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Found 3 results

  1. Judging by past years (and when the next Forma Soul is made available to purchase), the new banner will drop on the 17th of August (Tuesday). The associated FEH Channel has been much more erratic, but I thought it would be nice to start talking about what we think/ want the five Heroes to be. I still think GK and Marianne will be the dullest of the bunch using last year as an indicator, so expect Marianne to be a sword cavalier (Blutgang) and GK to be a lance infantry unit (maybe an armored unit if they want to give him a Save Skill). The other two have much more potential, but I'm leaning towards Colorless Mage/ Healer (Starlight or the Aum Staff) for Marth and Green Mage (with Excalibur) for Eirika (I would have loved it if she wielded the Sacred Stone itself, but I fear her falling to second place means she won't be getting anything that special). The GHB is definitely going to be Abysskeeper, if only so the community doesn't set itself on fire for next year's voting as well. As an aside, considering Marth is guaranteed to get Fire Emblem, I hope Eirika gets Lunar Brace or ideally a similar but stronger Prf Skill (like H!Grima's Dragonscale). It's not exactly a novel concept either, since other Legendary Heroes have held onto their Prf Skills in subsequent alts unless it clashes with their new build (e.g. W!Altina, who was no longer a flier) or it's just plain terrible (i.e. Ninja Lyn) - Fallen Ike even got a renamed version so he could keep "Radiant Aether" without breaking the lore more than he already did! Even Young Eirika had Lunar and Solar Brace built into her weapon, in a way. So... yeah, the original Lunar Brace is inheritable to anything except healers (going off of the data) so a similar Skill that boosts Special damage or even replaces it for regular true damage like Bushido II would be great. A lot of people think she'd be a flier, so maybe she could have a Trace skill built into it too? (But as you may have heard me say in the past, I'm worried Eirika will end up being the obligatory dud of this year's batch... 😕) After all, I'm certain Marianne's getting Canto of some sort too, so it would work! I was going to say her Prf Skill would allow Beasts to transform when adjacent to her, but that would just mean we'd have to deal with her and F!Edelgard in PvP. No thanks. Everyone's unanimously decided GK's Prf is likely a Save Skill, for that matter. Either that and/ or Obstruct 4. So, what do you all think? Oh, and what outfits do you think they'll wear? Again, I think Marianne and GK will wear exactly what everyone thinks they will (I'd love to be wrong. Maybe GK could get a cool cape or something, or ape Alois' outfit), but it'd be nice to see Marth in his ancestor's clothes or Lodestar outfit. Ephraim already took Fado's outfit and SM!Eirika already did the Lyon homage, so outside of emulating Nada Kuya I don't know if there's an "obvious" option for Eirika. I'd love to hear what everyone has to say about all of this stuff! EDIT: Possible leak mentioned here.
  2. We've got a new banner! It contains beasts! And new skills that are neat! And a second Distant Counter unit that isn't Hector! It's in the spoiler! I'm sorry to say, I can't see anyone demoting from this banner (maybe Leanne? But probably not), they all look pretty good at worst. Naesala's gonna be the Grand Hero Battle starting on the 12th, so everyone's getting a free bird to play with. Also, Beast units transform based on whether they're next to any non-Beast/Dragon allies or not.
  3. Discuss the new banner with others and find out who you want
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