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  1. Welcome to the F-Zero GX thread
  2. Nintendo's released a whole bunch of games exclusive to their own lineup of systems, whether it be Mario, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, or another title. These First-Party games are usually the best that Nintendo has to offer on their consoles, and are highly regarded among Nintendo fans. So today, I have created a poll to figure out what people's favorite Nintendo franchise is. My vote will be rather boring, but I love the series that got me into video games too much to not pick it: The Mario Series. New Super Mario Bros. Wii was my first ever Mario game back when it first released, and I've played almost every single entry, whether it be a mainline title or a spinoff game, ever since. Hell, I'll probably buy a port on a newer system even if I already had a copy of the original game (For example, Super Mario 3D All Stars, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury just to name a few). A shanty mate I interacted with once implied that I was a superfan of Mario, and I won't deny it because they're absolutely right. I've decided to make a few requirements for the poll so that we don't end up having more than 10 choices to pick from. The 3 bullet points below go over the requirements that decide whether or not a particular Nintendo IP gets placed on the poll. Requirements: Each series has to have at least 5 games released over time. Spinoffs don't count. Subseries like Luigi's Mansion and the Yoshi/Wario games won't be included since they were all created due to Mario in some way, and therefore are related to the Mario series. The newest game in each series has to have been released on the Nintendo Switch. Honorable Mentions that didn't make the list due to not meeting the criteria listed above: Any Mario/Pokémon spinoff series, Star Fox, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Punch-Out!, Mother/Earthbound, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, and Wii Sports. So, now I ask my fellow members of Serenes Forest, what's your favorite Nintendo IP from the 10 that are listed in the poll? EDIT: Super Smash Bros. technically has a vote, but when I was editing the poll, it bugged out and Smash lost its vote unfortunately (I apologize to whoever it was that voted for Smash as the fave, it won't go unacknowledged). Oddly enough, the poll still counts that person as having voted, but when you total all the votes, one extra vote is missing due to this.
  3. Create a spinoff of a Nintendo franchise that you think will never happen; bonus points if it's a popular franchise or at least one that has had spinoffs. Be sure to say why you think it will never happen. Here's mine: The Legend of Zelda: Into the Zelda Timeline Basically, a 3D Legend of Zelda spinoff that takes the main premise of Into the Spider-verse and applies it to the Zelda universe. After a Link is killed while trying to stop Ganondorf, a young hero must save the day despite not being chosen. Fortunately, he isn't alone: Links from across the Zelda timelines have ended up appearing in his time period and are ready to help save this Hyrule so they can return to their time periods. These Links would look just like they did in their original games while still integrating into this game's art style, and they each would utilize a unique ability based on their respective game(s). The playable Links from other timelines would include the following heroes (one for each major component of the Zelda Timeline): Skyward Sword Link (initial timeline): just like in Skyward Sword, this Link would utilize motion controls. Ocarina of Time Link (the Link who caused the timeline to split): this Link would utilize the masks from Majora's Mask. Wind Waker Link (adult timeline): Um... this one can pilot a ship? This one can utilize cartoon logic? I'm honestly not sure what to do with this one. Twilight Princess Link (child timeline): This Link can turn into a wolf. I thought that using the Four Swords Adventures Link would be more distinct in gameplay, but Twilight Princess Link is more visually distinct and more representative of the child timeline. Original Legend of Zelda Link (downfall timeline): This Link would be 2D and 8-bit, in a 3D game (it would sort-of work like Paper Mario). This means he can, among other things, hide by pretending to be a wall painting as a joking reference to the A Link Between Worlds Link. Breath of the Wild Link (converged/Nintendo has officially given up keeping track timeline): This Link can scavenge enemy weapons and random items only for them to break quickly. Apart from obviously copying Into the Spider-verse, the reason I think such a spinoff would never happen is that I think Breath of the Wild demonstrated that Nintendo wants to wash its hands of the Zelda timeline going forward.
  4. Here's the scenario: you've been tasked with making a brand new game in one of Nintendo's older series that hasn't seen a new game in years if not decades, such as Ice Climber and Mother (but not something like Star Fox); even better if it was something that never made the jump to 3D. Which one would you choose to revive, and what would the game look like?
  5. I want to figure out the best classes and skills for all units (including child units and spotpass units, i.e. Emmeryn, Gangrel, etc.) based on strategy AND storyline (basically what's good for them gameplay-wise AND story-wise). Yes, I plan on getting all DLC and tackling Apotheosis. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!
  6. I purchased a hard copy of this game along with a Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago. I spent over $500 so I could play the latest installment of the Fire Emblem franchise and I am rather unimpressed. I have been a fan of Fire Emblem for nearly 20 years now and I hate to see the series lose its identity. Design: The maps were generic, bland, too similar and repetitive. Graphics: The overall game environment is of good quality, including the objects, the backdrop and the textures. However, the character models and special effects leave much to be desired. Animations: The hair physics and facial animations during cut-scenes are impressive at first, but they still could have done much better for combat. (Ex: Miasma is just a purple fire spell.) Characters: Each character is too distinct and tries too hard to stand out. Also, their personalities are very '1-dimensional' and have barely any development. They are tired tropes and awkward. Story: The story was poorly written. The plot was weak and all-too-frankly cliché. Soundtrack: The looping music became tiring, especially during exploration. Overall: The game went in too many directions, certain parts felt rushed or unfinished. The quests, resource management, character recruiting and weapon maintenance all felt like chores rather than enjoyable game-play. The story had me cringing far too much (especially the voice acting), because the personalities were out-of-place within the setting. The mixing of university 'students' and church 'staff' was a bad marriage to say the least. Fire Emblem is a strategy (tactical) role-playing game of the fantasy genre. The most important aspect of Fire Emblem should be good map (level) design. The satisfaction should come from the success of executing a logical strategy after surveying the map (not grinding levels and constantly exhausting the RNG feature.). The second most important aspect of Fire Emblem should the class-tree system. Each class has a role and purpose, this should compliment the use of strategic thinking. The third and final most important aspect of Fire Emblem should be the main character(s) and story. If the protagonist is silent, then it should be the tactician. If the protagonist is tied to the events of the story, then it should not be silent and play a clear role with a distinct motive. There are other things worth mentioning, but I'll leave it at this. Also the dancer animation arm roll is objectively lame. 5/10
  7. So Nintendo just revealed a new trailer that is called the Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch and it will be released in June 11th, 2021. This software will allow you to create your own video game for the Nintendo Switch console. Judging based off from this trailer that I think it's suppose to be more easily programming without using codes similar to like the NES Maker used and it's easy to handle like Super Mario Maker series and Dreams. I am planning on picking Game Builder Garage from GameStop since I love creating stuff. Here is the official trailer of Game Builder Garage: Also, I did saw Joey from GameXplain did some research from the official website in more detail that wasn't been revealed in the trailer that: The Price is not fully $59.99, it's around $30 and it does come in retails as well. USB Computer Mice are compatible to Game Builder Garage. It still requires Nintendo Switch Online. But you can share it locally as well.
  8. What crossovers, either between a Nintendo series and a non-Nintendo series, or between two Nintendo series, would you want to see, and in what way would you want the crossover to be done? Here's two examples (one for each): Legend of Zelda & Paper Mario: I must admit that I've never actually played a Paper Mario game, but, from what I've seen and heard of the series (particularly the first two games), I think it might be cool to see a "Paper Zelda": essentially a Legend of Zelda game that uses gameplay aspects and animation from Paper Mario. I think it would be cool to see essentially a Zelda RPG with turn-based combat, permanent companions helping out in battle, etc. Fire Emblem & Final Fantasy: I don't know why, but I really want to see a game that combines the combat of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy 7 Remake; I think it would be a great way to finally have that real-time combat RPG FE spinoff that IS wanted to make years ago.
  9. There is a third Partner Showcase for the Nintendo Direct Mini series was just announced today. This Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is going to be live happening tomorrow at September 17th and it's going to be a live stream instead of a uploaded video like the previous two Partner Showcase videos. Since we know the first two Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase that we saw July and August were merely focus on 3rd Party titles than 1st Party titles from Nintendo themselves. The stream starts at 7 A.M. Pacific Time tomorrow morning which is around 20 hours remaining (as of this post) as of right now.
  10. I been wanting to play this game for a long time. When it first came out it was my most anticpated game to play!! For some reason I never got around to beating it and put it on hold for years. I decided since I had so much fun playing Three Houses on my channel, it would be cool to share my first time experience beating the game for Breath of the Wild. Here is the first episode of it I did yesterday. I will be straming again later today!! If you know any Zelda fans, be sure to share it with them. It will be my first time reactions to a lof the things in this amazing game so come watch if you are interested!!
  11. As of today, 2/12/2020, it has been 161 days since the last Nintendo Direct presentation in September of last year, and Nintendo's fanbase is in a furious state. How do you all feel about this great "Nintendrought"? Are you among those sending angry tweets begging for Directs, or are you content with the current drip of news.
  12. Guest

    Pokemon region in europe

    The new Pokemon Sword &Shild games ar coming out around a half year later. My question is: How would you imagine a pokemon region based on middle europe? For exemple hungary?
  13. Info Dump Site Hate to see this die! It can be restarted, and I'm thinking throw some stats in. This is the first time I've done a stat based RP, so any help and input appreciated. Stats: Strength: physical power Dexterity: agility Constitution: endurance/HP Wisdom: insight, intelligence Spirits will buff stats. For simplicity's sake we won't distinguish between primary and support spirits, but each character can have up to two spirits attached. "Character" includes the rescued fighters and our 2nd gen heroes, and maybe villains if we're inclined. Here is the original OOC thread. Yeah, just post here with anything. Light Realm Map:
  14. Can I purchase one physical cartridge copy of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Conquest pre-owned in some manner, through Amazon for example and still get the discount for the two other paths? On Nintendo's fire emblem fates website it says "Buy the first game for US$39.99MSRP/CA$49.99MSRP, then purchase and download the other paths for just US$19.99MSRP/CA$24.99MSRP. MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, Actual Price May Vary" How does the discount work, would it come with a discount code when you buy the game brand new, or is it something that works with all Fire Emblem Fates Cartridges where once you purchase one version you then can purchase the other two paths for $19.99 no matter what. Is the discount for the two other paths locked to brand new retail purchased games? How about digital purchases? I'm trying to get all 3 versions, Conquest, Birthright and Revelations as cheap as possible on one cartridge without spending upwards of $100-$300 on the special edition, or purchase it new still pay $80 for an 2 year old title to save money and SD card space. This question didn't seem redundant since I can't find it on reddit/google, and Nintendo Customer Service is closed/busy due to it being Cyber Monday. The website isn't too specific as to how the discount actually works so I came here. Be as specific with your response as possible please.
  15. I'm looking for a 3ds emulator to play 3ds games on a Nintendo ds console. Is it possible?
  16. I was just wondering what is your personal favorite overworlds in the Zelda series?
  17. I recently had this idea that Smash could spinoff into a series of "Super Smash: Nintendo X" titles, akin to how Street Fighter spun off into the Capcom Vs. series. In each Nintendo X crossover, approximately half the roster and stages go to a notable third party with extensive Nintendo history, like Capcom, SEGA, Square Enix, or Konami. This allows for third party characters who would normally never stand a chance of making it into Smash to get their own movesets, with accompanying stages, assist trophies, and such. Imagine Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge joining Sonic, or Proto Man and Bass joining Mega Man. And need I mention the scads of characters Square Enix has to offer between Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Mana, and Chrono, not to mention Tomb Raider (and apparently, Gex)? I would shoot for rosters of 60-100, with 30-50 going to Nintendo and another 30-50 going to the featured third party, and ideally at least one stage per represented series. The Nintendo half of the roster can vary between titles, ideally tailored to the third party in question. Nintendo X Square Enix would encourage a more fantasy and RPG-focused roster, with Zelda, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Xenoblade, etc. being emphasized more. Geno and Mallow would be must-haves, as the two most memorable characters from Super Mario RPG, and I could see multiple elements from that game making it in as the start of Mario's RPG career. Nintendo X SEGA could have a few more F-Zero reps in acknowledgement of the SEGA-developed GX. A theme of rivalry could be a fun throwback to the 90s, when Nintendo and SEGA were competitors. Mario and Sonic, Link and Prince Ali (Beyond Oasis), Marth and Max (Shining Force), etc. Nintendo X Capcom could have characters from the Oracle Zelda games and Minish Cap, like Vaati. Furthermore, certain characters' movesets could be tweaked based on the game; Mario, Peach, and Bowser could get moves inspired by the various Mario RPGs in NxSE, while in NxC Link gets some Oracle items like the Slingshot/Seed Shooter and Roc's Cape, and Toon Link gets Minish Cap items like the Gust Jar and Cane of Pacci. Link and Zelda in NxC could even be designed after their Oracle incarnations, and Ganondorf could use his scrapped Oracle design.
  18. HELLOOOOOOO Everybody! Long time no see!~ It's been awhile since I've on the site. Good to be back! With this E3, I wanted to do something rather new territory for me...streaming and living reacting! If you wanna hang out with me for the Nintendo livestream, you can check out my Twitch around showtime (12PM EST for me...which is in 2 hours right now). I'd really appreciate it! Either way...I hope Nintendo's presentation is good and we all have a good time! Link to my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/busterman64
  19. This is kinda a really serious question, I did managed to finally registered DigiPen Institute of Technology during at Fall 2017 as one of my future University goal before entering Nintendo of America as a dream job. This is kinda unexpected when I just found out during at Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 that I managed taken the some of the classes that I have entered during the year and the college teachers that I took during at the class courses that some of them did mentioned when they did Game Development in the past before becoming teachers at DigiPen Institute of Technology were actually all Professors, I don't think the staffs call them in DigiPen mentioned it to themselves as Doctors nor Mr./Mrs. level, but just Professors. I did took the classes so that I can meet the requirements so that I can graduate it in the future and get into Nintendo of America as an Video Game Artist and Creator for one of the Video Game IPs titles (and reviving old Video Games IPs as well) that I came up with my idea for the future. And probably none of you probably took DigiPen Institute of Technology or took an actual Video Game Development College/University before, but when I took on of the classes that I am working on it. One of the professors did said it to the students that students need to make our work to it into a more professional level and I am working really extremely hard as I can to make alot of improvements on my work that I am focusing on. I was working really hard on my progress so that I can enter Nintendo of America so that I can learn how Video Game Development works. And I just thought of something that bugs me that I don't think nobody have mentioned this nor about it just now and I just thought of something just now. Does anyone have a single clue or found an accurate source if was Shigeru Miyamoto's, Masahiro Sakurai's, and others staffs's at Nintendo Headquarters education level are technically at a Professor (like Real Professors) level or are they considered to be Doctor Level or Mister / Miss or Mrs. Level? And I do recall correctly that I did remembered watching a movie called Pixels that it did have an actor that was playing the well-known Toru Iwatani from Namco and the creator of Pac-Man since the team need to find a way to beat the Alien Pixel version of Pac-Man that the they referred to Toru Iwatani in the movie as "Professor" Toru Iwatani. And this gave me a thought about it. But, does anyone actually know if a lot of video game staffs in Nintendo Headquarters are technically Professors (like Real Professors). P.S.: I did tried searching harder to find it in Google, none of the search that I tried to look up qualifies for Shigeru Miyamoto explains if he is really a Professor, Doctor or a Mister Level?
  20. Hey folks, lurker for a long time here, and also with gaming media. I wrote a story and published it this morning, focusing on the one-year anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, and how despite the game being well-designed, generated fairly little attention with mainstream games media. Even after earning over $300 milliion in revenue from the game, it's just kind of fallen off the map, despite being one of the best mobile games in years and earning a DICE Game of the Year (mobile) award. In the piece, I compared this game to various other mobile games like Puzzle and Dragons, Brave Frontier, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and how Heroes stands above them in a quality and design standpoint. What do you guys think of the game, its overall direction, and what it's done thus far? Any egregious decisions that stand out to you? Piece is here if you're interested, and looking forward to mingling with this community a bit more! https://www.gamerpros.co/nintendos-unsung-and-underrated-hero-is-fire-emblem-heroes/
  21. Maybe for the 1 year anniversary, Nintendo could hopefully announce a lot of hyped games like Fire Emblem Switch and hopefully cancel that one Fire Emblem ripoff that's apparently a 3D platformer!
  22. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/948901835284283393 So yeah, an impressive feat for Nintendo and the Switch. That's breaking the previous record that the Wii held I believe.
  23. Anyone hear about any Nintendo Switch Restocks anywhere? I can't find them in retail anywhere the sections are just barren. I fully expected that in March, April, even May for the console but I guess demand is just that high. Has there been anything from Nintendo or retailers anywhere saying anything about the supply or restocking of them? Hopefully, by the holidays theres some out there. Feel free to share any information in the thread I'll keep up as best as I can to add it to this post for people. Update: Likely Restock at US Target retailers week of 11 June Nintendo battles with Apple for Switch Parts (thanks DodgeDusk)
  24. Nintendo games likely hold a special place in our hearts. And one thing i've always liked about Nintendo games, is that they can have really good music. So my question to you is, which Nintendo series do you think has the best music? I know it's probably hard to choose, because there's so many good options. Of course, given the context of this question, for many of us "best" may also end up meaning "favorite". For me, the Xenoblade Chronicles series has the best music out of any Nintendo series, and i say this as someone who likes Fire Emblem a bit more than Xenoblade Chronicles. The songs do an amazing job at capturing the feel of the environment, emotions, basically anything. Xenoblade music is so good! And while X doesn't have as amazing of a soundtrack as the original, there are a decent amount of songs in Xenoblade Chronicles X that are really, really good! And after hearing the four music tracks on the official Japanese website of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, i'm fully convinced that Xenoblade Chronicles, as a series, will never be topped when it comes to music. While Xenoblade Chronicles has the best music in my opinion, honorable mentions need to go to Fire Emblem, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, and Kid Icarus (Uprising specifically) and Super Smash Bros but that doesn't count.
  25. As the title suggests, I'm wondering what are the chances of 8-4 doing localization for the new Fire Emblem on the Switch. I loved their work with Awakening and from what I've seen of SoV, that as well. I must say I wasn't too pleased with Treehouse's quality of English voice acting and overall localization of Fates (not whining about censorship by the way, couldn't really care much about that). I'd love to see 8-4 return once again now that full voice acting is the case with Shadows of Valentia. What are your thoughts?
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