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Found 6 results

  1. I am creating this thread in an effort to compile all known support conversations that have some sort of notable time-lock on them. By this, I mean particularly: 1) Support conversations that can be missed completely because they are only available pre-skip (i.e. before the end of Chapter 12). If you do not get one of these supports when it is available, you cannot continue the support chain past that point 2) Notable support conversations (like Byleth B-supports for recruiting purposes) that are locked until after the time-skip There are three general rules that apply across the board: 1) With the notable exceptions of Alois and Gilbert, every character's C-support with Byleth is only available pre-skip 2) In addition, all A-supports are locked until after the post-skip, with the exception of Byleth x Rhea, which MUST be obtained pre-skip 3) To obtain an S-support between Byleth and another character, you must obtain the wedding ring from Jeralt's room when prompted by the game during Chapter 10. If you do so, on the very final day of your route, before the final level, you will have the option of choosing which character to S-support from a list of all compatible characters you have an existing A-support with. Here are all the other support conversations that have some sort of time-lock that I have noticed (list is hidden due to length):
  2. So i remember when the review copies were out there was this rumor about GD being the hardest route and BE the easiest. Well that was a lie. After finishing all 4 routes i think that there are a lot of factors that can contribute in a route being hard or easy, mostly experience, optimization, etc. I dont think NG+ should be used when debating this for obvious reasons. Also, this game is kinda easy overall, so there is not a hardcore old school route for now. With that said, my tier would go like this: 1. Blue Lions: Hardest for me. Final map was insane. 2. Black Eagles Church: Have some peaks here and there, but it wasnt that much compared to BL in my opinion. Final map was also pretty good. 3. Tie with BE Edelgard and GD. I would say BE Edelgard is probably the easiest but it was the first one i played, so that matters, but the last 2 maps are harder than anything GD threw at me. I do think GD is really easy, not a single map was challenging for me. Even the final boss was kinda easy (really, really epic tho, probably best final battle right with BE Edelgard and the epic atmosphere) So what you guys think? This is obviously my opinion and should not be taken seriously when debating this stuff. Just would like to hear other opinions.
  3. There's a difference between countries and civilizations. You can have multiple countries that are completely independent of each other, but still part of the same civilization. Think the Greek city states, which despite frequently fighting each other, always considered themselves Greek and different to the nonGreeks. Or for a more modern day example, the European Union. Among countless other examples. It's actually a pretty common. Yet, it's not something Fire Emblem has really done before Three Houses. In this game you have Fodlan, with it's three main nations that war, and then you have "beyond" Fodlan which are the "other." Most Fire Emblem games take place on one singular continent. The individual nations on the continent might be developed and characterized differently, but they're all viewed as the one overarching civilization. Even Valm doesn't feel like it's really a different place to Yllise (while in Gaiden it's essentially cameo characters and that's it). The one possible exceptions to this would be Elibe where Sacae feels very different to the other countries, and the Lycian Alliance is more like one unified civilization within Elibe. But the game (or at least Binding Blade as Blazing Blade is an atropical Fire Emblem story in this way) still goes down the route of making the entire game a continental war in which every nation anyone knows about is involved. Hatari also has a sense of otherness to it, though that could just be because it's underdeveloped and never visited, and not even mentioned until it's Queen randomly appears in the story. What I like about Three Houses is that it gives a sense that there is a world beyond what our characters care about. Brigid and Dagda could be taken out of the game, it wouldn't influence all that much. But they're there, given a sense that Fodlan isn't the center of the universe. It's like when you first see the continent on the edge of Awakening and wonder what's out there, but then get really disappointed when you realize it's parts of Yllise copy, pasted and rotated. I like the idea that there's more out there rather than these conflicts involving every single known nation in the world where every country has to be involved in a very direct way. Of course you can still involve the foreign countries in the plot in minor ways, like Three Houses does. It's just it makes things kind of small when all of the conflict is happening on a single island with no known landmasses or peoples beyond it. As you can imagine I like Claude and his whole deal, though I really wish the plot wasn't identical to the Church of Serios route in every other respect (haven't played Dimitri's or Edelgard's true route yet by the by).
  4. Not sure how the fanbase feels about her, but the character of Bernadetta kind of disturbs me. We've had characters with tragic pasts in the series before (hell it's possible Lene was outright raped during the course of the story) and we've had comic relief characters whose gimmick relies tragic (let's face it, if Kellam was a real person suicide would have happened long ago. That man's life is an existential nightmare). But with Bernadetta they try to have their cake and eat it. She's not exactly ha ha funny, but her massive reclusiveness and general fear of humans is depicted in a light hearted and quirky, even endearing way. Then the game turns around and sincerely explains that she's like that because of really, really horrible abuse. It just kind of ruffles me. You can't have it both ways. Either tragedy should be funny or it should be tragic. I guess the closest character we've had to something like this before is Noire, who Thraja also significantly abused, but the abuse in that situation is always depicted in a comical way. Even if when looked at objectively it's kind of horrible. The game doesn't seriously expect us to sympathize with Noire and view Tharja as evil, it's meant to be amusing she has this split personality. Some people were kind of disturbed by that though (didn't bother me all that much because it was at least consistent), so I can't be the only one who thinks the way they handled Bernadetta is a bit off. What do you think?
  5. Hey so, you know how each character under the "roster" menu will have a "Notes" tab that shows their likes, dislikes, interests, timelines, and other such biographical information? Well, I decided to start compiling screenshots of each character's Notes page. A bit of a foreword: I thought to come up with this because of all the people asking about how to recruit these characters/get supports with them up, and also because I myself have a hard time keeping track of all these characters individual personality traits and back stories. So I wanted to compile screenshots of the notes tabs of each of these characters, and then offer whatever insights I might have on appealing to them. The idea is this will somewhat act as an informative guide to help people figure out how best to boost supports between your character and the others - to help you figure out what gifts to give them and to maybe help you figure out what dialogue options you should generally go for when attempting to appease these characters. Generally speaking, if you know a characters interests, likes, and dislikes, you'll know how best to appeal to them. Also posting this stuff because I can't find anywhere else people have this kind of information compiled in a relatively organized fashion. By the very nature of this topic, this will contain spoilers about the roster - namely, the characters whom you can recruit. Within the spoilered boxes are screenshots of character bios which reveal information about their backstories and information, as well as stuff I may have to say that reveal additional details. You have been warned. Also, these are somewhat big screenshots, and there are quite a few of them (I copy them from imgur after I host them there), so they might take a bit to load. Without further ado, here's the list, starting from the students of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer, and then moving on to those with no particular affiliation to any given house. Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Linhardt: Caspar: Bernadetta: Dorothea: Petra: Dimitri: Dedue: Felix: Ashe: Sylvain: Mercedes: Annette: Ingrid: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie: Flayn: Hanneman: Shamir: This all I have for now...
  6. Not sure if this has been discussed anywhere else, but here goes. So from what we have heard from those reviewers who have the game, only one character can be a dancer and they were pretty sure the main character (Byleth) can not be said dancer. Just generally, Fire Emblem is careful not to give you more than one dancer to prevent shenanigans (even if they couldn’t dance for each other like in Heroes). Where else have have we seen dancing in this game? The school ball, as briefly seen in the trailer and the extended cutscene more recently put out on Youtube. Then there has to be a way of determining who gets to be the dancer which the protagonist, a teacher, cannot take part in. Also if dancer was a regular advanced class, which are apparently only available post-timeskip, I doubt the reviewers would have been able to talk about it. So so my guess is that the dancer will basically be the prom king/queen. Perhaps this is awarded to the character with the highest charm (nominally attracting the votes of students) or perhaps Byleth, as a disinterested teacher, is called to award the title of best dancer (seems more likely). What do others think of this theory?
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