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Found 16 results

  1. This is the Thread for people who are looking for specific Skills for Certain characters. Please List the Characters and the Skills you need below. Please note that Skills from DLC / Amiibo Classes ARE NOT LEARNABLE from MyCastle Battles You also CAN'T LEARN skills from Characters with the BLUE SHIELDS, you also CAN'T RECRUIT them, so don't include them on your team. For people who are replying to Skill Requests, please try to do the following to make it easier for others Have the Throne Empty for Easy Capture Set your characters on HOLD and/or Remove all of their Equipments Remove DLC Class abilities from that Character to increase skills available If you want to include the Dusk Dragon, please put it close to entrance so we can break them easily. Don't Bait People by Using all Characters with BLUE Shields since they are not recruitable / learnable Also Remember to Hit Update Castle after you finish making changes.
  2. Can anyone link to a My Castle with 0 base stats units, or add one to their team? Even if you can't save edit, can you please recruit one from 07723-21451-62771-49049 and add it to your team? It would take an extremely long time for me to recruit these otherwise, and I could use the help. Edit: the underlined section does not apply, as you cannot recruit einhajar from others.
  3. In case people want to make bond units, all of the threads on a lot of forums are closed, so if you want to have bond units in 2019 and onward... Post your MyCastle Code, Path, and avatar's name in a spoiler How does one make a bond unit? Get each other's Calling Cards Get at least one accessory from the other player Continue giving them accessories each day (you won't lose these accessories) Voila! Why should you post your path? So that you can hand pick the pool of skills your bond unit gets. Always check your accessory page in your inbox and take their calling card and give them accessories. I'll just post all the possible skills in a spoiler.
  4. Note that this topic is not about whether or not Fates should have had a turnwheel-like mechanic, nor if MyCastle should return. This discussion is simply about if a future Fire Emblem game has MyCastle-like building mechanics, whether or not you think the turnwheel should be integrated into it. As generally well-received as the turnwheel and divine pulse mechanics have been in Shadows of Valentia and Three Houses respectfully, two common criticisms I have seen towards being able to rewind to an earlier parts of a battle is the the player is given a few too many uses to do so, which can allow for some reckless strategies. The other critique I've seen is that despite being easy to ignore, there is no official way to turn it off if the player wishes to do a full-fledged Ironman run. When playing through Conquest for the first time, there were a number of moments where I wished the game had a turnwheel-like mechanic (albeit one HEAVILY toned down when compared to Echoes and Three Houses, as I feel that having more than 5 or 7 uses and being able to go back to the very first turn would reduce quite a lot of the well-constructed challenge the game has), largely whenever I encountered typical Fire Emblem bullcrap (I.E. enemies critting with single digit crit rates, or someone missing a 90% chance to hit leads to a units death via the butterfly effect, and so on) or when I found out the hard way that a mechanic/gimmick/skill/weapon/etc. did X when I was expecting it to do Y. I especially would have liked such a mechanic near the end of the game, where levels could often take an hour or two to complete, and having a unit die in the last stretch could be extremely frustrating. While it's a mechanic I'm okay with not appearing in every game, I did enjoy MyCastle. Even if I have a few reservations towards the handling of certain buildings, I liked how the player had to prioritize what facilities to buy and upgrade. After some thought, I believe that making the turnwheel/Divine Pulse a building that the player could buy and eventually upgrade would be the better alternative than simply handing it to them early on in the story. This way, the player would have to decide whether they prioritize being able to rewind in battle over obtaining something like the armory or mess hall first, or if they'll risk a unit dying permanently (or having to reset the level) to equip their army with more well rounded weaponry and items. Since being able to upgrade buildings only appears after the player is a certain distance into the game, this would also prevent having to many opportunities to turn back time early on. It would be in the players hands rather than the games for how much utility they would get out of the turnwheel/Divine Pulse mechanic, and add to the already interesting conundrum of what faculties the player wishes to gain first.
  5. I've been trying to forge +7 weapons recently, but the spring I have in birthright is trash for me. I have the Lapis Spring, that I dislike. I hate axes and the 5-1 trade doesn't work. Is there a way to change which gem your cartridge has?
  6. Personally I would love to have a base building mode in FE switch because i love games where you can build and design your own base to be at. Do you think a My Castle or a new base building mode should be in the game? Do you have any ideas for it?
  7. Hello! This is a thread for people to exchange MyCastle codes with the intent of creating bond units. Feel free to join in, even if your MU doesn't have great skills or isn't high-leveled! Path: Hoshido Skill: Renewal (I can swap our for Hoshidan Unity, Dragon Ward, or Salvags Blow.) Code: 15330-62847-91704-31977 Castle Name: Hallow Bastion All my stores are fully upgraded too. The accessory doesn't matter to me either. Enjoy!
  8. Hi! I've been wondering if anybody would like to create Bond Units with me! And with each other, of course. Now, I'm personally doing this for the specific reason of doing a "corrin-only-lunatic-conquest-soulink-nuzlocke-thing" run through with my friend, and I'd like to use Bond Units for their personal skills! The bond units I receive will be edited using FEFTwiddler to fit their respective class, boon, bane, nature, looks and base stats for this playthrough I'm doing with my friend (We've already set these aspects up earlier). They'll then be exported from that file and be imported into the file we're going to be using, so I'm not worried about your avatars info. Please follow this format when posting! Game: [Version] Characters Name: [name] Castle Name: [name] Castle Address: [address] Boon/Bane/Talent: [+Stat / -Stat / Class] Last Skill Equipped: [skill] While I don't mind what your Avatar has, other people who may want to create Bond Units will! So please make sure to include everything! Now, when you arrive at someone's castle, make sure to accept their card then give them an accessory! If you don't have their card, you can't make a bond unit! And that's that! So let's all go make some Bond Units! My info Game: Revelations Character Name: Luna Castle Name: Xenospace Castle Address: 01210-50185-98536-06328 Boon/Bane/Talent: +Speed / -Luck / Ninja Last Skill Equipped: Certain Blow EDIT: If anybody who uses FEFTwiddler wants to attach a .fe14unit file of any bond units they have to their post, I'll greatly appreciate it!
  9. Path - Nohr Address - 16235-19413-15904-44422
  10. I would like to know what character has what statue tied to them for example Ryoma has a strength statue while Xander has defence statue and so on and so forth. I've been looking everywhere for a list but can't seem to find one so if someone could reply with a link or list of as many characters as possible that would be very much appreciated :)
  11. So I'm trying to get the Battle and Visitation Seals and was thinking whether it'd be possible to get them in one week alone. I'd love to test this out and see just how many I could get if we tried. I have some rare skills for the children characters for you, if you can help! Ask for a skill and I will try to update with that skill ASAP if I have it. My Castle Address is: 14242-89262 81075-83346. Thanks to anyone in advance!
  12. Hey there! Would anyone happen to have the Dragon Fang skill for Midori? I accidentally didn't pass it down to her. :'( I would absolutely appreciate the help. I've been searching for awhile and haven't had any luck so I decided to ask publicly. > . < <3
  13. Hello, before anything, thanks for any help, ans sorry for my bad english. Now i want the soudn when someone in My castle gives you an item, for using as a ringtone in my mobile, for apps like whatsapp :D if you can send me that sound, i will thank you, and if you can link me other SFX of Fates it will be better!!
  14. Hey peeps, I only recently got the game and have just passed chapter 10 in hard classic. A lot of features are becoming more open to me and I have began to prepare for multiplayer with my friends. I would like to know what the best My Castle styles are and what the best way to defend them is. I have been using the Izumite layout as I find it the most aesthetically pleasing and wish to keep this so any feedback in regard to defending that particular style is very much appreciated. I would also like to know what units tend to out-perform others from your experiences and what classes are best for what jobs (for example in Awakening, sorcerer was the go to magic class. I also want to know what skills work best for multiplayer and not the story or DLC chapters. I ignored armsthrift in Awakening for the very reason that I focused on streetpass teams. To anyone who responds, thank you for your time and feedback.
  15. Hey ya'll, nobody ever seems to have Dwyer on the MyCastle teams (odd considering MyCastle is pretty much the only thing he's good for :P) I was hoping I could pick up some skills for him from somebody? Namely, I'm trying to find some of the Activation skills like Lethality, Luna, Miracle, etc... or Nohrian Trust I suppose I've got Aptitude and Hoshidan Unity if anyone wants them for him (also have some other stuff for random other people) Castle Address is: 04222-37974 15838-84699 Lastly I know it's a longshot cuz he tends to be people's throwaway kid, but I was really hoping to find some of the DLC class skills.if that's at all possible. Namely Aether, Ignis, and Awakening (Great Lord, Grandmaster, and Great Lord skills) Any of those for MU would be absolutely fantastic and appreciated as well. Thank you so much in advance for anyone who can help me out!
  16. Hey, so I didn't know if I should ask in a currently existing thread, so I decided to play it safe and make my own thread. I was wondering if anyone has, or has access to getting, Good Fortune for Sakura, (Mercenary, Level 1 skill) and Axebreaker for Azura (Hero, Level 15 skill... I think) I'm asking because I want Azura to have a weapon triangle advantage as she'll be using lances, and since I've seen many people pair her up with Lazslow, I'm sure it can't be that hard to find one out there that has Axebreaker. Sakura, on the other hand, might be a bit more tricky. I'm looking to make her an HP tank, and I'm simply looking for Good Fortune. Yes, there's better skills, I'm sure, but I'd really like to have Good Fortune on her, as she'll have high Luck in the end. If anyone could find or get these skills for me, and post the MyCastle Link, that would be... amazing, really really awesome. Thanks!
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