 44 76 82 18 HERO!BASILIO 80 45 28 47 43 44 41 35 92 86 23 ASSASSIN!PRIAM 80 43 28 49 46 45 33 28 96 91 24 ----------------------------------------------------------- GREAT LORD!CHROM 80 44 30 41 42 46 41 39 84 86 20 HERO!CARMINE 80 41 29 48 46 44 40 36 94 91 24 ASSASSIN!STAHL 80 42 29 49 46 43 33 29 95 90 24 SORCERER!MIRIEL 80 28 47 39 41 45 39 44 81 84 19 ASSASSIN!GAIUS 80 41 29 50 48 43 30 30 96 93 25 [45] Horace moves first!
  7. Another booze fueled topic (as those of you who know me will already have guessed) Anyways, it's in the title really, what's your favourite tier/meta? Personally, I like UU and Monotype. I like UU mostly because I've actually found a semi decent team, and monotype because I feel like a gym leader, plus it's fun to find a balanced team with a common type. (Poison FTW!)
  8. Quick question before anybody makes a move. What level of disclosure, in terms of stat boosters, would you both prefer? Team Espinosa [spoiler=stats] Dart 60 30 21 28 20 16 8 13 Rebecca 58 22 25 29 23 13 20 8 Oswin 59 27 20 21 14 30 15 16 Matthew 56 18 19 30 21 16 9 9 Hector 56 30 23 23 14 28 15 15 Vs. Team Horace [spoiler=stats] Geitz 58 28 18 25 17 15 7 13 Isadora 56 19 19 25 25 18 11 10 Dart 60 30 21 28 14 14 14 13 Rebecca 44 22 25 29 23 11 14 6 Sain 58 25 18 24 17 16 9 11 (15) So Espinosa gets first move.
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