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Found 7 results

  1. I was looking for a midi of this song but couldn't find it! there is currently no midi available to download of this song! Thats why I want to request it. If this post is in the wrong place, feel free to redirect my post in a better category! I am not exactly sure if this is the right place for posting midi requests but anyway this is the least I can do. https://youtu.be/u4p3_GzK-c0 This song is number 51 on the sound test menu and it played after you beat a level! This song plays during between cutscenes but sometimes the music will change depends on the situation in the story. I do not want the whole song, the midis should start from 0:15 to 0:38 where the midi should end and loop! I want to request this song because I need it for a future planned project! Your help would be appreciated! Free midi only! Sorry I am not seeking commissions at this time. Again, if this post is in the wrong place please redirect it to where its appropriate.
  2. I’m currently using FE Builder to construct a Fire Emblem hack of my own. I have music and have made conversions, but I don’t know how to loop the music. It said I need to label the loop section in DTM software. Can anyone tell me what that is and how to do it?
  3. So I downloaded Anvil Studio because I heard it was useful for implementing MIDI files into a ROM. For making actual MIDI files and songs, however, the program is incredibly frustrating to use. Anyone have suggestions on what programs others use to make music for their hacks?
  4. How do I insert my mid with sappy and what version should I use? 1.6, 2005, 2006? Thanks.
  5. So can someone tell me how to do it perfectly? I have found several tools myself and tried to convert a lot of tracks but they ended up a bit messy and I don't know how to repair that. So any suggestions or maybe someone would help out fixing the midi tracks? Any help or info would be appreciated.
  6. ... Or can it only play MIDI? I'd like to replace the OST with a ton of mp3 songs and stuff for my hack. Also, 1 Does the text before a chapter, like the chapter intro kind of thing where they say 'Dude went to the next castle but the princess wasn't there, etc', come under event hacking? Or does it come under something else? 2 Is there some kind of FE spriting resource? Like one that helps you create portraits and stuff? 3 [noob question] What is FE Editor and how do you use it? I understand Nightmare but not FE Editor.
  7. Hello there! Was wondering if someone could make/dirct me to midi files (or orchestral remixes) of the following fe7 songs. The midi files in FEshrine aren't working: Loyalty: Hector's theme Triumph In the shadow of triumph Stratagem Light to tomorrow Main theme: arrangement (epilogue remix) Shocking truth II The Grieving Heart Respite in Battle Shadow Approaches Dragon's Gate I+II Land of Swirling Sands The Archsage Athos Blessing of the 8 Generals I + II The Eight Generals The Cogs of Fate Final Farewell Merlinus Eyes of Sorrow Legend of Athos Treasured Hope Thanks in advance!
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