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Found 2 results

  1. I just saw five videos that NintenDann's channel, I don't see a topic was created and this was uploaded from 3 hours ago. And holy crap at that reunion scene after the Cutscene. Wow, just wow. They managed give a tough personality for Celica and got an argument with Alm, poor Alm that he didn't get a chance how the Ram Village was doing. I feel a lot speechless. By the way, Atlas's village is still called Mountain Village since Awakening has it in an island instead of the mountain of Zofia and the woman that was next to Atlas when she was talking about her son saids "Dragon Shrine", but I'll look at the rest of the videos later. Boss Battle of Fernand was split into two parts. By the way, the knight boss in the first map of Alm's route in Act 3 name is Zakson and the boss that is fought where Palla and Catria is at name is Garth. (I don't know if Garth and Barth are like brothers since they did have the same portraits in the original game and that almost have the same name as well?) Also, the other four videos are in this spoiler tag: Edit: I managed the watched the whole video on the battle where Zakson and Frenand are fought, Tobin has an Arts combat skill called "Heavy Draw".
  2. I didn't see anyone posted a thread yet, but I just looked at one of NintenDann's videos (the same guy that was appeared as a guest for the Dutch Comic Con Discussion video for GameXplain's channel that Derrick was on) that we got some new footages that we haven't seen it yet. And also, the Brigands' Boss that was fought in the Thieves' Shrine is called Brigand Boss (the new minor boss character that was added in Echoes) and also, is that a Mila Icon right next to Gray's name? And also, can you guys please find more localized names that we haven't seen it yet earlier, I didn't watch the other videos yet because I have class right now, I just watched the entire Dungeon Gameplay 1 as of right now? I looked a peek at the localized names when the video played showed when I copied the link shows up as Pirate Throne (the same one that where Valbar, Samui, and Leon fight against Grieth's goons is at), Zofia Seaway, Third Pirate Raid, Act 2: The Pilgrimage, and the Boss that Celica is fighting from Zofian Seaway 3 shows up as Cantor. Other 4 videos are in this spoiler tag to avoid cluttering the thread post: Edit: I managed to watch all the footages, the first fort that Alm faces is called the Southern Outpost, the location that where Silque was found is called the Thieves' Shrine Interior, and the Cantor Boss that summons Terrors that Celica and her team facing that is the class name called Cantor, it's not the Boss's name.
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