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Found 5 results

  1. To commemorate the imminent release of TMSFE, let's do a round of which SMT/Persona (or Radiant Historia/Odin Sphere, if you so desire) character should have which FE character as their mirage. (I'm not sure whether this thread should be here or in a FE-specific thread, but anyway.) For the purpose of this excercise, the Atlus characters can have multiple mirages as their personas. My round: Persona 4: Yu: Male Robin Yosuke: not quite sure...Gatrie or Inigo maybe? Chie: Leonie/Lyn Yukiko: Lilina/L'Arachel Kanji: Ike, Hector, or Sigurd? Rise: Lalum Naoto: Lute/Soren? Teddie: Fa Nanako: Maria Marie: Idenn Tohru Adachi: Narcian Persona 3 Portable Minako: Female Robin Junpei: Hinata/Caspar Yukari: Lucina/Neimi Fuuka: Florina/ Akihiko: Dieck Mitsuru: Edelgard! Shinjiro: Rutger/Jeritza Ken: Lugh or Chad Aigis: Female Byleth Ikutsuki: Nergal Ryoji: Lyon Persona 5: Akira: Maybe Leif (Thracia 776) Masayoshi Shido: Definitely one of the senators from Radiant Dawn So, what's everyone's take?
  2. Lately, I have been thinking about redesigning Fire emblem 7/ Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. I am able to do this myself but I want a little opinion first. General Idea: Make the game Easy at first but get harder much faster. Items now give stat boosts such as an Iron sword giving plus one speed. I also want those annoying fog of war chapters COMPLETELY removed. There will be more enemies to make up for that. Most characters will also have edited Stat growths. Custom Classes: I am making a few new classes just for this. I might talk about them later. I just thought I would let anyone who sees this know about this. Lemme know if you think if something is broken or unfair etc. Thanks for looking. https://imgur.com/a/tAl5K for some pictures. Update 1: Staffs can be used in combat now. Most deal little or no damage. MOST staves have double uses to make up for this. Items stats boosts will also be changed. Update 2: New custom class added. Check em out. Update 3: Soldiers (Now called Lancers) can class upgrade into a general VIA Hero Crest. Playable demo planned soon. Update 4: First playable demo. *Link removed* Update 5: Yes I'm still alive. The project isn't dead. The "Hero Lord" class will be Mirage's Class up. I sadly have no video to show this due to the rom crashing from an invalid class id. So I just need to do some quick fixes. Update 6: It's almost here. Just playtesting and more placements of stuff and it will be done. Sadly cant finish it right now. Update 7: Behold! The Demo has finally arrived! With this demo you can experience Chapters 1 to Chapter 12. Let me get some feedback and if there are any bugs let me know please. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KvgL8ffP4nq-wF9JrGYZA6aVVeElscxN/view?usp=sharing
  3. I've been wondering if the dialogue choices in this game even matter, since Fire Emblem Awakening had some choices but only the last one mattered. In the game the dialogue choices make me think that there's a hidden romance system, so i'm wondering if the choices have any effect on the story besides the dialogue.
  4. Hey. I'm one of the contributors to the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE subsection on EmblemWiki, responsible for the majority of the script that's been uploaded on the subsection. I'm currently wrapping on my first playthrough of the game--stopped just before fighting the final boss--and I've started updating the wiki with the requests that were first available from Chapter 6. I'm currently on the request "Conditions for a Masterpiece Movie". For those who don't know/don't remember which quest I'm talking about, it's given to you by a Mirage NPC that's found in Illusory Daiba Studio, and wants Itsuki to present "at least one of the elements an actor needs", with "ambition", "harmony", and "courage" being options. I have all three as presentable options. Now, to actually get to my question: does anyone here know how I unlocked these options? My mind immediately jumped to the completion of Touma's, Eleonora's, and Yashiro's Side Stories, since the three are the most prominent actors in the game, but I can't say that for definite. I've done a look on Google and YouTube, but I couldn't find any answers. I'd hate to leave the unlocking criteria for the three elements blank, so I'm asking if you guys know anything. Thanks in advance. EDIT: HawthroneKitty over at NeoGAF has told me how they're unlocked. Looks like I was half-right--the Side Stories for at least Yashiro and Touma do play a part in the completion of this request.
  5. I'm sure we all have characters we would like to see in the crossover. Are there any characters you guys hope ends up in the finished product of the game? IMO, I would like to see a character like Ninian in the game; after all, the game revolves around show business. It only seems appropriate that at least one FE dancer is a mirage. Ninian (or any of the FE dancers) could be the mirage of a character who's either a backup dancer or an idol.
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