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Found 42 results

  1. Hello, I am completely new to FE and would like some advice. I have spent hours thinking of what would be the best team for hoshido (see image attached) to play this game on hard/classic mode. I am playing birthright so I have the chance to grind as this is my first game so I would like the option. After doing hours of research I have read that some characters/children are completely worthless which threw all my research out the window. I am looking for 4-6 attackers 1-2 defense characters and 2 magic users. I am about to loose my mind over this so any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. MrKisuke

    NES graphics

    Does anyone know how to edit around the graphics (specifically the mugshots) of the NES FE games? I want to make better looking mugshots for the characters and maybe even the class related sprites. I've already updated the mugshots for Cellica, Alm and Clea. The lip flaps aren't shown, but they are complete. Alm arum_8 bit.bmp Cellica cellica_8 bit.bmp Clair clea_8 bit.bmp
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I just joined today after lurking here for about a month. I've only been a fan of Fire Emblem for about a year, and I've only played Blazing Sword, Awakening, and a little bit of Path of Radiance, so I don't know a ton about the series, but I still really like it and would like to learn more, and I'm very excited fore Fire Emblem if/Fates. This is my first forum account, any advice/warnings/whatever for me?
  4. Hello, my name is Salvius. I was recently inspired to begin work on a brand new hack for Fire Emblem 7 since it is on the Gameboy making it well within my means to mod and because I personally enjoyed that iteration in the franchise. I was however severely deterred by the sheer amount of work that must go into modding a new game. I attempted to look for tutorials on what I needed to do to get started and though I found several, many wished for me to have such and such knowledge in advance or even worse to have payed for programs like RPG maker. I understand the merits of such a program, however I didn't wish to pay cash just to show off a fun hack I made to some friends. I digress. If you came to this topic expecting an expert breakdown of what must be done to create your very own project, this isn't the place and I'm telling you now I don't believe such a thing exists. If you think I'm being wasteful or not very efficient in my work, your probably correct (I do appreciate any feedback or questions you may have though). This topic is to catalogue everything I've done in my journey to create my very first hack. I write this log in the hopes that it will motivate me to act and that it can connect others who are in a similar predicament to myself. This log is written by the ignorant and is dedicated to everyone frustrated with how making a new fire emblem hack from scratch without any prior experience can seem near impossible. So without any further delay let's begin my Let's Mod Log of Fire Emblem 7.
  5. Why, hello there! I just recently joined Serenesforest, after a while stalking it anonymously. People usually call me CrystalPoke, or just Poke for friends, whatever you prefer :P I discovered the Fire Emblem world thanks to SSB4, most exactly thanks to Lyn's trophy. My first FE game was Blazing Sword, then I played more and more of them, such as Sacred Stones or The Sword of Seals. My first hack was The Last Promise, managed to beat it btw. I really like the ROM-hacking world, be it Fire Emblem or not. I also like the Pokémon world and the Indie games world. My goal is to do a ROM-hack of both Fire Emblem and Pokémon (I know a bit about that, but I'm still a noob) I'm from Spain, and although I'm good with English I may do some mistakes, in that case just forget me xD One thing before ending this message: SAGES AND SWORDMASTERS RULEZ!
  6. UPDATE: This will become a demo to Mechanics Emblem. Pretty much a 2 chapter hack to show off the flooding idea. Hi, MrNight here, long time search lurker, first time showcasing, releasing Rage Emblem beta to the community for feedback and beta testing. Going to give a rundown of what to expect, why I am doing this, and ultimately what I hope to achieve. Let's begin... Old crap Link and ScreenShots RageEmblem: Update: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3c8h0gv1z02fcln/RageEmblemv1.51.ups only prologue and the original chapter 1. That is it to preserve what the flood chapter originally was. As for Rage Emblem, will be changing it to Mechanics Emblem and all the chapters will be redone to flex my new hacking muscles. Do note chapter 2 will break after that. Let me know immediately if patch doesn't work here or by pm. Lunar gave me the 16 MB limit so I am a bit nervous. What would I like? Constructive criticism. Good or Bad with in depth explanation. I value absolute brutal honestly as long as it helps my hack to be just brutal on being good. Even If I shed man tears in darkness, I will use those said tears to make my creative furnace hotter to forge this hack to near perfection. The sooner I get this out in the open and played by the community, the faster I get feedback to make it better during its development instead of doing all this work and polish only to be told the gameplay sucks and is boring. (made that mistake once and was crushed). That being said I will not explain too much about it to prevent bias thinking so beta testers can tell me their experience as well as what they find. A bit about my hacking background So with all that said, I will discuss why I started making this. I came into fire emblem hacking due to seeing cool custom animations in 2012 and wanted to learn how to do them and I did just that. I googled like a madman and came upon blazer's tutorial package and worked from there. While working on animations I was looking for youtube videos of fire emblem to watch and inspire me while working in MS paint. That is when I came across ragefest because there was few fire emblem videos that was longer than 10 minutes and wow did that series blew my mind. It showed me the possibilities on what FE hacking can do instead of just reskins and class changing. Sadly, the more I watched, the more I realized it was really not for newbie's and tried to gain some skills before I tried to enter the contest. Later on I learned It was pretty much dead due to the "been there, done that" and the lack of interest which led me trying to make a submission for gaiden. This led me to make the horrible mistake of not finding dedicated FE experienced testers because the ones I asked to test were friends who did not want to admit to me they didn't really care about my fire emblem hack nor was that good at it. (they admitted they wasn't good after I sent it in) I took this as failure on my part and decided to really do some game design research while practicing key FE hacking concepts. The biggest thing I have learned is the mantra of "fail faster" hence is why I am throwing my hack to the FE community who is already interested in Fire Emblem and are more willing rip apart bad hacks so it can grow. I also found I am better at coming up with ideas and motivation if I designed chapters to be challenging to ragefest levels instead of basic fire emblem chapters that bore me to tears. I tried to do as much hacking on my own (the serenes search button has become my most valued friend) and to show the ideas I came up with to throw at the player to really make them think. (cathrine hard but chess style) So yeah, feel free to say what you want about the hack or pm to make it private. Good Luck and Thank You.
  7. Hey there guys, I know that I'm more than likely gonna have to shell out for another copy but I wanted to know if anybody had experienced similar problems and maybe had a solution or two I could try before I drop nearly a hundred dollars on a replacement. I've gotten to the Endgame of the first portion of Radiant Dawn and at the base I can do just about everything. That is everything except get Edward promoted with a Master Seal. When I try I immediately get a disc read error. There are a couple slight scratches on the disc but it's not all that damaged. I've tried cleaning it a couple different ways and still nothing helps. I can start the chapter and play through it, but I have not been able to get Edward to promote in the field so I haven't been able to check whether or not its just his promotion data that's been corrupted by a scratch or if using the Master Seal has something to do with it. That being said I can and have used a Master Seal on Nolan and he promoted just fine. So yeah, if anybody has any thoughts let me know.
  8. Hello everybody! My name is BusterMan64 and I'm new to Serene Forest (the forums anyway)! I'm not that experienced when it comes to forums and stuff, so a tip here and there would help. Anyway, a little about me. I'm a pretty cheerful person and I'm more of a gamer guy than a anime guy. I love Fire Emblem (with a passion) as well as Megaman Battle Network, Suikoden, Etrian Odyssey, Phoenix Wright, any Tales of . Games, and most games from Atlus & Nintendo! Ahh...anything else......oh! I like hearing other people's thoughts on certain things ( and sharing them too)! (This probably isn't the best way introduce myself. I'm not that great with introductions, sorry.) I hope to have fun and talk with many interesting people here in the forest! (And I think Lyn and Ike are the two most coolest and most awesome main protagonist in the Fire Emblem series! Character and Unit wise.)
  9. So this is where the new people come to introduce themselves? Okay then... Hello, it's nice to meet everyone! I founded Serenes Forest from my friend, so I decided to make an account courtesy of my friend. Everyone seems to be nice, so I do hope I'll be no burden to anyone. ~ Whitelock. P.S. I is proud of my profile picture that I drew myself.
  10. So far in the trailer, the costumes on display look alright. The pegasus riders look well covered, as do the heroes. The blue haired dancer looks a bit lame imo. I personally dont like the net she wears to cover her mouth, but i guess its still pretty good looking Also, this time round, i really hope that the devs decide to make some better costumes for some classes. Namely the dark mage/sorcerer for females. They looked waaaay to stupid and skimpy in Awakening, and i'd like to see something more practical and good looking this time round So what do you guys think? Would you like to see some new threads for characters this time round? Or do you reckon they're fine as they are?
  11. Hello! Decided to join Serenes Forest last night but saved my post for this morning. (I live in California) Online Name: I'm a big fan of Dark Souls and the Souls series in general. My name is from an item in the first Dark Souls. I go by a couple other online names such as OblivionIV and Spooky (Steam name) Favorite Fire Emblem Game: I'd say Blazing Sword or Sacred Stones. I'm 19 and I remember playing the crap out of both of 'em when I was younger. I suppose I choose them because of nostalgia. Other Favorite Games: As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy the Souls series. Others include Elder Scrolls games, Fable games, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and more. Other hobbies: I enjoy writing and streaming, and the latter of which I started recently. I've been going through Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Feel free to stop by at www.twitch.tv/lordvessel I'll be streaming later today.
  12. Well it came out around a month ago, and i was slighlty skeptical on whether or not i should go for it, but i was wanting to get a bigger one to replace my original aqua blue one bought on the day of the launch. So i got the XL version, and dear me, it really is amazing! Idk why Nintendo decided to do this, but releasing a new console in Australia for me to get before all you Europeans and Americans is quite amazing imo. I will say that the c-stick does in fact feel weird as hell, but it does the job in Smash, so its not so bad
  13. Fire Emblem: Path of a New World follows the tale of the Wayfarers, a group of elite soldiers sent to control a rebellion born of an aristocratic conspiracy, trying to subjugate Trames under the rule of it's sworn enemy, Algard, both countries of the continent of Gravia. Their tale continues as they find much more than a war or a political crisis... This fangame is made in a HEAVILY modified version of RPG Maker XP, Fire Emblem XP starter kit, by bwdYeti, the engine itself containing all of the core elements of the Fire Emblem games, such as, but not limited to, turn-based combat, levels, supports, chapters and etc. I also added some things to the engine, as you can see in the screenshots. This is a fangame made by the Path Makers team, based on Nintendo's Fire Emblem series of tactical RPGs [spoiler=Story]The story follows a group of elite soldiers known as Wayfarers, a small military division from the Kingdom of Trames. A group known to be sent to long-distance missions, the Wayfarers was a group created by Mikhail. the once prince, now king of Trames. Trames is going through a turbulent period of war against a neighbor country, Algard. King Mikhail marched to the front lines, leaving the administration of the kingdom to a small group of aristocrats. The group, however, took the unique opportunity, starting a coup d'état to turn Trames in a parliamentary republic under their command. Having knowledge of the rebellion in his homeland, Mikhail sends the Wayfarers back to Trames, hoping to surpress the uprising. The true face of the parliamentary will eventually show, through internal discussions, having startling revelations to everyone involved... [spoiler=Characters]Wayfarers Alex Is the youngest of the three orphans, yet tecnically the leader of the Wayfarers. Sees the world differently from most, which increases his skills both as a painter and as a leader. Decided to learn the ways of magic, he studied for years. It is unknown how, but he managed to fuse his skills as a painter with his skills as a mage, creating unique and powerful magics. A really kind person, dislikes violence and discord of any degree, and because of that, some people sees him as a coward, but he shows courage when needed. Disapproves Gahst thivery and Bravesa pleasure of fighting. Gahst Very swift and skilled thief, he is a natural tactican and strategist beacause of his observation skills. Started taking advantage of his nimble hands and mind at a young age, stealing food and money to survive in his little town, where he used to live only with his brothers Bravesa and Alex. Their parents died when they were kids. Pays attention to details which most don't see, and likes to point errors from the other, but because of that is seen as grumpy, even though he has the intention of helping. Gave up of thievery years ago, when Mikhail saved his town (and consequently, his brothers). Bravesa Lived as a mercenary to help his brothers since twelve, when his parents died. Learned the way of the axe-fighting with his father. Extremely strong warrior, really enjoys fighting. He isn't exactly dumb, but he doen't think though things too well. Stopped his life as a mercenary and was turned into an actual soldier when Mikhail saved he and his brothers from a bandit raid. Is the best friend and rival of Eddy. Constantly discusses with Angelina due to his "dumb muscle" demeanor. Eddy (Eduardo) Used to live in a village with his childhood bestfriend, Lenna, in Algard. When she got sick, he started to work for the army to get some money for medicine. Fought against Trames until he met Mikhail. That encounter changed his mind and brought him to the side of Trames. Has very strong ideals, willing to die and go back from hell for them Is very competitive, especially when it comes to Bravesa, with whom he has a friendly rivalry. Denas Joined Mikhail's army due to what he describes as a "moral debt", even though he says nothing more. It is rumored that he is the lost son of a noble house of Salfare, the Country of Shifting Dunes. A master swordsman, extremely skillful with the blade, but enigmatic and sarcastic. Has a unique (and sometimes horrible) sense of humor. Seeks to be the greatest swordsmith ever to have lived. A good friend of Eusine, somewhat of a friend to Gahst. Eusine A quircky archer who'd rather be called "eccentric", but of unmatched skill with the bow. He lived in a treehouse in the middle of a forest, and after being helped by Mikhail to save Dino, his pet, from enemies who had kidnapped it, he joined his army. Wants do find de recipe of the Tapioca with Cheese, which seems to be truly lost as no one knows what that is. A good friend of Alex and Denas. Angelina A gifted cleric that likes to complain, and because of that was branded as "annoying" within the Wayfarers, even if it is only a in-joke. Sour on the outside, sweet on the inside. Has deep sorrow of never having true friends while young. Is a good friend of Alex, discusses a lot with Bravesa, due to his "dumb muscle" manneirisms. [spoiler=Gameplay]The gameplay is like any other Fire Emblem game, even if the the game is made in the RPG Maker. You can do most of things you can do in other FE games such as fighting with the weapon/magic/elemental triangle, talking to certain characters, supporting, etc. Talking about the support system, it has the greatest changes, instead of using the same system as the GBA Fire Emblem games, it is based around the "talk" command. When met under certain conditions, such as location, chapter and etc., the command will be available between two characters. Those conversations will increase the support level between the characters and may yield items or other bonus. The game is based on chapter with various objectives, but most of them is defeating an enemy, by completing mission objectives such as seizing a base, surviving for a number of turns, or defeating a boss. Before the chapter itselves you will be able to do various actions in the base, such as organizing your team, trade, save, buy or sell items, see conversations between characters and save the game For now, you can't select which characters you can bring to a certain chapter, but the chapters are made supposing you brought everyone... [spoiler=Screenshots]Selecting an unit to modify the items. The interface is fairly different to the one in the GBA FE games. The supply screen. The items won't automatically organize when you put an item there, but you can sort the way you want! The battlefield: Landing a critical hit on the enemy! (aka how to land on a pirate) Now Level ups are a little more... Noisy, in a good sense. Berries! - You, for reading though my topic! Unless, of course, you scrolled down to this part, on which case, go read the rest, you slacker! xp - Intelligent Systems e Nintendo for creating the Fire Emblem series! - ASCII/Enterbrain, for creating the RPG Maker engines. - bwdyeti for creating the Fire Emblem XP engine and providing sprite animations (both custom and ripped) - klokinator for documenting the Fire Emblem XP and helping in some scripts. - Nexon for creating Maplestory. The Developer Team: - Mr.Galleom: Coder (Adding things to the engine) and spriter - Arrout: Former Leading screenwriter - Bravesa: Original idea, mapping and webdesign. - Alex: Supporting screenwriter and spriter, major testplayer - Eusine: Supporting screenwriter. 22/10/2013 - Forum post made 23/10/2013 - Some credits fixed. 1/11/2013 - Added a screenshot, modified some credits. 9/11/2013 - Added a screenshot(berries) 25/11/2013 - NCFC 2013 started! Monday Update added - Characters
  14. Hellos. Recently I've taken an obsession interest with collecting all of the DLC items and Holiday items from non-US games. I'll be willing to trade NA-holiday themed items for foreign Holidays, DLC items for other DLC items, Bells or Golden Furniture for both, etc. Here's a list of all the items I still need, that I'm aware of: -flamenco hat (EUR DLC) -red-horned hat (KOR DLC) -rice-plant bed (JPN DLC) -tam-o'-shanter (EUR DLC) -Top (JPN DLC) -white police cap (KOR DLC) -White/Red/Blue School Cap (KOR DLC) -fedora chair (DLC) -hagoita (Apparently JPN DLC) -tteok plate (KOR DLC) -turkey (JPN DLC) -bamboo grass (JPN Holiday) -girl's day updo (JPN Holiday sale item) -hinaningyo (JPN Holiday sale item) -cucumber horse (JPN Holiday) -dango (JPN Holiday) -eggplant cow (JPN Holiday) -hibiscus (KOR Holiday) -holiday stocking (EU Holiday) -newsprint helmet (JPN? Holiday) -new year's noodles (JPN? Holiday) -rice cake (JPN Holiday)
  15. Hi everyone! I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to make an account with some help I'm needing for a few things. The first of which is to match up remaining pairings for my hard run through, as I am taking a break from the stress that is a first time Lunatic run through and not having DLC. Here is what I have planned thus far I've already hooked up - ChromxSumia - SullyxVaike - MU(+mag-str)xLissa In this run through, I wanted to try to veer away from CordiliaxStahl, FredrickxCherche, TharjaxGaius, Lon'quxMaribelle, and GregorxPanne, (just wanting to try new things this runthrough). I regret not pairing SullyxDonnel to try something new, but SullyxVaike made them much more sturdy when going through the story against units that make it past my MU. I'm willing to grind, and I just gained access to buying master seals, (MU has been making me loads of Bullion with Despoil), and I now have all but Ricken and Miriel promoted. All comments and advice is appreciated!
  16. Basically, I'm redoing my FE8 Random Reclass... And I wanted to know: how can I add a promo item for the monsters? (And, is it possible w/o assembly..)
  17. hello members of serenes forest. My name is fhusuig, and I love FE, especially rekka no ken. My favourite characters are kieran, raven, oujay and a bunch more. Anyway, i hope to have a good time here
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