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Found 124 results

  1. Alright. I've just ripped some FE11 and FE12 Midis and .sf2's directly from the game. What are some steps I need to take to put them into Sacred Stones? (I hope this isn't too vague) I have the Sappy program, and HxD, and have applied the 12 instrument patch, but I could use some tips from here on out.
  2. Here's something that everyone will love. Dataminers have gifted us the map themes from the special warriors maps that will feature in Heroes later this month. Prelude - Awakening Duty - Awakening No Justice - Fates Road Taken - Fates Justice RIP - Fates
  3. Does anyone know how to change what song plays during what scene? Like for example, the main theme was playing during a conversation and I wanted to replace it with another existing song in the game's soundtrack, how would I go about doing that?
  4. Here's an idea! Since we've already got a FE music rating thread, and a general video game music rating thread, let's branch out into something else, like, I don't know, classical music! We'll use the same rules as the other two rating threads, with an addition: make sure to specify the name of the composer. Thanks to the creators of the first two threads for giving me the idea. First piece: Edvard Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite: In the Hall of the Mountain King
  5. So I've been trying for a while now, but I still can't for the life of me figure out how to insert custom music into the game. Every tutorial I seem to find is either full of broken images, videos and tags making them really hard to follow or they're just very confusing in general. So, can someone point me to the easiest method of inserting music into the game?
  6. The title says it all. Is there an easy way to change which song in the soundtrack plays when the requirements for "Victory Road" to play are met?
  7. Nintendo games likely hold a special place in our hearts. And one thing i've always liked about Nintendo games, is that they can have really good music. So my question to you is, which Nintendo series do you think has the best music? I know it's probably hard to choose, because there's so many good options. Of course, given the context of this question, for many of us "best" may also end up meaning "favorite". For me, the Xenoblade Chronicles series has the best music out of any Nintendo series, and i say this as someone who likes Fire Emblem a bit more than Xenoblade Chronicles. The songs do an amazing job at capturing the feel of the environment, emotions, basically anything. Xenoblade music is so good! And while X doesn't have as amazing of a soundtrack as the original, there are a decent amount of songs in Xenoblade Chronicles X that are really, really good! And after hearing the four music tracks on the official Japanese website of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, i'm fully convinced that Xenoblade Chronicles, as a series, will never be topped when it comes to music. While Xenoblade Chronicles has the best music in my opinion, honorable mentions need to go to Fire Emblem, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, and Kid Icarus (Uprising specifically) and Super Smash Bros but that doesn't count.
  8. I started a project not too long ago that I thought people would be interested in. I've mashed together all of the old and new versions of the Gaiden soundtrack and I plan going through the rest of the series' music to create as many mashups as possible. Here is the final map theme: And the rest of the playlist if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-RZL5fzjZMBjT6bsXWVSpvSTMj63aJv2
  9. So I've been experimenting with the FE8 native instruments map by Circleseverywhere, and there is no string ensemble in FE8. I want to change this, so how do I take an instrument, such as string ensemble 1, from FE7 and put it in FE8 so I can use it with the instrument map?
  10. Basically, what do you guys think about the music in this game? Favorite pieces, how it stacks up against the other games, etc. To start, all of Celica's map themes are total bangers. I like it a lot. The map theme for Act 3 is tight, I like that it's reminiscent of the series main theme. Also, I like the songs for fighting Berkut. I also like the music in this game in general. It's not a departure from the rest of the series in any way, but it works hard to establish clear leitmotifs for Alm and Celica. Not a big fan of how it doesn't pay off for either of them. (For an example, listen to Alm's Map 1 and 2, and then listen to Alm's map 3. Same for Celica.)
  11. I'm a bit new to adding music to the game, so bear with me here. I ripped the song Endless Battle straight from New Mystery and inserted it into FE8 without any problems from what I can tell. However, there don't seem to be any native instruments that work with some of my tracks. It's be easier to show my problem then try to describe it, so here's a video of what I'm talking about: With the horns at the beginning, I figure I can probably just use a multi-instrument or something, since I really like the way they sound for the rest of the song. I have no idea what to do about the strings section though. I've tried throwing any instrument I can in that slot just to see what works, and it's usually an instrument that's hilariously inappropriate, if it even works correctly at all. There's some other things I'd like to change around too, of course, but honestly right now I'd be happy if I could get rid of that Proto-Man sounding part. The part in question starts around 0:35 in the original song
  12. (Was originally going to post this on the Fates board so I didn't make 3 heroes topics in one day, but it felt more fitting here) In case anyone doesn't know what SpotifFyre Emblem is, it's this serious of videos created by a youtuber (Mamodxx I believe? Something like that) in which playlists are made for Fire Emblem characters. Usually they consist of 3-4 songs. Sometimes they're legitimate for the character's personality or gameplay, like something about being Bulletproof for Hector, or being a joke, like Darude Sandstorm for Fuga (You'll only get it if you've played Fates) So I figured, "let's all get together and put together songs for characters". Some simple layout rules: You can post as many songs as you want. Format should be somewhat similar to this: Character Name And that's it. Hope to see some creative stuff :) I'll start off with a few... Laslow Niles Karel Navarre Hector Sophia Beruka Takumi Sharena That's all I'll post for now, gods know I'll find more. If there's a reference you don't get, feel free to ask about it. Can't wait to see what songs everyone thinks should belong on a playlist for each character!
  13. So I'm working on a song for my FE hack, and it plays perfectly in sappy and it is exactly how I want it to sound. However, once I insert it into the rom it plays but in some parts of the song several drum notes don't play or the drums are just cut out altogether for certain sections of the song. If anyone has any idea how to fix a problem like this, help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  14. I'm gonna be posting anything I consider art (music and actual artwork) that is Fire Emblem related. The original post will be a hub of sorts, I suppose? Anyway, lemme know what you think of my things. I MIGHT eventually do requests when I get more confident with my work. Phina's Dance (Fire Emblem - Mystery of the Emblem) by Purple-Clad Gamer.mid
  15. Exactly what the title says! What's the favourite themes you have heard? Share them here! Even though the final map theme is great, I just love Berkut's boss themes.
  16. Is there a way to set the priority of music in FE6 so you can play your musics on maps and in cutscenes like you could in FE7? Also, how to do give stat bonuses in FE6 because I wanted to give some weapons stat bonuses like in FE7 with the Uber Spear so I was wondering how you give them to weapons in FE6?
  17. So I downloaded Anvil Studio because I heard it was useful for implementing MIDI files into a ROM. For making actual MIDI files and songs, however, the program is incredibly frustrating to use. Anyone have suggestions on what programs others use to make music for their hacks?
  18. If anyone can tell me the name of this song, I'd really appreciate because it sounds so good and I just can't find out the name of it. Here is the video that plays it: P.S. The song plays at 7:38
  19. I'll list mine from each game. Mystery of the Emblem: "Advance"(Beginning chapters theme)and "Holy War"(Final chapter theme} Genealogy of the Holy War: "Girl of the Spirit Forest"(Chapter 1 theme) and "Lionheart Eldigan"(Chapter 3 theme) Thracia 776:" Advance B" and "Base" (Haven't played much of Thracia 776)
  20. Come on, don't be shy! For me, it's a perfect tie between these two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DED812HKWyM&nohtml5=False https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmCQgOqKaVg&nohtml5=False
  21. We already have a topic about the opinions on the characters of Fire emblem Fates, created by Roylking. I thought, why don't we make a thing like that, but for the soundtrack of Fates? I think fates has the best soundtrack of all Fire Emblem games, and I think it deserves a lot of praises. This thing will be daily by the way. Day #1 - Abundant Solace This theme is the generic mycastle theme My opinion: This theme is ok. It is very calm, but at the same time, it has a certain charm to it. I still never hear this theme ingame because I always change my Castle music to something else, but it's still not bad. Themes opiniated: - #1 Abundant solace - #2 Puppet's feast - #3 Quiet Burn - #4 Justice RIP - #5 Petals in the wind - #6 Spreading Shadow - #7 The Water Maiden - #8 Glory/Ruin - #9 Past Light - #10 Vanity Judge - #11 Paradise (Light) and Paradise (Dark) - #12 Alight - #13 Oblivescence - #14 Prelude to disaster - #15 A brother's vow - #16 Lost King's Supper - #17 No Justice - #18 Pale Star - #19 Dusk falls - #20 New power - #21 Pray to the dar - #22 Obsidian Ruler
  22. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anybody knew where to find the music that played in the Invisible History DLC?
  23. Hi guys I...no...All of my friends and I haven't been on lately... hehe...I've been inactive a lot...so I wouldn't know. Anyways... Lets get to it List down your top 15 so far in 2016, when ya get a new song edit your post or make a new one 15. Chearleader (Omi feat. Felix Jaehn 14. Drop in the Ocean (Omi feat. AronChups 13. For you (Park Avenue feat. Rich Edwards 12. Contigo (Enrique Eglasias feat. Pitbull...and someone else 11. Meri Kalibobo ( Im not sure who 10. Party Animal (Charlye Black 9. Brad Pitt my Cousin (Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis 8. Take a Chance (Little Dragon feat. Flume 7. Wifi Tears (Slip x slurs 6. Turtle Town (Stephen Walking 5. Sex (Cheatcodes feat. Kriss kross 4. Closer (Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo 3. Sacred Woods (Varien feat. Skyelle 2. Waiting for you (Unlike Pluto feat. Joana Jones 1. New Sky (San Holo There you go..... It doesn't have to be Ascending or Descending
  24. I had a weird thought; if you could give each character a theme song, what would it be? If you wish, I will keep track of your opinions on this post. (I'll keep editing, and if we gather enough attention, I may start conducting polls later on) ---- I haven't thought too far into this, but I think Takumi's theme song would be On My Own - By Ashes Remain
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