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Found 10 results

  1. From Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword, Ninian was one of two dancers from the game and is (probably) Roy's mom, but she never really fought... until now anyway. Faithful Breath triggers a Def/Res Cantrip effect whenever she uses her Prf Dance assist, but it also enables Ninian to fight: if her HP is over 40%, she gets a power boost, and if she is initiating combat and has a Triangle Advantage (read: Blue) or if a [Penalty] is active on her target, they can't counterattack without the Null C-Disrupt skill. Dragon's Dance is just like any other dance normally, but when it's been used one turn after the battle has begun, Ninian (and her pair-up cohort) will also be given another action and an Atk/Spd bonus, as well as the Isolation debuff. While this needs a few turns to recharge, only one unit needs to be out of place for her to charge in and end the battle on the spot... She also comes with the Atk/Spd Catch 4, Spd/Res Near Trace, and B Feud passives, and Dragon Fang will scale off 50% of Ninian's Atk. On Abyssal, she is near-guaranteed to have a penalty inflicted if an enemy is left in a cardinal direction of her thanks to the Panic Ploy seal. The Oracle was felled once before by Durandal. No version of it here may be able to end her as fast as it once did, but there's more than one way to slay a dragon...
  2. Hello, denizens and lurkers of Serenes Forest. As the previous year died, inspiration came to me with a story idea. While I usually write a lot, it's mostly not stuff I'm confortable to share, at least for the time being. This, however, was something I felt I could. Therefore, I'm putting it here, since it is Fire Emblem related. I don't intend for this to be an overly long story, but for the sake of keeping things orderly here I'll put up a corresponding feedback thread. Where any comments, critiques, or discussions can be sent there. Thread here: As for the story itself, it takes place in the setting of Fire Emblem Heroes. Naturally, however, don't expect for everything to abide by what its presented in there, as the necessary creative liberties are taken in order for the story to function. Now, for all my experience in writing, it's bound I might still commit mistakes. Though well, that's what the feedback thread can be for. So enough ramblings, it's time for: A Tempest of Size I'll post what I've written so far shortly, which amounts to a prologue and the first chapter. After that, I can't promise a schedule for future updates. Though I will try to work on this often enough so updates aren't too scarce.
  3. Here's the dialogue in question: I've been watching a recent LP of FE7, and they recently finished Ch. 21: Kinship's Bond. This thought had crossed my mind long ago when I played through the game myself, and it finally dawned on me again: When Nils collapses at the start of the chapter (most likely from giving all his energy to Ninian in the previous chapter), exactly why did Ninian not want Nils to be moved? I don't think there was ever an explanation for this. I mean, yeah, they're manaketes and granted it's several chapters before the Lords find that out the hard way, but I still don't see what harm there would've been in moving him. Was he perhaps so low on quintessense that moving him could've shook the last bit of it out of him and killed him in the process? That's the most sound reason I can think of. But it may as well have just been left up to interpretation. If there actually is a reason and I either overlooked it or it's only in the Japanese script, I would love to know. This question's been eating at me for years. In any case, munch on some brain food and share your thoughts.
  4. Ninian, Bright-Eyed Bride Basically blue tome version of Olivia, but flying and much more physically squishy. Dancers/Singers are the ultimate support units in my opinion. They can give buffs with their C slot and Sacred Seal slot; counter any color their team has trouble with (besides PA!Olivia since she is colorless); and most importantly, Dance and Sing their teammates to massacre the rest of the enemy team, to retreat, or to undo a minor mistake. As support units, a bad nature will not impact Dancers/Singers as negatively as it will affect combat units since their primary job is to Assist their allies rather than fight. Unless a specific nature is absolutely needed to counter a specific threat, natures are not too important. Level 40 stats: HP: 31/34/38 Atk: 24/28/31 Spd: 30/33/36 Def: 15/18/21 Res: 23/27/30 Total: 139~141 Default skills: Weapon: Fresh Bouquet+ Assist: Dance Special: [none] Passive A: [none] Passive B: Chill Atk 3 Passive C: Drive Spd 2 Fresh Bouquet: Arena Blárserpent: Arena Assault Blárblade: Arena
  5. Ninian, Oracle of Destiny Among dancers, Ninian has the lowest Atk stat, trading it for the highest HP stat. However, as a breath user, she has access to the versatile Lightning Breath+ and can provide Fortify Dragons support for and receive Fortify Dragons support from other breath users. Level 40 stats: HP: 39/42/45 Atk: 21/24/28 Spd: 30/33/36 Def: 20/23/26 Res: 23/27/30 Total: 148~150 Default skills: Weapon: Light Breath+ Assist: Dance Special: [none] Passive A: [none] Passive B: Escape Route 3 Passive C: Fortify Dragons / Fortify Def 2 Standard dancer (Triangle Adept / Fury) General use, Arena offense, Arena defense Steady Breath dragon (Steady Breath) General use, Arena offense, Arena defense Windsweep debuffer (Dark Breath+) General use, Arena offense, Arena defense
  6. This is one of those thread were you talk and help others beat the stuffing out of Ninian and Hawkeye. And while the BHB isn't up by the time this get's added, we can speculate as to what the map looks like, what all the units skills are, what is different about Ninian and Hawkeye, and what their banner will look like. So, chat away! (As for why the question mark is there, I haven't finished Blazing Sword and don't know the relation between the two)
  7. Is anyone else having trouble summoning Ninian? I have summoned from about 19 blue orbs and nothing, my 5 star rates is up to 3.75%. Is she worth the trouble or should I just move on?
  8. I am working on a Fire Emblem 7 mod. I noticed that after finishing the Cog of Destiny chapter and beginning The Berserker (Hector's mode), Ninian did not leave my party after she was taken by Nergal. In fact, both Ninian and Nils are in my party, which is really strange as Ninian shouldn't even be there. Also, I thought that Nils didn't re-join until Sands of Time and in that chapter he cannot be deployed. I did make a few changes to the Cog of Destiny disassembled chapter; however, I only touched units (classes/items/weapons) with one to one replacement, so I don't know how I would have messed up the Ninian leaving your party. I also tried re-assembling the original Cog of Destiny chapter, and I still encountered the same problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what to look for and where this may live? I saw the following commands in the disassembled version and my version, and I suspected that these may be the trigger. REPA 0x25 UNCM 0x25 0b However, text is loading around these commands, so I am at a loss. Thanks!
  9. Doing a fan-dub of a few of my favourite scenes from Fire Emblem 7, but I'd like to include more fan favourites. These are the scenes I have so far: Lyn's Story: Footsteps of fate - Sain and Kent's Introduction Band of mercenaries - Lyn's speech (Added by request of a friend of mine) Beyond the borders - Erk and Serra's introduction Blood of Pride - Matthew's introduction Siblings Abroad - Nils + Ninian's introduction + Matthew and Hector's scene + Eliwood's introduction A Grim Reunion - Wallace's introduction + Lundgren and Hausen's scene The distant Plains - End of Lyn's Story E+H's Story: E+H's departure Merlinus sidequest End of "False Friends" End of "The Noble Lady of Cealin" End of "Whereabouts Unknown" Lyn and Hector's scene in "Pirate Ship" "The Dread Isle" - Nergal's introduction, Leila's Death, Discovery of Leila's Body Beginning and end of "The Dragon's Gate" End of "A new resolve" "Kinship's Bond" - Black Fang Meeting and Meeting with Uther "Genesis" - Athos's Introduction "Four-fanged offense" Linus' attack, Linus' death, Nino and Jaffar in the house "Battle before dawn" - Zephiel's prayer, Hector confronting Jaffar, Hellene's scene "Night of Farewells" - Nino confronts Sonia, Farewell to the Black Fang "Cog of Destiny" - Lloyd and Nino talk, Bramimond's introduction, Ninian's abduction "Valourous Roland/The Berserker" - Ninian's Death "Sands of Time" - Athos's story + Revelation of Uther's Death Hector's talk with oswin and Lyn in "Battle Preparations" End of "Victory or Death" "Light" Full chapter Epilogue, E+H's perspective Final (Because Spoilers): Ch 19xx - Nergal's painting Supports: Eliwood x Ninian Hector x Lyn Renaud (Renault) x Lucius Jaffer x Nino Kent x Sain Serra x Matthew Matthew x Jaffer Sain x Serra (Request from cast members) One or two of Legault's supports (haven't decided yet) Feel free to let me know if that cover the basics, or if they are glaring omissions you'd like to see fan-dubbed. Bear in mind it's the PAL version of the game without the grown-up Hector and Eliwood scene with Roy and Lilina at the end, and that this is not a full walkthrough style fan-dub, just a highlight reel. I'd like to do the beginning of "Unfulfilled Heart" as well, but I don't have a voice actor to play Desmond.
  10. So before you look at the beautiful pic I have prepared, a few notes: You know that I have that headcanon about Eleanora actually being a Divine Dragon? It's here because it makes thinking about this more confusing interesting. Eliwood/Ninian; Roy/Sophia to maximise Dragon-ness. Humans and Dragons are the same species; which is different from actual real life humans. Why? They can canonically produce fertile offspring. In reality, this is only possible if they are the same species due to karyotypes being very strange if different species interbreed. Also, we're assuming having a Dragon form is controlled by one (dominant, if Ninian is a good indication) gene. So the genes we're talking about might not be expressed. So yeah. Elibe only, guys. Trying to factor in other verses is a viable cause of hair-ripping for poor Magyars. Now you have read all that (It wasn't much tbh, Magyars would probably ramble on for an hour) you can look at our lovely work with a single gene about Feathers. Go question our sanity. [spoiler=Here is another pic that calls my (and Magyars') sanity to question.] I hope you had fun in my lecture.
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