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Found 29 results

  1. I've better things to do than waste my time for empty internet points. I'm making this my hobby, like it should be.
  2. LATEST PROGRESS is always on last page, so you may want to read through starting from page 13. I will link below the images that is currently finished if you do not wish the trouble of reading through that mess.
  3. Hey there. Im new to this kinda forum but lately I have been getting into FE spriting. Formerly I used to do some pokemon splicing, spriting, and whatnot, but until recently I had been away from this line of work. Lately I have been working on FE mugshots and Im going to try doing some more battle sprites later on. I kinda tend to go for a more simplistic kinda look with some characters, cuz I like the classic look more than a super shiny look. I would also say most mugs are splices but I tried really hard to make them original looking. I'm still trying to get into the style of the sprites, so I hope I can get it right sometime, and Im open for improvement, so tell me what you think! Mugshots: Dark Flier Battle Sprite (WIP): dark flier sprites.bmp
  4. Youko

    My collection! :)

    Hello everyone! :D This is my first post on this forum and I hope to get to know the community soon. Thought I'd show off some of my recent works for my very own Fire Emblem game. They are based off friends in real life that will be in my game. Most of them are just recolors of existing mugshots with small tweaks. Some are spliced up, some are quite custom! Just depends on how many requests the person had for their character. Anyway, I'll probably post all of my work on this one thread so I'll keep it coming. :) Enjoy everyone and I'm glad to be on the forum! -Joshua- -Ben- -Joseph- -Chet- -Kayla- -Girlfriend (Wendy)- -Me (James)-
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