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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, I've decided to officially start a translation project for FE3. This project will use Shadow Dragon's script for book 1 to reserve the actual translation efforts for book 2. We currently need Developers, bug testers, Translators, and team leads. Long term and short term project goals have been written and pinned for all team members to see. https://discord.gg/KKxFwYyFMN
  2. Fire emblem has been straying further and further away from the "strategy" part of SRPG and more into the RPG direction. Before I start ranting and raving I want to get my biases out of the way first. My favorite games in the series are Mystery of the Emblem and Thracia 776. and the reasons I love those games so much more then the rest of the series is for 2 reasons. Meaningful class differences and a 20 stat cap. When I say "Meaningful class differences" what I mean is, for specific maps/parts of maps some classes have better tools then others that would better fit the task you're trying to do causing you to use a valuable deployment slot in order to field a unit of that class. For example take Mystery of the Emblem chapter 14, most of the chapter takes place indoors (meaning mounted units can't use there mounts) so you would generally want to bring foot units, but there are ice dragons inside who ignore defense so you'll you want to bring a unit with a lot of hp as well. Also there is a thief running away outside with a warp staff so you'll want to bring at least 1 high movement mounted unit to get that high value item. this Is why I love the fact that mounted units can't be indoors, not because it nerfs mounted unit, but because it adds another layer of strategy and consideration for the player to decide who to bring along for the chapter. Now some people might be hesitant to bench a unit they're "training" for a chapter, but luckily having stats cap at 20 across the board compliments this aspect of the game. By having a stat cap of 20, it doesn't matter if some units miss a chapter, or maybe even a few chapters! first off enemies are usually very bad in these games, but also training units 20/20 to cap their stats yields little reward to the amount of time you put in. also having super high stats are meaningless if whatever class a unit is in is unfit to deal with the level design. in fe4 there are tons of foot locked units with 10/10 combat that will clear the arena without fail 100% of the time, but that doesn't change the fact that it's very hard for them to see combat in the first place since the maps are so vast and spread out. In new games there is very little consideration on who to bring with you because of the level design. In 3 houses i'm never "oh a desert map, better not field any of my cavs" its more like "oh a desert map, sucks my cavs aren't going to see much combat but might as well bring them cause everyone else who I don't use regularly is to under leveled to use even if they would be useful otherwise." don't mean to sound elitist, but I think the pushing of RPG mechanics over strategy mechanics has made the series lose some of what made it unique in the first place. what do you guys think?
  3. Hi, I've never posted on a forum before so sorry if this is weird but I just have a question On Fire Emblem wikis I hear a lot about Takayashiki Hideo's novel adaptation of Mystery of the Emblem. Archanea Series is my favorite FE universe, so I was wondering if it's ever been translated into English, and if so, is it any good?
  4. I'm a big fan of the FE in general and Mystery of the Emblem. I played it a lot when I was in middle school (some 20 years ago). In my hometown we couldn't afford a console at home so I had to play at the console shops where they put many machines for rent (like internet game coffee today). There was one owner that played a lot of FE too. He was able to do this glitch to return to chapter one on Mystery of the Emblem - Book 1. All the items were kept (I can't remember if the characters are kept too). This way he was able to return many times and save a lot of star orbs for training (wearing 4 star orbs while leveling up makes stats growth much better like always +2HP and all stats grow even magic resistance) and a lot of weapons like Mercurius and Gradivus and so on). It was also fun when you can infinitely play the game over and over again. I loved training all the heroes to their max stats for example. It was his kind of secret so he would usually do it for me. I remember it's the combination of doing it in the right chapter with the right characters and then pressing Select + Start + L + R (the reset game buttons) at the same time but I couldn't figure out while trying to do it again recently. Anyone knows about this? I really wanna play that again. Not sure if the version we played were a modded one, but it was played on the modded SNES (modded to be able to play with floppy disks). Book 2 also has a glitch that allows the duplication of infinite items and weapons too. I still remember how to do it cuz back then I was the one who found out how.
  5. I'm just curious (and expecting to see a lot of FE4 votes...), the NES/SNES games were cool and interesting and had their own old-school charm that makes (most of them) them so easy to go back to (except FE1, that broken, broken mess). EDIT: I accidentally hit enter... Is there any way to edit polls? Help? ...this is embarrasing
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