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Found 9 results

  1. We have Phina, Norne, Nagi, and some guy who doesn't look familiar at all. Do you guys recognize him? I don't.
  2. So here's my thread for every LP that isn't my primary LP (currently Valkyria Chronicles 4, go ahead and check it out by clicking that link). Here, you can expect to see video LPs of various games. Anyway, I'll try to post videos for three games over the course of each week. So with that, my first vid will be Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Book 1. And in this part, Ogma and Caeda show off just how awesome they are while Cain and Abel also are total one-crit wonders.
  3. I'll start this off with a message to the mods: If this isn't in the right place, apologies! I couldn't really locate a perfect spot, so I figured since this involved most games the "General" section was a safe bet! ^-^ I have all the games that would probably be a recommendation, so that is already a start. I seem to be having difficulty really starting and committing to a single game though. At first I wanted to play the games chronologically, but since I've been in Archenea (sp?) overload as of late I wanted to play with some new characters. Not that I'm opposed to playing New Mystery if that is the best choice. I'm pretty open to any title, and as the topic name says: not even Thracia, Xavier, and some guy named Cyrus who I'm supposed to fear make me err from it. Games that are challenging make me want to stay and see it through a lot more, and coupled with Fire Emblems' permadeath feature that makes me care about the characters a lot more on top of that. That being said, if Sacred Stones - which I know from a second hand experience is the most "watered down" in terms of the older games' difficulty - would be a better choice, that's also fine. I'm not perfect, I may wipe or lose a chapter last minute on an easy setting, but I'm always fine with finding a better strategy. Standalone titles being axed first is also a fine notion. I'd prefer to save the Tellius games for a bit later, as my "Wii" needs to be gotten up to a more passable speed before I can enjoyably play those two. Basically, I can't choose! They all seem like fun, interesting titles to me. Like seriously, I'm so glad I picked up Birthright and Awakening, which led to Echoes, then Warriors, and now all of these wonderful gems. It's nice to have that "in love" type of enthusiasm for a whole series again. ^-^ So yeah, any suggestions or opinions on why "X game is the best" are welcome. I want to hear 'em all. Danke!
  4. I have a bit of a problem with the Mystery of the Emblem (Monshou no Nazo, if you will) translation patch. I can't tell if the ROM I have just isn't a header or if my emulator just sucks (I'm using SNES9x). The ROM works fine when I don't patch it, but it won't work when I patch it. I know there are two versions of the game out there, and I've gotten them both and patched them with their respective patches, but it's the same result with both of them. I'm using Windows 10 and can't seem to find a version of SNESTool that works, so I have no idea of what to do.
  5. So i'm not entirely sure what to think, but I like mystery stuff so... Maybe? Thanks to DodgeDusk for showing me this in the first place.
  6. Summary: What if Robin/Avatar had woken up in a different timeline? What if he had woken up in the dire future of despair that the children came from? Could destiny be changed once again or would he fail this time? -Feel free to review by PMing me :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prologue: Premonition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "This is it! Our final battle," he told her determined. "You seem anxious. I've never seen you like this," She responded to him surprised. It was true. They had been through a lot together, and in that time he never expressed any sign of nervousness. He was always calm, smooth, collective, and ready for battle. This time he looked different, as if something was troubling him. "It's because everything has led up to this moment. Everything we've done, all our hard work, and our struggles. They are what got us right here, right now," Robin said with a serious tone. "I can't afford any more losses. Much like I can't stand losing you." She smiled. "We've faced so many things together, so I think you should know by now that I can watch my back. Right?" "Yes, I know. It's just that, I would never forgive myself if something happened to you tonight." He looked straight in her beautiful eyes. In those two pools he saw his own reflection, and the best out of himself. "Neither would I, if anything happened to you. Do you remember the plan?" She asked him seriously. "Of course. I created it after all." "Right, and this is like the Valley. Risen had us surrounded, we were outnumbered and alone." She pointed to what she could see in front of them. It was getting dark, and there was no sun to light the way while Risen covered the land that expanded before them. They couldn't even see the grass beneath the zombie horde, only the dark gray sky and the burned trees were visible. "No, the Valley differs from now." "How's that? I see no difference," she asked him curious. "Ehmm… because of this." He pressed towards her, and she couldn't help but feel the adrenaline of her heart when he put his lips on hers. She felt so protected and joyful, because she had someone right by her side. Someone she knew that had stolen her heart and would do anything for her to smile. Her blood flowed rapidly in her cheeks, making them as red as ever. He put his hands around her waist and she put hers around his neck, pulling him closer. "We should focus on our mission, we're about to start the battle. Did you forget that?" She told him in a slightly bossy tone while pushing him away, but she was unable to hide her excitement and her rosy cheeks. "I did." He replied with a broad smile, like she hadn't yelled at him. "Although, when this is over, I have prepared a small surprise for you." She nodded and asked, "Really? Then, shall we go ahead so I can see it later?" "Yes. Tell the others to guide our forces towards the enemy. We must focus on entering the castle. It's your job to tell us how to get in, and with our new weaponry, we have a chance of winning." "I know. Tonight, we will write a new future for Ylisse." "Together." He told her confidently and held her hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And so the battle began. The zombie fighters rushed at them with a vicious aura. They couldn't listen or feel. They could only see their enemy in front of their eyes. That was their mission, to kill with no remorse of their actions. That was why the fell dragon was so powerful. Although he had great power himself, his army was the one that terrorised the countless cities it found in its path. Did that mean they were better than humans? Of course not. Although their enhanced battle abilities and skills were something to notice, they lacked human's skills like improvising, insight and the two most important ones, compassion and supportiveness for each other. Those skills, unheard to Risen, made the remains of humanity gather and forge a team with one goal in mind, the fall of the fell dragon, once and for all. In this battle, that dream was about to become real after all those years of pain and slaughter. It was the time for the sun to rise, and for the long period of peace to begin. The man, followed by his beloved one, found a path that guided them and their selected forces inside Ylisstol's castle. The building was the key for them to open the door to a bright new world. At least, that was what they thought as he looked around the room. They had just gotten in, but he told them to stay alert for anything. "What is it? You looked troubled," she asked him worried. "I don't know. This is way too easy. It was never that easy," Robin responded concerned. Right then, they heard a huge noise from outside. The man quickly turned around to see what was going on. Unfortunately, in that moment their forces were surrounded by Risen. He couldn't understand what was going on, but before he could even think, he was knocked out from behind. The last thing he remembered before closing his eyes was his beloved one and the feeling of extreme disappointment. He had failed her, something he swore never to do. He awoke disoriented and confused when he slowly opened his eyes. He tried looking around to get his bearings and unconsciously moved his hand only to find that it was tied tight to a metallic chair. With a quick look around the room, he saw nothing but a dim light from a candle nearby. At once, he tried to think of ways to get out of this condition. Alas, the metallic chair was bolted to the ground so he couldn't break it. His hands and legs were also tied with a plastic-like cord making it impossible to move. Not to mention that he seemed very weak. Unable to find an idea to escape, he waited there looking towards the candle's light, and smelling its wax scent. All he could do now was worry about his friends and his love, about their failure, and about the person who betrayed them. Suddenly, he heard noises of footsteps. Then, the sound of a door cringing open. Before he knew it, a man appeared before him, holding another candle and a knife. "Thank goodness! Hurry! Cut the ropes and let's save our men! Hope isn't lost yet!" The man in front of him laughed sarcastically. "Your plan failed tactician. We've been holding you here for a while now. The battle was lost before it started, and there is nothing you can do anymore." "What?… We? It was YOU! You hit me from behind! You… Traitor! How could you? We trusted you! I trusted you!" He tried to move in a fury but he couldn't. "I am definitely going to enjoy this. You are alive because I ordered them not to kill you. You know, for old times' sake, but I came here with a deal. You will tell us where you are keeping it. You kept that secret for yourself and-" "Don't speak her name!" He cried furiously as his face reddened in anger. Robin moved his body with rage to escape, only to be stopped a third time by his ties. "Haha! I won't. I was so close, but so far away. You lied about its place. It wasn't where I thought it was. Tell me where the real one is and I will grant you a place right next to lord Grima." "I prefer to die before I help you! Snake!" He spat at his face using the only way to attack he could think of. However, the man wiped it away from his eye and continued like nothing had happened. "Don't worry I am not in hurry. I have all the time I need. I finally defeated you! Could I ask for more?" "Arrrgggghhh!" It was a female scream. One he recognised immediately. "NO! What are you doing to her? You crazy psychopath! Tell me, damn it!" "You will tell me where you hid it! Or she will die. I will slaughter her in front of you, but if you comply then I will let you keep her head! Haha!" The man laughed evilly. "Now, tell me where you hid it!" Robin was lost in thought. He had no other choice but to comply. "Tell me Sir Robin. How did everything begin? Tell me everything you know or she will suffer." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Prologue-Premonition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): Hello everybody :) This story was created to become something completely new, based on the characters we all love (from Awakening) and maybe answer in some interesting questions, like "Can Robin change the fate of a doomed world?, Can love be found in such place?" Well... I believe there is only one way to find out :P This prologue is a bit shorter on purpose to smoothly proceed into the main story. Please don't mind any grammatical errors. No copyright intended. Until next time! Please have yourselves a darn good one :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
  7. Exploration at its finest, atmosphere at its greatest, first person gaming at its prime. Intro: Metroid Prime is a game that came out in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube, remade in the Wii with the Prime trilogy and now finally re released for the Wii U. It’s the same game as the Wii version but I just wanted to point it out. I have came into this game having already played Metroid before, only Super Metroid, though. I always wanted to get my hands on this game and when I finally got it, I was very excited to just start playing. Without further ado, here’s my review for Metroid Prime for the Wii. Full Review: The story of Metroid Prime is pretty straightforward at glance, you’re the intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran and you start the game with your mission being to investigate a space pirate ship. You get into the ship finding nearly every Space Pirate inside of it slaughtered in some of the most gruesome ways you can imagine. You encounter the Parasite Queen and have a pretty exciting boss fight and then you discover that the Space Pirates have used cybernetic technology to resurrect Ridley who is now known as Meta Ridley. Ridley escapes the ship as it explodes and Samus boards her gunship to follow him until she reaches the nearby planet known as Tallon IV. What happened to one, two and three again? Never mind, when you get there, your goal is to collect your items and gear that you lost during the ship’s explosion and at the same time, locating 12 different Chozo artifacts hidden throughout Tallon IV. The Chozo is an extinct alien race, throughout the game, you’ll find various different walls that have Chozo texts written on them that will provide context to the game’s world and a goal to you, the player. Reading those texts will provide you with the deepest, most engrossing story you’ll ever find in a Metroid game. The story of how this race built their home, thrived and ultimately perished after the Phazon infection. Samus’ goal primarily in this game (No pun intended) is to access the Impact Crater which is hidden beneath the Artifact Temple, from there, she needs to get into the heart of the crater and destroy the source of all Phazon energy in this planet of Tallon IV. There is no word of dialog spoken throughout the game’s storyline, unless you count Samus’ AI which very rarely speaks in the game outside of just saying “Incoming data” or “Data received” which only happens if you get stuck with the hint system turned on. On top of little to no dialog, there is also a very minimal amount of cutscenes in the game. The game only has cutscenes for entering new areas and boss fights so if you’re expecting a cutscene heavy game then you won’t find one here. But that is what makes the story presentation of this game unique, a new item that Samus gets in this game is the scan visor which allows her to scan anything ranging from objects, enemies, pirate data logs and the aforementioned Chozo lore entries are there to provide the story for the player. And most of it is optional as well, making it a game that is great for both people who enjoy a good story and also people who wanna play a good game. The game has great art direction, it looks better than most Wii games I played. The developers of this game have crafted an art style that helped this game’s graphics in aging quite well. On top of that, The atmosphere this game presents is flawless, it hooks you up from the very intro sequence and never pulls you away from there onwards to Tallon IV and beyond. It has a sense of loneliness to it since this world is not inhabited by any NPCs you would regularly find in any other game. It’s beautiful and disturbing all at once. The variety of the game’s environments is just as great as the environmental design itself. You’ll go from Tallon Overworld which is the forest-like hub area that masterfully connects everything together, to the ruins of the Chozo that once inhabited this planet, to the lava filled caverns of Magmoor, the Phazon Mines which is the main operating base of the Space Pirates in Tallon IV and my personal favorite one, Phendrana Drifts, the breathtaking snow covered tundra area. Not only is it my favorite level in the game but it is also my favorite Ice level in all of gaming as well. Metroid Prime stays true to its roots, the first person view is there to further increase the sense of immersion, this game is not a first person shooter but rather, a first person adventure game. The game’s structure is similar to that of earlier Metroid games. Very non-linear with some levels that you can’t get access to at first but as you acquire more and more items, you will be able to unlock and visit areas that you weren’t able to before. The great thing about the weapons in this game is that none of them become obsolete or useless after a while. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. The Power Beam is the weapon Samus starts with, being able to do rapid fire and combos with missiles to fire off a super missile which has more destructive power and of course, more damage. the Wave Beam fires electrical shots effective against electric based enemies and combos with missiles to create the Wavebuster, using that is like using a Ghostbusters gun. There is also the Ice Beam which fires it’s rounds slowly, kinda like a shotgun and with enough energy, it can freeze an enemy and it combos with missiles to create the Ice Spreader which is an aoe freeze that can freeze off certain parts of the map. You can actually destroy frozen enemies and see their limbs fall apart which is a bit disturbing to see in a Nintendo game. There is also the Plasma Beam which fires off heat based shots and when charged high enough, it can completely disintegrate enemies which, once again is especially disturbing to see in a Nintendo game. It can combo with missiles to create a flamethrower which is actually not that strong and very costly. I usually prefer sticking to the Super Missiles combo. The boss fights in this game are actually very well done which is indeed rare to see in an FPS. They are for most part, fun and challenging and provide a test of the player’s skills. Another thing this game does surprisingly well is its platforming. Platforming usually sucks in FPS games but Retro Studios managed to make it work remarkably as it wouldn’t be a Metroid game without some platforming here and there. The game has its fair share of epic first person shooting segments with space pirates and such here and there. But the game always feels fresh as it breaks up these segments by exploration, platforming and of course, good ol’ puzzle solving. The morph ball is one of the most unique things about the game that separates it from other shooters. Samus can still indeed turn into a ball just like in previous Metroid titles and this game handles it even better than it did before as the 3D environment makes things more complex and even give the opportunity for adding more features. For example, a new thing you can do with the morph ball is that you can use a charge power up which makes the morph ball accelerate into high speed and allow her to use things scattered throughout the world known as half pipes which allow you to skateboard on them and just go back and forth until you get high enough speed that it boosts you up to your target. The most impressive thing about this game are the little things that the developers added that made the experience overall better. There are very neat graphical touches that this game has that is advanced for even the Gamecube such as how you see Samus’ visor getting humid, little water drops that you see when she gets out of a pool or water area or even seeing her face reflected from her helmet visor when a big flash of light happens, usually from an explosion. Another thing that is very impressive about the game is the fact that immersion is never broken and the experience is completely seamless. There is no loading screens in the game whatsoever, when the game loads, it loads and it never does so again, you will see no loading screens in between areas and will always find yourself going from one incredibly detailed environment to the next without anything breaking up the flow of play which is something was adapted in games that came later such as Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls and Demon Souls, etc. But Prime does it better as it never loads or seem like it’s loading up with technical hiccups and such, instead it remains smooth with rock solid framerate through and through. If there’s any complaints I have against this game, they’re quite minor. For being such a huge game with big emphasis on immersion and atmosphere, the enemies can respawn a bit too much which not only feels monotonous, but it also breaks the immersion which is one of the key things that this game does really well. Maybe it doesn’t shatter the player’s immersion but it can at least crack it a little bit. The backtracking might be a problem for some players but I personally liked it as the areas you go back through has new enemies and will even give you an oportunity to try out new gear that will allow you to access areas not previously accessible, kill enemies much faster which can be quite satisfying or even kill enemies that were previously unkillable which is even more satisfying. But going back to complaints, the Chozo ghosts are just the worst enemies in the game, they respawn too frequently and can sometimes be a bitch to take down due to their ninja skillz, cloaking and insane warping that can be annoying to deal with at least until you grab the X-Ray visor which will allow you to go to town on these punks. This complaint is more of a personal thing for me but when you die in this game you go back to a save point which sounds ok in theory but you will lose all of your scanning progress that you did before saving the game which can have you forget to scan things again thinking that you already scanned them again but noooo. Final Verdict: In the end of the day, there are many great things to say about Metroid Prime because it is an overall solid experience throughout. There are lots of attention paid to every little detail and the game is brimming with lore throughout. The game also seems like it has a chance for replayability. It’s one of those games that is enjoyable to go through more than once because it’s just that good, it’s hard to find games like that these days. But calling it a solid game is not enough as this is a game for the ages, what Super Mario 64 did for the Mario series and what Ocarina of Time did for the Zelda series is also what Metroid Prime did for the Metroid series. Adding in a 3rd dimension and a first person camera was not enough for Retro, instead, they went completely outta their way to make the first 3D Metroid game the best entry in the series to date. UPDATE: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has been finally reviewed http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53553.
  8. Guest

    Pokemon mystery Roleplay

    Nub's nostrils flared as a light fluttering into the Giant Chasm's cave woke him from his nightly slumber. Nub pushed himself out from under his little rock as he felt his stomach grumble. "Well, well, well. It's the morning alarm. Nub's stomach." A group a Golbats flying by chuckled to themselves. Nub growled to himself. He was not in the mood for this. Suddenly Nub noticed a Clefairy running around in a panic inside the cave. Nub was confused. Clefairys never ventured into the cave, they were usually only in the Giant Chasm's plains. Nub's gaze met with the Clefairy as she wandered over to him huffing and puffing. "It's just a disaster! Just a disaster!" Clefairy exclaimed. "What's going on?" Nub asked, the cave seemed suspiciously quiet this morning. "L-last night!" "Is there a powerful trainer trying to capture pokemon in the plains or something?" Clefairy shook her head, "you're not listening! There's a giant wall of ice. Ice so strong nothing can break it! Nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out-" "What's the radius of this ice wall?" [spoiler=available areas] [spoiler=the cave] [spoiler=wild pokemon in the area] [spoiler=plains] [spoiler=wild pokemon in the area] [spoiler=inner cave] wild pokemon are the same as the cave with dewgongs and seels in the water [spoiler=outside] [spoiler=wild pokemon in the area] "Well can't a Swellow just fly over top of the ice wall?" Clefairy shook her head again, "no no! It's too cold! None of the flying-type pokemon can even get off the ground, nor can fire melt the wall!" Nub snarled, "this is clearly a curse put on us by those damned Absol's from the Giant Chasm's outside." Clefairy, "w-well there is one more strange thing." "What could it possibly be now?!" Clefairy and Nub traveled to the outside to see a group of confused pokemon sitting in front of the ice wall. They were clearly not wild pokemon, but where were their trainers? Nub could tell they didn't even know themselves. Nub approached the group of pokemon, "who are you? What are you doing here? Did you do this?!"
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