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Found 10 results

  1. So I'm pretty sure there have been threads for this kind of thing before, but I couldn't find any that were current, especially with the new 3H characters being around now. Because I'm an unoriginal person who cant think of good original nicknames like I used to, I've decided to combine my two obsessions in pokemon and FE (which both coincidentally have loads and loads of characters) by theming my pokemon nicknames around FE characters. But outside of a handful I can think of, I'm not very good at matching and thinking about good combinations of pokemon and FE characters on my own. And I want to use as many names across the various games as much as possible. So throw me some suggestions if you have time! With particular emphasis on Gen 1-3 pokemon at the moment if possible, but I'll file away all suggestions for the future (no, this has nothing to do with the fact that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX came out today, whatever gave you that idea? >_>; ). It doesn't have to have a ton of reasoning behind the matchup, just imagine what pokemon this character would transform into if they woke up in a world of pokemon. Or just simply what kind of pokemon they would likely have as a trainer. Have fun! 🙂 Note: I have not played Gen 8/Sword and Shield at all and have no idea what 95% of those new pokemon are or even look like (which is by design to stay unspoiled until I play it) so while I'll take suggestions based on those pokemon it likely wont help me much right now. Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section for this topic; if not, please move it as needed.
  2. By how I'm pretty sure we are all aware of Ms. Freshberg nickname by the fans after the trailer. I'm wondering how long will be called that? Will she make a conversational decision in the story to keep the name.? Or she she part of the invading kingdom that wishes to break the status quo, despite the consequences? I guess the answer will be revealed next year,
  3. http://shipping.bulbagarden.net/listaz.html I'll start with the name of Looker x Platinum Berlitz: IWantABabyShipping
  4. So... I noticed that the page on Bond Units hasn't been updated with the Localized Names, and since the skills are tied to their names, I'm creating this page to help detail which skills come from which Bond Unit. (The page I'm talking about is this one: http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-characters/bond-units/) I only have 5 Bond Units, all from the Birthright route in some way. Inaho has Optimist. His counterpart in the japanese version of the game is Kikyou. He is from Hoshido x Valla Naruto has Wind Disciple (Yes, really.). In the japanese version, his name was Tsuyukusa. He is from Hoshido x Valla Wakaba has Peacebringer. She was known as Amatsukaze in the japanese version. She is from Hoshido x Nohr Riku has Magic+2 (Why did you give me a physical unit with Magic+2, game?!). In the japanese name his name was Tsugumi. He is from Hoshido x Nohr Kurumi has Prodigy. Her name was Tsutsuji in the japanese version. She is from Hoshido x Valla. Edit: Pepper was a Valla x Nohr bond unit. Her personal skill is Fortunate Son. Her Japanese name is Cyclamen. -SaiSymbolic Shoga is a Valla x Hoshido bond unit. His personal skill is Lucky Charm. His Japanese name is Asagao. -SaiSymbolic Mugi is a Valla x Hoshido bond unit. His personal skill is Playthings. His Japanese name is Shakunage. -SaiSymbolic Katsuo is a Valla x Hohido bond unit. His personal skill is Evenhanded. His Japanese name is Hoozuki. -SaiSymbolic Mint is a Valla x Nohr bond unit. Her personal skill is Icy Blood. Her japanese name is Freesia. -SaiSymbolic Nori is a Valla x Hoshido bond unit. His personal skill is Haiku. His japanese name is Sumire. -Minternets Orion is a Valla x Valla bond unit. His personal skill is Lunge. His japanese name is Sphere. -Karis Tetsu is a Hoshido x Hoshido bond unit. His personal skill is Nohr Enmity. His japanese name is Tokigara. -Frozenkappa Quill is a Hoshido x Nohr bond unit. His personal skill is Potent Potion. His japanese name is Breeze. -Frozenkappa Sequoia is a Hoshido x Nohr bond unit. Her personal skill is Rend Heaven. Her japanese name is Pheasant. -Frozenkappa Ibuki is from Hoshido x Nohr. Her Japanese counterpart is Tsumuzikaze. Her skill is Strength +2. -SaiSymbolic Gin is from Hoshido x Hoshido. His Japanese counterpart is Ainezu. His skill is Rallying Cry. -SaiSymbolic Kohaku is from Hoshido x Hoshido. His Japanese counterpart is Mizugaki. His skill is Skill +2. -SaiSymbolic Kaito is from Hoshido x Nohr. His Japanese counterpart is Izayoi. Her skill is Forager. -SaiSymbolic Kureha is from Hoshido x Nohr. Her Japanese counterpart is Utsubushi. Her skill is Perfectionist. -SaiSymbolic Suzaku is from Hoshido x Hoshido. His Japanese counterpart is Nadeshiko. His skill is Shuriken Mastery. -SaiSymbolic
  5. i personally think stuff like Marx ---> Xander sounds a lot better but Zero ---> Niles.... meh.
  6. I've always maintained that the Pokémon series took a dive after Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (with varying degrees of responses from my friend group), not only because of the immense number of new Pokémon, but the clear negligence that has been made in their designs. So which Pokémon do you think has the stupidest name and/or sucks the most? For me, I would go with Sawsbuck, but I'd like to hear what you guys think!
  7. Fire Emblem: IF New Characters + Names. So, I translated the names to the best of my abilities (not including the streetpass characters). Thanks to professor-tammi for correcting me on the mage, Odin. Here goes: Severa-like, red-haired character - ルーナ: Luna (Rūna) Fish - リリス: Lilith (Ririsu) Blue-haired guy - ベルカ: Belka (Beruka) Wyvern Knight (?) - クリムゾン: Crimson (Kurimuzon) Bow Knight/Archer - ゼロ: Zero (Zero) Unknown Class (?) - オロチ: Orochi (Orochi) Priestess (?) - アサマ: Asama (Asama) Mage (?) - オーディソ: Odin (Ōdiso) Card 1: - カムイ: Kamui (Kamui) Card 2: - アインス: Felicia (Ferishia) Card 3: - サイラス: Cyrus (Sairasu) Card 4: - アインス: Eins (Ainsu) Card 5: - ツヴァイ: Zwei (Tsuvu~Ai) Card 6: - ドライ: Drei (Dorai) Angry looking guy - ブノワ: Benoit (Bunowa) Blondine - シャーロッテ: Charlotte (Shārotte) Hoshido Exalt - ミコト: Mikoto (Mikoto) Tumblr post for all your sharing needs + pictures.
  8. I have noticed that, since an intsys emplyee mentioned that bsfe should be fe5, there has not been uniformity in the "FEX" numbering system. (for example, vincentasm seems to have been convinced by this remark, as the last site redisign removed all the numbers) As such, i honestly do not know how to refer to any fire emblem games after 4. As using the full name is not convinient, I was hoping that someone could enlighten me as to the correct naming system. Honestly, i am aware that any name question is flame-bait on this forum, but this is confusing me enough that i felt that i had to ask. Thanks
  9. So, i have all the programms that i need i guess. I know that i can change names in nightmare, but it's coded, i guess we need to use WindHex here, but i don't know what i need to change actually. Didn't found this chapter in Ultimate tutorial, that's why i am asking.
  10. Or at least have similar spellings? Found this thread on Gamespot and thought it would be interesting to try here. For me: Have cousins named Joshua, Roy, Erika, and Kyle Got an aunt Chris, a grandpa Fred, (dead) grandpa Lester, and grandpa Robert Used to go to school with kids named: Lance, Madelyn, Allen, Finn, Kain, Bridget, Louise, Tanya, Chad, Brice, and Zeke Friends with a Patty (Patrick), Luke, Seth, Ryan, Roddy (close to Rody?), Cecil, Matthew, Sarah, Mark, Heather, Marcus, Ross, Eric, Rebecca, Will, Thomas, Ellen, Marcia, Boyd, August, Brady, Muriel, Nils, Samson, Beck, Sophia, Cliff, Jill, Linda, Henry, Brendan, Noah, Guinevere, Garrett, Jennie, Grey, and Ralph Neighbors named Elice, Ray, Meg, Anna, Jake, George, Natalie, Julia, and Laura My name is Morgan My mom's middle name is Lynn Friends’ last names are Aaron, Garcia, Lloyd, Wallace, Lott, and Ellwood Eighth grader in my band class is named Quan Used to be friends with a Kent, Alec, Amy, Lena, Roger, Katarina, Mia, and Leanne My school’s janitor is named Stefan Babysat a kid named Leila Kid on my tennis team was named Elbert Couple kids in my class are named Julius and Lex (Lexie) In short, a lot of people -_-
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