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  1. I'm just curious. Does anyone have any guess/info regarding a western release and translation of the Fire Emblem Engage manga that they announced earlier or is it "cross fingers for a fan translation" as per usual? I know that all the previous ones haven't gotten a western release, but with the adaptation of Engage going so far to be published on the Shonen Jump+, I wondered if we maybe had some hope this time around.
  2. Since the recent 2/9/2023 Nintendo Direct revealed Nintendo just added the Game Boy for regular Nintendo Switch Online and Game Boy Advance for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack to the Nintendo Switch eShop at the same day. I'm going to predict that next year's announcement in a future Nintendo Direct in 2024 that we might possibly going to see TurboGrafx-16 Online added for regular Nintendo Switch Online (while Sega Genesis was popular in West, I think TurboGrafx-16 might get some more Boost since it was in Wii Shop Channel & Wii U eShop with a limited stuff) while Nintendo DS Online might show up for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack like GBA had. So, if you had any predictions what next console(s) that you might predict to expect for Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in 2024 Nintendo Directs, you can post them here.
  3. Since I was thinking of creating this thread for my ideal list of what returning classes that I do want to see brought back in the newer mainline games that released after Three Houses. I was thinking of starting off a list that I searched through from the Fire Emblem Wiki to see what wasn't included in Three Houses and see what I think which should return if there's going to be a new mainline Fire Emblem title released after Three Houses. I was thinking of so far was: Gold Knight (I definitely think this should have been returned in Three Houses as the Cavaliers' Third-Tier class instead of using Great Knight Class as a Third-Tier class) Silver Knight Baron (could be useful for enemy and personal playable character classes) King (maybe use it on the new character as his personal third tier class similar to like how Edelgard became the first playable Emperor in the series) Priestess (Not the Cleric looking class, I was talking about like the ones used in Gaiden & Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Griffon Rider (maybe have it returned as a separate flier class line outside of the Pegasus and Wyvern classes instead of returning it as a promoted unit for Wyvern Rider) Mage Knight (as a polar opposite of the Dark Knight) Halberdier & Sentinel (they deserve to come back in the series since they are a unique promotional class for the Soldier line) Ninjas (since Awakening (Myrmidons & Swordmasters) & Three Houses (Swordmasters & Mortal Servants) did have some little bit of Asain style parts outside of Hoshido, I do like to see some more Asain style classes brought back in outside of Hoshido settings) Prince & Princess (as personal class) Blade Lord (since Fire Emblem did majorly using Great Lords since Awakening, I do think some new main character should get the Blade Lord class since Lyn had used it for The Blazing Blade & Fire Emblem Warriors) Seraph Knight (as one of the Third-Tier classes deserves to be return, I don't understand why Seraph Knight wasn't brought back as a Third-Tier class in Three Houses instead of making Falcon Knight as the Third-Tier Class in Three Houses while Pegasus Knight as the Second-Tier class in Three Houses?) If you had any ideas of what returning class that wasn't featured in Three Houses do you like to see appearing in the next brand new Fire Emblem Nintendo Switch (or next gen console) mainline title? Feel free to list them.
  4. Since today's Nintendo Direct not only reveal Nintendo 64 Online is coming, but the Sega Genesis Online was very unexpected reveal for Nintendo Switch Online since this is the first 3rd Party Console added to the Nintendo Switch Online library as well. Since this is now possible, what other 3rd Party Consoles do you like to coming to Nintendo Switch Library since Sega Genesis Online now become a thing? I was thinking a TurboGrafx-16 Online, a Sega Master System Online since we don't have much Sega Master System games on the Sega Ages Collection for the Nintendo Switch eShop, and and maybe a SG-1000 Online for the first time on a Nintendo console definitely needs to happen.
  5. I'm kinda surprised to see no one posted a thread yesterday to talk about Valve had created a new Portable Nintendo Swicth like PC Gaming Console called "Steam Deck". The Steam Deck was announced yesterday and this is going to be released at December. The crew from IGN did asked the developers to talk about the Steam Deck that it does play more than Steam Games such as Xbox Game Pass, other gaming software, etc. There are three seperate versions of the price points mentioned in the website that did confirmed that are 64 GB Storage eMMC as $399.00, 256 GB Storage NVMe SSD as $529.00, and 512 GB Storage NVMe SSD as $649.00 and they did mentioned about the FAQ about Steam Deck.
  6. So Nintendo just revealed a new trailer that is called the Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch and it will be released in June 11th, 2021. This software will allow you to create your own video game for the Nintendo Switch console. Judging based off from this trailer that I think it's suppose to be more easily programming without using codes similar to like the NES Maker used and it's easy to handle like Super Mario Maker series and Dreams. I am planning on picking Game Builder Garage from GameStop since I love creating stuff. Here is the official trailer of Game Builder Garage: Also, I did saw Joey from GameXplain did some research from the official website in more detail that wasn't been revealed in the trailer that: The Price is not fully $59.99, it's around $30 and it does come in retails as well. USB Computer Mice are compatible to Game Builder Garage. It still requires Nintendo Switch Online. But you can share it locally as well.
  7. As the title of this post suggests, I cleared the first chapter of the DLC side story and was able to go to Abyss in the main story timeline, and there was a list displaying exclusive and special weapons (such as Rapier, Levin Sword, etc.) in a place named the Altar shop I believe? Anyways, this might be a dumb question and all, but are you able to use these exclusive special weapons in early game or late game of the main storyline or are those weapons reserved for the side story only? Also, if by chance I am not able to get access to it instantly in the side story DLC, would I need to recruit Constance or Hapi (I forgot which characters you get from which chapter) in order to unlock the Abyss weapon and item shop? Please and Thank you.
  8. I managed to take a look at the US side of the Nintendo Switch eShop to see in the Best Selling Category to see if they managed to show for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. I manage to see Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light was marked under as #7 in All Games Section and #3 in Download-Only Games Section for the Best Sellers. I did screenshot this on my camera last night to show it what it looks like and post it to Twitter. It was kinda unexpected to see Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light was doing so well in the US yesterday since we know the series is keeps growing since Awakening happened. I am getting the Special Edition for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light soon as well.
  9. I did saw GameXplain and Nintendo World Report TV that they did made a Review for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on the Nintendo Switch. The result for GameXplain that Meghan Sullivan did posted a result of "Liked it" and the result for Nintendo World Report TV that Jordon Rudek did posted a result of a 5. I did liked how Meghan Sullivan handled the review pretty well, I am still have some thoughts about Jordon Rudek's part that I am not sure of. Also, I did managed to take a look to see of more official localized scripts for Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light that they posted footages of, GameXplain side had way more script showing than Nintendo World Report TV shown. P.S.: By the way, I did took a look at GameXplain video that they showed the footages that they played and did runned into Aimee. The translation for Aimee is still got her labled as Larabel like in Shadow Dragon. GameXplain Video: Nintendo World Report TV:
  10. I been wanting to play this game for a long time. When it first came out it was my most anticpated game to play!! For some reason I never got around to beating it and put it on hold for years. I decided since I had so much fun playing Three Houses on my channel, it would be cool to share my first time experience beating the game for Breath of the Wild. Here is the first episode of it I did yesterday. I will be straming again later today!! If you know any Zelda fans, be sure to share it with them. It will be my first time reactions to a lof the things in this amazing game so come watch if you are interested!!
  11. Hello everyone! I just finished my first playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicle 2's Torna DLC, and was wondering if any of you have played it and what you thought! Overall I was very impressed by it. I loved that it really felt like a fleshed out game, and I was really hooked by the community system. Seeing those little stories intertwine was really satisfying. I've got just a few more to do in the post-game, with hunting down all the named monsters a particularly big task I'm looking forward to. As for plot stuff: All that said, I'm pretty sure this might be some of the best DLC content I've ever played. Perhaps only rivaled by BOTW. If any of you all have played it, what did you think? I'd love to discuss!
  12. So given that whole thing with the "Echoes" title, I keep thinking about other remakes in the series. Given that 6/7 are my favourite games I came up with a bit of a plan as to how I would go about remaking these games to not only appeal to the whole audience of fire emblem fans, new and old, but also stay true to their original formulae as much as possible. How would it work? The game would be a fusion of Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals. Given that 6 follows on from 7 in terms of the story of Elibe this would be easy to impliment. After finishing Lyn, Eliwood and Hector's story the player would unlock the ability to play through the story of Roy and Lilina. However, the aftergames of each would be indipendant of each other, meaning that the player could keep their progress in the age of Blazing Sword while playing through the story of Sword of Seals, and vice versa. So why fuse the two games? I believe mixing the two games would be the best option here due to the success of the two most recent Fire Emblem games; Awakening and Fates. While there aren't too many, some characters from 7 will have children who become playable in 6, Roy, Lilina, Wolt, Sue and Lugh to name a few. This means that pairs chosen in 7 will actively influence the stats of characters found in 6. In addition, some characters are playable in both games, such as Marcus and Bartre. These characters could perhaps carry statistics or even items over in the transition of games. What would I change? The bigest and most necessary change I would make would be to make the tactician from Fire Emblem 7 playable. In order to make this game as much of a success as Awakening and Fates, I honestly think this needs to be implemented into the game. I understand that the tactician couldn't fight in the original version, but is it really so far-fetched for them to be able to swing a sword about or throw a fireball or two? The avatar would have to start weak, but because they would be in every single chapter, even after the split at the end of Lyn's story they would quickly catch up. In addition, the tactician would be able to romance any character they wanted to, within the bounds of the story (Meaning already married characters like Dorcas, Pent and Louise are off-limits.) They would go on to have a son/daughter who will become the tactician for Roy's army, or even potentially the brother of Roy, Lilina, Sue or sister of Wolt or Lugh. Perhaps the point in the story at which you meet this new character would depend on who their parent is. Mechanical changes? Apart from the points I've made, and the obvious graphical updates the games would generally remain true to the originals. There ARE however a few mechanical changes I think should happen... Reclassing should be present, but limited. Ditch Fates' complex reclass system in favour for a simplified version of Awakening's. Characters should be able to reclass, but only into very similar classes. For instance, Rath, a Nomad, should be able to reclass into an Archer or a Mymidon. Nothing else. Sain, the lance-loving Cavalier should be able to reclass into a Knight, nothing else. I say this because I think the game SHOULD be updated to an extent, but should also try to stay true to the original formula. Awakening and Fates' skill system should be brought through... but ditch Fates' skill market. Linking with reclassing, I think the new style skills system should be present in the game. It gives reclassing a purpose, but won't be blatantly overpowered because the class options for each character will be very limited. Use Sacred Stones' split premotion system, but keep the original premotion items. Giving players the choice of which class they want to make each unit makes each playthrough more personal. I think it would be perfectly fine for a unit such as Kent to have the ability to become a Great Knight, or Rutger to have the ability to become an Assassin. Maybe new classes would have to be implemented to support this though, because I'm not too sure what a Nomad would premote into besides a Nomadic Trooper. In addition, the original premotion items will be kept. Depending on your class, you use a different item to premote. Maybe simplify this from the original though by letting Pirates and Thieves premote using the Fighter's Seal... Weapons break. Get used to it. A small point, but true to classic Fire Emblem games weapons will still be able to break, even uniques like the Manni Katti or Wolf Beil. Get with the program, Fates... Use Fates' pair up system over Awakening's. Bacause I'd be making support a more pivotal part of the story in this remake, pairing up would have to be present. Not like Awakening's power trippy version, but like a honed down version of Fates'. The attack stance would also be a part of the game, but the damage of the secondary attacker should probably be cut down a bit. Introduce a world map. I would give the game a world map similar to that found in the Sacred Stones and Awakening. It allows players to more easily understand the continent, access shops, as well as gives an easy way of accessing DLC. Speaking of which... EXP grind DLC maps and Arenas return. Arenas returning was a given, but being a new FE game I feel as though I HAVE to let players have a way of grinding for EXP. Of course it's your decision if you want to make the game a walk in the park mid way through, but I think there are probably a few fans that have to rely on these maps... So there you go, those are my ideas. I know a lot of people will disagree with a lot of what I've preposed here, but everything is my own opinion. Let me know what you think.
  13. Thanks to the amount of Christmas money I received, I decided to buy a Nintendo Switch earlier this month, along with Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Three Houses. Our family had a lot of fun messing around with the new options for creating Mii's, and the ability to switch from the television to handheld and back again is amazingly convenient. However, the only multiplayer game we have right now is Smash, and, well, my years of experience with the series makes it difficult for me to participate without it becoming a curb-stomp battle, and when they play against each other, the faster pace has thrown them off several times. We actually hooked up the Wii after a few rounds of Smash to play together that way. I think my family could have a lot of fun playing on the Switch together, but I'm wondering what are some good party games, multiplayer games, and/or family friendly games in general that we could play together? I have bought the Mega Man X Legacy Collection off the E-shop when it was on sale (before realizing it has been a long time since I've last played a platformer, and I'm out of practice), so I am fine with purchasing E-shop titles, even if I'd prefer physical copies. I don't plan on getting Nintendo's online service, so that is off the table if a game relies on it.
  14. Since we had The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening getting an upcoming remake for the Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Yellow got a remake as Pokemon Let's GO! Pikachu and Eevee. Which classic Game Boy or Game Boy Color games do you like to see get the same remake treatment for the Nintendo Switch? And I think the line of Nintendo 3DS system is pretty much getting close ended since we haven't got very much Nintendo 3DS games as of right now. I do like to see if Nintendo can remake those classic Super Mario Land games, Wario Land games, Kirby's Dream Land games, and X game to get the same treatment as The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Pokemon Yellow. I definitely think the Super Mario Land games is definitely necessary since they weren't brought in the Super Mario Advance series and they're like the only very classic Super Mario games that never gotten a remake.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3-uZfHf2y4 Nintendo is bringing the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light to NSO for its March update although only for its Japanese Famicom app. Note: You can freely download the app if you have an account set to Japan and you can use whichever account that has the online subscription to play it.
  16. This has happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks and I wanted to see if anyone else here had encountered something similar. Its and on again off again type of issue It seems at times when I dock my NSwitch it shows its getting power yet the signal for whatever reason doesn't push to the TV and the screen on the Switch just goes black (as it should when it is docked) however, where things get weird is that it gets locked up in a permanent sleep state where I have to hold the power button for 15 seconds then tap it again to power cycle and restart the console. FYI I can only do this while its undocked. Console works perfectly fine in handheld mode no issues what so ever so it would seem that its not bricked. Below are the steps I've taken to troubleshoot. Tried on a different TV altogether. My main TV is a 4K HDR smart TV and you know it can get wonkey since they like to try and detect things automatically and switch to them. I tried on a vanilla ordinary 1080p HDTV and same exact issues persist so its not the smart tv. Swapped the HDMI cable with a known good working one in addition to testing on the vanilla HDTV. Same issue. Tested the Official Nintendo AC Adapter that came with the dock by plugging it directly into the NSwitch in handheld mode. Charged switch and power delivery is fine even while playing. Tried different HDMI ports on multiple TVs same issue. Unplugged power and HDMI cables from the dock. Unplugged TV power. Power cycled the switch then replugged in the TV, dock power, dock HDMI in that order same issue I dust out the dock port and the USB port lightly with a dry q tip and compressed air. No dice. Up till this point I'm thinking so dock must be faulty despite being very new possibly that will fix it...but this is where it gets weird... I figured ok what the hell I'll put my Switch into the dock overnight and just let it sit keep in mind its been charged and has juice through the whole troubleshooting process. Solid green light came on to show it was docked still no luck on the signal going to the TV so I go to bed. I wake up see the green light off on the dock and test by turning on the console while its docked and the signal goes through to the TV like normal and works fine in spite of not being able to go through or turn on at all the night before while docked? I should also mention I have also only ever used the official Nintendo dock. I've only ever used battery packs in handheld mode. What gives? Any one else run into this its become more frequent lately. I've turned off the auto power state setting along with the sleep timer for when the console is docked. That seems to help make it a bit more consistent.
  17. IS decided to release this game for the Switch instead of another 3ds game. This made me wonder why that is. There must be some reason for using the Switch instead of the 3ds other than the existence of 3 FE games already being on the 3ds. Other than simply the ability to make a larger scale game with more characters, chapters, classes, etc. What unique features do you think will come with the release of FE Switch. It seems Nintendo loves their Joy-con controllers and the "Sharing the Joy" multiplayer feature they have, so maybe FE Switch will have a co-op mode. A pure-mobile system isn't very good for co-op but the Switch is great for it's accessibility to co-op, not to mention people playing co-op will help more people get into Fire Emblem. If I'm playing Fire Emblem in public and a curious person asks me about it, the conversation changes from "This is Fire Emblem." "Uh Ok." to "This is Fire Emblem, do you want to play too?" "um sure." Tell me what you think the Switch will do to make FE16 unique.
  18. With Rockstar confirming LA Noire for Switch, & maybe even a Fallout 4 GOTY port, Nintendo latest device is no longer 'Sidescrolling platformers, Mario Kart, & Zelda only' But what about Souls-like games, like Nioh or Code Vein? Neither From Software's Souls games or The Surge have announced Switch versions for future releases Will the closest thing a Nintendo Switch player ever get to play to a Souls-like be BotW? My fave is Bloodbourne with its dark, gothic atmosphere(shame its ps4 only) but the dark-and-gothic game types haven't been seen on a Nintendo console since Capcom stopping bringing on RE ports & Konami ceased making Castlevania games
  19. Good evening everyone, my name is Jack Longman and I was wondering if you might be interested in aiding me in a little something. You see, one of the things I do is run a Nintendo site, which I aim to do more Fire Emblem related discussion posts, which is where this noble forest comes into the equation. Provided it is okay, I would like to start a discussion here, for the fans of Fire Emblem to have their say, regarding a topic I wish to discuss before in a week's time, I round up all the answers I have your permission to share and post them as part of a Let's Talk About article that will be posted on Miketendo64. I would share links to previous articles and the site, but that could come across as self promotion, which isn't what I want to do in the slightest and if you don't want me sharing your answer, feel free to say so when responding. As for the matter I wish to discuss, well since this is the year that gave us the Royal siblings Sharena & Alfonse and Rowan & Lianna, the new heroes of Heroes and Warriors, should Intelligent Systems who had a hand in both games, have gone about creating a crossover event that would see characters from each game appear in the other? I'm not saying Rowan and Lianna need to be playable in FE Heroes, but they could have appeared as part of a Tempest Trial event, instead of just a FE Warriors launch event tie-in and nothing more, whereas in Warriors, Alfonse and Sharena could have appeared as characters during a Tempest Trials History Map that not only would give players more levels to play, but an effective cross promotion that not only benefits the games, but the new faces of Fire Emblem Warriors 2017. So without further ado, Let's Talk About...Fire Emblem (The 2017 Character Crossovers that Never Happened)
  20. So guys my Switch just arrived, and I was curious if people would be up for like a league of sorts, nothing serious, but just like a group of people who play. I dno any like particulars, but i'm gauging interest first.
  21. https://mynintendonews.com/2017/04/30/koei-tecmo-is-planning-more-nintendo-switch-exclusives/ This is good, Koei Tecmo are one of my favorites so, this could give me more motivation for a Switch beyond that of FE Warriors, Bomberman etc.
  22. Since there are three Fire Emblem games got remakes that are Shadow Dragon, New Mystery of the Emblem, and the upcoming Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. I think the next one that we might get a remake next is Genealogy of the Holy War and the next one after Genealogy of the Holy will be Thracia 776 since it's a mid equal to Genealogy of the Holy War, but since there is going to be a new upcoming Switch title that is going to be brand new story, do you guys think that Intelligence System will might make a Genealogy of the Holy War remake sometime after the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title that gets released in 2018 or do you guys think it will might going to be later than that?
  23. Well, there it is. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/788900063833493504 Video is 3 minutes long, so keep expectations in check.
  24. To restart the hype train leading up to smash for the switch, I've made a new characters thread. You can think of a new character that may be in smash bros switch, and then create a moveset for them. You may include any unique mechanics, specials, any notable normals, their final smash, and ideas for palette swaps. I'll start with a template on Anna. Unique mechanic(s): She can switch weapons on the fly, changing her properties to adapt to a situation. Obviously, we would have to make her moves weaker to offset the fact that this would give her HUGE top-tier potential, but I can see her working like Zelda in melee/brawl. Specials: Neutral special, switch weapon. Anna would start the match with a lance. This is a 'spacing' weapon, designed to deny the opponent's approach options in neutral. This would work well against people who need to get up close but of the opponent can beat your moves, you will get punished hard. She would then move to a sword, which would make her play like Roy/Lucina. If an opponent has lag you can punish them for it with fast moves, but you could be easily outspaced by people with longer swords and projectile characters. Next would be an axe, which is slow but powerful. The axe would also have large hitboxes which can beat other moves and block projectiles. If the opponent relies on a defensive neutral game, they will get destroyed. However, if the opponent can rush you during your endlag, they can pretty much do whatever they please to you. (Note: Yes, I did just make the matchup spread between these three the weapon triangle) She would then get an arcwind tome. This will have a lot of windboxes to annoy your opponent and make them whiff moves. You could also use them to trigger Lylat-style jank reliably. However, apart from trolling Cloud, this tome doesn't do much damage or knockback with it's actual hitboxes. Finally, there would be a bow. Although you can swing an arrow at the opponent for some close range damage, you probably won't be able to defend yourself in a disadvantaged state. However, if you can get distance between you and your opponent, you can fill the sky with a hail of death! Also, the bow deals 1.5x damage against aerial opponents. The animation to change weapons lasts 25 frames (so you can't use it mid-combo) but you may change as many times as you like if you press B again within those frames. Up special: Astra. This would be five hits in chosen directions that can be used for combos and recovery. Although it doesn't go very far distance-wise, you can choose where the hitboxes go, you this move is hard to edgeguard. Also, if you make it to the ledge before the fifth hit, you could hold down to go past the ledge, then input QCF+B to hit the opponent trying to trap you. It may only be used once in the air, but this is reset if you get hit (like Ryu's Tatsu) Side special (can be stolen by Kirby): Luna. A straight horizontal slash that ignores shields and counters (like final smashes/KO punch) and deals decent damage and knockback. However, to prevent it from being broken, it puts you in freefall. and has a lot of lag if you use it on the ground. Down special: Counter Sol. An upward slash (can only be used once in the air, so no infinite recoveries!) that heals for half of the damage it deals. To reference Aether, Sol -> Luna would be a true combo in a similar vein to Shulk's air slash when you are at kill%. Recovery: to get maximum distance, use Sol at the peak of your double jump, then Astra, Then Luna. Notable normals: N-air. Has 2 hits in front of Anna and one behind her as she swings her weapon around her. This would be her main tool for jab-locking. F-air. Spikes, like Cloud's F-air when you are using an axe, but works as a combo tool with other weapons. D-tilt. Has a high chance of tripping the opponent. Dash attack. Has her swing the weapon down in front of her in a downward motion while jumping. Deals a lot of damage and spikes, but cannot be teched. Final smash: Sister's help. She summons 2 LV6 CPU Annas that start at 75% damage. Killing them will not earn you a point in timed mode. They stay on the map until they die, and their attacks cannot hurt each-other or the player's Anna (as if team attack were off) Also, if Anna loses all her stocks while the CPUs are alive, she takes control of the CPU with the lower damage to get back into the game. Alternate costumes: Enemy-unit red, Ally-unit green, Player-unit blue, Vallite-purple, Grey (Kana), Brown (Morgan), and mercenary armour. (Quick note: In hindsight, I probably should have put this in FFTF because of necroposting (when smash switch is released) and double posting (for those who have come up with many characters). Oh well, I won't tell if you won't!)
  25. One of the most exciting reveals of the Nintendo Switch presentation was without a doubt the sequel to one of Wii U's most memorable games. The Squid Kids are back, this time sporting new hairstyles, clothes, and new weapons and specials to use in Turf Wars. Splatoon 2 – Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Nintendo Switch Unlike what some people might say, this game is not a port of the original. Instead it has been build from the ground-up. The core gameplay and objectives remain intact, but the controls have been modified to adapt to the new Switch controllers. The Specials are also all completely new, and new movements have been added, such as a roll used for dodging. Splatoon 2 is set for a Summer 2017 release, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Are you people excited? I know I am.
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