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Found 57 results

  1. So, now that the first batch of SNES Games are available on the New Nintendo 3DS eshop, which games would you like to see next? Personally, I'd love to see Final Fantasy VI, Fire Emblem IV and Fire Emblem V.
  2. It's just like Sims, but with Miis........
  3. Has anyone seen this trailer yet? I remember really loving the Awakening Accolades trailer, but this one just blows that out of the water. Its very beautiful and gripping~! I'm really celebrating over the fact that Nintendo finally seems to have gotten how to market a Fire Emblem game; the advertising is amazing! :0
  4. To be completely honest, to me at least, Fates' skinship removal doesn't affect me. I feel neutral about it. I never thought as Fire Emblem as a waifu game anyway. But what do you guys think about it?
  5. http://www.nintendo.co.kr/PR/press_list.php?cPage1=1&cPage2=1&idx=239 (Korean) Last August, I posted the thread that Nintendo decided to officially release Fire Emblem Fates in South Korea. Today, Nintendo Korea announced that Fire Emblem Fates will be released in Fall 2016. So, Korean Fire Emblem fans have to wait more than a year (from first announcement in last August) to get their hands on Fire Emblem Fates. This news probably does not matter too much for NA Fire Emblem fans, but it is good to know that franchise is growing steadily.
  6. So now that Sakurai has officially said that they are done adding to Smash 4 what or rather who do you think will be added to the next smash? Keeping in mind this roster spanned 58 characters. Do you even think they'll be able to keep em all? Personally here's who I can see in the next smash. 1) Splatoon inklings. Practically shoe ins given the game's success and the trend of having playable male and female versions of characters (WFT, Robin, Corrin) 2) Dixie Kong or King K Rool. Alot of demand for these guys especially seeing how people were disappointed that King K Rool was only a mii costume. 3) New Zelda rep. I don't know who but probably someone from Zelda Wii U. I could also potentially see Midna or Ghirahim appearing transitioning from assists. 4) Shovel Knight. Again supposedly alot of demand for this one would also be the "surprise third party character"
  7. Just saw this article: http://time.com/4129171/nintendo-tatsumi-kimishima/ The actual new info doesn't come in until halfway through. From my read-through, Kimishima seems pretty confident in himself (“I feel that I have a firm understanding of this company,”). However, he admits that they've done a poor job of communicating about Miitomo, and notes that there's still challenges on the horizon. As for NX, Kimishima assures us that Nintendo has learned from the Wii U, and that they're "not building the next version of Wii or Wii U,” and that “[NX] is something unique and different. It’s something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal.” He also intends to personally see the company through beyond the NX launch (implying he expects he'll be re-elected as the President once his initial 1-year term has finished). As the article closes, he shares something Yamauchi taught him during his time at the Pokemon Company: "the importance of staying within one’s means. “Or ‘Don’t try to be too big for your boots,'” he says, laughing once again and adding, “I have tried to keep this in mind in the management of Nintendo" All in all, there's not a lot of new stuff; just some interesting tidbits about Tatsumi Kimishima.
  8. Petition to replace Cloud with Black Mage https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-square-enix-sora-petition-to-remove-cloud-from-smash-and-put-in-black-mage-instead?recruiter=425021782&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink [spoiler=Letter of resignation]On another note I would like to thank Serenes Forest for teaching me so much about Fire Emblem and introducing me to the other games (which I find to be way better than Awakening). I've was able to play through FE1, FE3 Book 1, FE4, FE6, FE7, and FE8 thanks to translation patches provided by this community. At first I was an annoying troll, but I realized this was a cool place and changed somewhat, but most still disliked me. I've come here to say thank you to this community and I will now resign from my position as an SF member. Enjoy the petition.
  9. Screenshots below: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/library/events/151029/05.html http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/28/9633272/nintendo-smartphone-game-miitomo http://ca.ign.com/articles/2015/10/29/nintendo-and-denas-first-mobile-game-is-miitomo-launch-delayed-to-2016
  10. So, the results of Nintendo's fiscal meeting were recently made public, meaning there are numbers and various interesting tidbits to break down. Hardware sales (Q1+Q2): 1.19m Wii U/2.28m 3DS/70k Wii Software sales (Q1+Q2): 12.37m Wii U/19.2m 3DS/1.97m Wii Overall profit: 11,466 million yen/$95.2 million / £62.2 million / €86.2 million Now that raw numbers are out of the way, there are several tidbits per usual; the first of which I put in the thread title to shamelessly clickbait you. Tatsumi Kimishima, according to Takashi Mochizuke of the Wall Street Journal, stated that "Direct is alive, with at least one more this year". Also, Project Guard (formerly "Project Giant Robot") still has a 2015 release window. That's... surprising. And of much greater interest to the denizens of this forest (especially members from the E.U), Fire Emblem Fates still is listed as a single release in Europe. Keeping in mind the odd Amazon UK listing I posted about earlier (if you add it to cart on mobile, there's a notification that states that the game is a single version and that you choose your path in-game), it's starting to seem a bit less like an odd screw-up. I can't see them just giving everybody both sides right off the bat, but if that message is true the alternative is locking stuff on-cart behind a paywall which the game already does to an extent. Anyway, that's all for now; not much else to report. Hope for a Direct very soon!
  11. I don't know how many people have Atlus Faithful on their email list but: Persona Q is going on eShop for $20 off--and supposedly this is for retailer as well. It's down to $29.99. The Faithful email doesn't give dates other than "for this week and the next," but the sales are on Nintendo eShop offers page of the website. Notable mentions are Ace Attorney Trilogy for about $7 off ($22.49 after sale) and Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies for almost half off ($16.79 after sale). I already have Persona Q and Dual Destinies but though I should let people know. I'm going to wait and see if Trilogy will go for a bit lower in the future. Still got a lot of games to finish....
  12. So it looks like Nintendo is in the process of starting up a loot crate subscription service. Similar to Loot Crate things like toys, shirts, and memoribilia will be given in monthly packages to their subscribers except it will all be Nintendo themed. Before you get your hopes up too much though it appears as if this will be a UK only thing given that its being planned with the UK retailer Zavii which runs its own Z-box service via The Hut Group. First boxes are set to hit in September. I really hope this expands stateside since I (and many others) would kill to have a subscription to a service like this in lieu of the disbandment of Club Nintendo. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/07/nintendo_is_planning_its_own_loot_crate-style_subscription_service http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/nintendo-set-to-offer-loot-crate-subscription-box-rival/0153435
  13. I searched around and didn't find a topic for this yet so I figured I'd make one since others along with myself have enjoyed the Fire Emblem fanart thread. Especially since there is so much good fan art of Smash out there. Like with the Fire Emblem Fanart thread make sure we are all posting within the SF forum rules. No hotlinking, keep images appropriate, spoiler your images (particulalry if you have multiple ones or if they are large), and try your best to source the images that you post here. As long as its Smash related then feel free to share it here although don't forget to check out the Fire Emblem Fanart thread found here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38351 Of course if it has characters exclusive to Fire Emblem or is centered around Fire Emblem post it there. I'll start. Ryu and Kirby Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ryu-539504773 Ryu vs Little Mac. Very Street fighter esque Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ryu-Vs-Little-mac-542520461 Little Mac and WFT get fit for Smash. Source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/GET-FIT-for-SMASH-4-434973035 Item madness! Source: http://www.zerochan.net/788635 Captain Falcon trying to get that selfie Source: http://videogamedj.tumblr.com/post/100840882633/amazing-smash-bros-fan-art Robin putting people to sleep with his books. Source: https://www.paigeeworld.com/feed/tag/shulk Epic Link vs Samus Source: http://www.game-art-hq.com/53874/epic-battles-are-epic-link-vs-samus/
  14. I have not done much research on this but I figured I might as well post it here for you all to see and speculate on. Most likely fake aside from the shareholder statistics which are interesting if you're into that kind of stuff. Here is a video of Etika covering it and how I originally found out about it. Original/fake reveal video However, these things are not fake: Shareholder ratings. http://nintendoeverything.com/approval-ratings-of-nintendo-directors-rise-at-recent-shareholders-meeting/ Details on the 75th annual shareholder meeting http://nintendoeverything.com/details-from-nintendos-75th-annual-general-meeting-of-shareholders/ What could this mean? The rise in the shareholders ratings and sudden optimistic outlook despite the Wii U's slow sales? What about DeNa? How much life does the 3DS still have in it? What exactly will the NX even be in the first place? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z. Some interesting things said about NX in the share holder meeting.
  15. Ok everyone, E3 is here! With all sorts of hype going around (with the presentation from Betheda last night increasing it), I just wanted to see what others were hoping to see in 2015 E3 and how you feel about it after everything is shown and done. While I am focusing on Nintendo, if you guys want to bring up other companies' presentation, go right ahead (just please don't start a war in the fourms, thank you). I really want to see what other people's opinion are! While I will give my thoughts and opinions later, I will say that Bethesda (and the Nintendo World Championship) started things out pretty well (even if FPS's aren't really my thing)!
  16. Man and Woman Vs The World Intro: Sin and Punishment is a series I knew about for quite a while thanks to the Quartar Guy and CJ. Particularly, the sequel. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a game that always made me wonder what all the fuss is about? Why do people revere it so? A question I intend to answer in this review. PS: I haven’t played the original game so don’t expect me to compare it to the sequel. Story: The story of S&P2 is quite hard to break down. But the easiest way to explain it is that you have two main characters: Isa and Kachi. Isa was sent on a mission to kill Kachi. Isa befriends her instead, Kachi loses her memory, they both get attacked by a group of soldiers apparently working for the creators, and are now supposed to escape Earth 4. Yes, there are four Earths or more in this game. There’s a lot of other plot elements mixed in such as keepers, the fact that Kachi is not human but some kind of alien life form threatening the creators and such. And it appears that the game is trying to tell a much bigger story than its length allows. There are a bunch of villain characters introduced that recognize Isa because he used to work with them; but all of those characters have no form of character development whatsoever, and their relationship with Isa is not explored that much. And that makes the story convoluted and filled with plot holes. And the dialogue writing isn’t all that great and can feel cheesy at points. But I’ve seen much worse, so this isn’t as bad as you might think. My biggest problem with the story is that the ending sucks. It lasts for like 20 seconds and then cuts straight into the credits with little character conclusion shown. But in all honesty, I don’t come to this kind of game and expect a richly detailed world with deep characters. So while the story, characters and writing are somewhat mediocre, I can forgive that. Graphics and Presentation: The game’s visuals look pretty good for a 2010 Wii game. It’s nowhere near Prime 3 in visual fidelity but it still has some good looking textures and environments. Especially for a game with levels this big. The game’s art direction is really good, there are 7 stages, 8 if you count stage 0 and all of them have their own unique setting. The game will take you through a variety of different stages during the 6+ hour adventure, that it never gets dull or repetitive. The animations look pretty cool, they are all smooth looking and there’s not a single piece of animation that I found to look dumb or anything like that. The sound design is great, and sets the mood for each stage. And I like the punchiness behind the sound when you shoot an enemy from close range. The soundtrack, however is not all that great. And that’s a big downer for me when it comes to a game like this. The tracks are good but none of them are ones I would consider memorable. And in a game this short, even if your tracks are repetitive, you have to make sure that the tracks you repeat are memorable enough. The voice acting is alright. It’s nothing that will blow your mind, but it isn’t bad, either. Overall. Presentation wise, this game is quite impressive. Gameplay: Now we’re getting to the really good stuff. The gameplay! The thing that makes this game so addictive and fun! This game plays like a typical rails shooter in terms of structure. Gun down hordes of enemies as you go through the on rails stage, fight a boss, gun down more enemies, fight another boss, rinse and repeat. There are sometimes where you fight multiple bosses in a row. So the gameplay structure isn’t that different, but the execution here is masterful! The game begins with a tutorial level that gets you oriented with the game perfectly before taking on the real deal, levels 1-7. The boss of the first level is actually very good, it’s fun and has a lot of varied and detailed moves that he can pull off on you. It’s not difficult, since it’s the first boss. But it’s a great test of what you learned in the first level. The controls are really smooth and precise, that you can never fault the game for your death. Every time I died, I always only blamed myself and never felt that the controls were working against me. You control your character by moving the nunchuck stick, shoot by holding the B button, hit the B button once for a melee attack and continue for a deadly combo, press the A button for locking on to the enemy, press C for jumping, and finally, hold A to use your special attack. Your special deals a lot of damage, but requires you to charge it up. And it can be interrupted by an enemy attack so it’s quite balanced. Your melee attacks deal much more damage than shooting but can leave you wide open for enemy attacks. In fact, a full combo will leave you open for a split second, which is quite dangerous for a rails shooter like this, so be careful not to abuse it. Hovering is a new feature in this game added in from the first one, from what I heard. And it makes the gameplay much less restricted and more open. But battling on ground is still a viable strategy at times since there are some enemies that may require a good melee attack or two. The game is generous enough to give you health packs from time to time. Make sure you absolutely grab every one you see without hesitation, they won’t float around forever. The game is quite challenging, I played on Normal difficulty, and while I didn’t die too much, I was still faced with enough challenge to be engaged, through and through. It is a serious dexterity test in multitasking. Seek out the largest threat and get rid of them to focus on other threats, pay attention to your health so that you don’t take too much damage, and keep an eye out for small mobs as ignoring them can bite you in the ass later on as you discover that you took too much damage by just ignoring a couple of them. The game almost has no difficulty spike and the gameplay flow is almost flawless. It keeps getting gradually more challenging without ever feeling cheap or unfair. But the thing I love about this game the most is the boss battles. They are spectacular! Stupendous and are all creative in their designs in some ways. All of them have detailed movesets and quick reactions are crucial to your survival. Some of them just feel very clever and unique. Such as a boss where you have to detach train cars so they can go over her way and deal damage. A tetris boss, where it starts out by you going to the top while gunning down enemies and when you get to the top is when the camera stops following you and the boss starts becoming a bit similar to tetris where he starts throwing blocks down the arena, and you have to attack him, destroy the blocks before they start covering up the arena and get you cornered but at the same time avoid all of his deadly moves. There’s also a boss that changes the game into a 2D fighting game. There’s all sorts of cool and creative bosses, and the best ones are some of the best I’ve encountered in any game. There’s even a boss rush near the end but the bosses you fight there, while they are the same characters, are in no way the same boss at all. And don’t worry, you don’t fight them ALL again. You just fight about 3 or 4 of them, so if you’re worried you’d fight the entire boss roster again, you can rest easy, now. The game is very addicting to play and has high replayability. I will definitely go back to it as I heard that if you beat it again with a different character, you unlock the ability to switch between them. That sounds awesome! I didn’t get the chance to play the 2 player mode as I don’t have people to play locally with, sadly. But I hear I’m not missing out that much since the second player is an assist shooter, an extra reticle rather than an extra character. But that doesn’t change that this is some of the most fun I’ve had in a rails shooter in quite a while! Breaking my score record is something I enjoy a lot in a game. And it’s quite enjoyable to do so in this game. The gameplay is the highest point for me. It’s definitely enough reason to buy this game. Final Verdict: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is the apex of rails shooters. Never before were bosses this well done, never before was gameplay so varied and addicting, never before have I felt so engaged in a game for pure gameplay alone, that I completely ignored the story buried beneath it. The game is short at about 6 hours long. But it has really good replay value. A better soundtrack could make the levels a bit more fun to play, but the game is overall tight. And there’s not that many major faults with it. It was an absolute blast for me to play through. And I can’t wait to go back and play it again. Final Score: 9/10 Excellent Update on Upcoming Reviews: I really like playing through obscure games like this one. It helps expand my horizons a bit more. I must thank Zera for recommending it to me. But I wonder, what are the plumbers doing this time around? It’s been quite a while since they’ve been on a grand RPG adventure. But now, they have returned. Is Mario and Luigi: Dream Team as good as Bowser’s Inside Story? Find out in my next review.
  17. Not sure if to put this in Gaming or not, but it's here for now. Fell free to move it if you want, mods. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150507005307/en/Nintendo-Partners-Universal-Parks-Resorts-Create-World%E2%80%99s#.VUu6845_Okq But yeah, this is pretty big news: BRB buying tickets to Florida. What can we expect from this?
  18. Do you think FE:If's launch will be as disastrous as Awakening's? Regardless of your opinion on Awakening (we already have 20+ pages on that), I don't think many can deny that Awakening's launch was a mess. Be it its early launch in Canada, the shortages of retail copies, Those who pre-ordered dependent on location had troubles getting the art book, and it was an all around mess. I personally had to rely on downloading the game and it took up most of my SD when DLC was factored in. A part of me has hope that If won't be so bad, but I'm not holding my breath. In my city, STEAM was sold out at most locations, but low sales kept it on some shelves. FE sells significantly better than STEAM. This is before we factor in the messes that are the Special Edition New 3DS's, The Gamecube Controller Adapters and the holy grail of rare merch, amiibo. I personally collect those and they can be nightmare inducing. I have hopes that Nintendo will do the right thing, but I'm not holding my breath. Something tells me that one version of the game will be under stocked should the multiple editions make their way to FE. I think the likely candidates are the Special Edition and Black Kingdom, but I'm not sure. I'm not hoping, but I'm preparing my F5 button. What about you, do you think it will be another launch disaster of Nintendo style proportions?
  19. Exploration at its finest, atmosphere at its greatest, first person gaming at its prime. Intro: Metroid Prime is a game that came out in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube, remade in the Wii with the Prime trilogy and now finally re released for the Wii U. It’s the same game as the Wii version but I just wanted to point it out. I have came into this game having already played Metroid before, only Super Metroid, though. I always wanted to get my hands on this game and when I finally got it, I was very excited to just start playing. Without further ado, here’s my review for Metroid Prime for the Wii. Full Review: The story of Metroid Prime is pretty straightforward at glance, you’re the intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran and you start the game with your mission being to investigate a space pirate ship. You get into the ship finding nearly every Space Pirate inside of it slaughtered in some of the most gruesome ways you can imagine. You encounter the Parasite Queen and have a pretty exciting boss fight and then you discover that the Space Pirates have used cybernetic technology to resurrect Ridley who is now known as Meta Ridley. Ridley escapes the ship as it explodes and Samus boards her gunship to follow him until she reaches the nearby planet known as Tallon IV. What happened to one, two and three again? Never mind, when you get there, your goal is to collect your items and gear that you lost during the ship’s explosion and at the same time, locating 12 different Chozo artifacts hidden throughout Tallon IV. The Chozo is an extinct alien race, throughout the game, you’ll find various different walls that have Chozo texts written on them that will provide context to the game’s world and a goal to you, the player. Reading those texts will provide you with the deepest, most engrossing story you’ll ever find in a Metroid game. The story of how this race built their home, thrived and ultimately perished after the Phazon infection. Samus’ goal primarily in this game (No pun intended) is to access the Impact Crater which is hidden beneath the Artifact Temple, from there, she needs to get into the heart of the crater and destroy the source of all Phazon energy in this planet of Tallon IV. There is no word of dialog spoken throughout the game’s storyline, unless you count Samus’ AI which very rarely speaks in the game outside of just saying “Incoming data” or “Data received” which only happens if you get stuck with the hint system turned on. On top of little to no dialog, there is also a very minimal amount of cutscenes in the game. The game only has cutscenes for entering new areas and boss fights so if you’re expecting a cutscene heavy game then you won’t find one here. But that is what makes the story presentation of this game unique, a new item that Samus gets in this game is the scan visor which allows her to scan anything ranging from objects, enemies, pirate data logs and the aforementioned Chozo lore entries are there to provide the story for the player. And most of it is optional as well, making it a game that is great for both people who enjoy a good story and also people who wanna play a good game. The game has great art direction, it looks better than most Wii games I played. The developers of this game have crafted an art style that helped this game’s graphics in aging quite well. On top of that, The atmosphere this game presents is flawless, it hooks you up from the very intro sequence and never pulls you away from there onwards to Tallon IV and beyond. It has a sense of loneliness to it since this world is not inhabited by any NPCs you would regularly find in any other game. It’s beautiful and disturbing all at once. The variety of the game’s environments is just as great as the environmental design itself. You’ll go from Tallon Overworld which is the forest-like hub area that masterfully connects everything together, to the ruins of the Chozo that once inhabited this planet, to the lava filled caverns of Magmoor, the Phazon Mines which is the main operating base of the Space Pirates in Tallon IV and my personal favorite one, Phendrana Drifts, the breathtaking snow covered tundra area. Not only is it my favorite level in the game but it is also my favorite Ice level in all of gaming as well. Metroid Prime stays true to its roots, the first person view is there to further increase the sense of immersion, this game is not a first person shooter but rather, a first person adventure game. The game’s structure is similar to that of earlier Metroid games. Very non-linear with some levels that you can’t get access to at first but as you acquire more and more items, you will be able to unlock and visit areas that you weren’t able to before. The great thing about the weapons in this game is that none of them become obsolete or useless after a while. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. The Power Beam is the weapon Samus starts with, being able to do rapid fire and combos with missiles to fire off a super missile which has more destructive power and of course, more damage. the Wave Beam fires electrical shots effective against electric based enemies and combos with missiles to create the Wavebuster, using that is like using a Ghostbusters gun. There is also the Ice Beam which fires it’s rounds slowly, kinda like a shotgun and with enough energy, it can freeze an enemy and it combos with missiles to create the Ice Spreader which is an aoe freeze that can freeze off certain parts of the map. You can actually destroy frozen enemies and see their limbs fall apart which is a bit disturbing to see in a Nintendo game. There is also the Plasma Beam which fires off heat based shots and when charged high enough, it can completely disintegrate enemies which, once again is especially disturbing to see in a Nintendo game. It can combo with missiles to create a flamethrower which is actually not that strong and very costly. I usually prefer sticking to the Super Missiles combo. The boss fights in this game are actually very well done which is indeed rare to see in an FPS. They are for most part, fun and challenging and provide a test of the player’s skills. Another thing this game does surprisingly well is its platforming. Platforming usually sucks in FPS games but Retro Studios managed to make it work remarkably as it wouldn’t be a Metroid game without some platforming here and there. The game has its fair share of epic first person shooting segments with space pirates and such here and there. But the game always feels fresh as it breaks up these segments by exploration, platforming and of course, good ol’ puzzle solving. The morph ball is one of the most unique things about the game that separates it from other shooters. Samus can still indeed turn into a ball just like in previous Metroid titles and this game handles it even better than it did before as the 3D environment makes things more complex and even give the opportunity for adding more features. For example, a new thing you can do with the morph ball is that you can use a charge power up which makes the morph ball accelerate into high speed and allow her to use things scattered throughout the world known as half pipes which allow you to skateboard on them and just go back and forth until you get high enough speed that it boosts you up to your target. The most impressive thing about this game are the little things that the developers added that made the experience overall better. There are very neat graphical touches that this game has that is advanced for even the Gamecube such as how you see Samus’ visor getting humid, little water drops that you see when she gets out of a pool or water area or even seeing her face reflected from her helmet visor when a big flash of light happens, usually from an explosion. Another thing that is very impressive about the game is the fact that immersion is never broken and the experience is completely seamless. There is no loading screens in the game whatsoever, when the game loads, it loads and it never does so again, you will see no loading screens in between areas and will always find yourself going from one incredibly detailed environment to the next without anything breaking up the flow of play which is something was adapted in games that came later such as Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls and Demon Souls, etc. But Prime does it better as it never loads or seem like it’s loading up with technical hiccups and such, instead it remains smooth with rock solid framerate through and through. If there’s any complaints I have against this game, they’re quite minor. For being such a huge game with big emphasis on immersion and atmosphere, the enemies can respawn a bit too much which not only feels monotonous, but it also breaks the immersion which is one of the key things that this game does really well. Maybe it doesn’t shatter the player’s immersion but it can at least crack it a little bit. The backtracking might be a problem for some players but I personally liked it as the areas you go back through has new enemies and will even give you an oportunity to try out new gear that will allow you to access areas not previously accessible, kill enemies much faster which can be quite satisfying or even kill enemies that were previously unkillable which is even more satisfying. But going back to complaints, the Chozo ghosts are just the worst enemies in the game, they respawn too frequently and can sometimes be a bitch to take down due to their ninja skillz, cloaking and insane warping that can be annoying to deal with at least until you grab the X-Ray visor which will allow you to go to town on these punks. This complaint is more of a personal thing for me but when you die in this game you go back to a save point which sounds ok in theory but you will lose all of your scanning progress that you did before saving the game which can have you forget to scan things again thinking that you already scanned them again but noooo. Final Verdict: In the end of the day, there are many great things to say about Metroid Prime because it is an overall solid experience throughout. There are lots of attention paid to every little detail and the game is brimming with lore throughout. The game also seems like it has a chance for replayability. It’s one of those games that is enjoyable to go through more than once because it’s just that good, it’s hard to find games like that these days. But calling it a solid game is not enough as this is a game for the ages, what Super Mario 64 did for the Mario series and what Ocarina of Time did for the Zelda series is also what Metroid Prime did for the Metroid series. Adding in a 3rd dimension and a first person camera was not enough for Retro, instead, they went completely outta their way to make the first 3D Metroid game the best entry in the series to date. UPDATE: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes has been finally reviewed http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53553.
  20. So if you've looked into gaming news recently the Wii U has sold 9.2 million units in two years which is lagging behind the Gamecube and even the Sega Dreamcast at this point in time. This is after we've had a 2D and 3D Mario game, after Mario Kart 8, and after Super Smash Bros 4. Third party support continues to dwindle because of the underpowered hardware and Nintendo's general alienation of third parties altogether. Its also worth noting that the videogame market was not as big then as it is now. As you all know Nintendo had a rocky start to this generation with meager sales of its home console. The 3DS recovered in a big way and is now dominating the handheld market due to heavy hitters but it too started off in much the same way. It doesn't stop there though. Nintendo has proceeded to make controversial and very nonsensical business decisions. One of them being their recent move to create a network on youtube that gives 70% of the profits to the user to let ads be posted (many networks provide much better rates btw) without fear of being copyrighted by Nintendo for using footage of their games in videos. This follows the mass of copyright claims they made earlier in the year. Despite youtube users practically giving free advertising for their games (which they desperately need) through lets plays, footage, etc...they seem to proceed to alienate what seems to be a loyal and active consumer base. Then there is the amiibo debacle in the US. Granted they are selling like hotcakes but Nintendo has done nothing to recitfy the supply causing scalping to skyrocket and a loss in profits they could otherwise have. They already have sites set up to order amiibo from them for standard retail price in NOE, Australia, and in Japan but not in the US. Why the hell not? This is not a I hate Nintendo thread or post. Quite the contrary, its I'm concerned as all hell thread and wondering if anyone else has noticed similar things as of late? I personally think that losing Nintendo or Nintendo fading into irrelevancy could be one of the worst things for the industry. One its less competition but Nintendo also produces unique experiences you can't find anywhere else (Fire Emblem just being one such example). This is purely a disscussion thread and I'm wondering if anyone has noticed these unsettling facts. Please refrain from flamming others or igniting a flame war that dosen't need to be around. EDIT: If this is the wrong place to put this I apologize. If its more fitting in the Debates section or Entertainment have at it Mods.
  21. http://www.gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=245654 After Hyrule Warriors massive success its looking like Koei is looking into more Nintendo Warriors game possibilities.
  22. Original news source: http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/BFHbtk64pHCvYGuOUFQDwbiv40C24qjy Just confirmed today, Nintendo partners with Loot Crate to distribute amiibos in the upcoming holiday season! Subscribing the service guarantees TEN (10) preselected amiibos in 3 Loot Crate shipments including the following: Mario Donkey Kong Yoshi Fox Pikachu What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good deal? Would you be looking into this?
  23. I made the same topic somewhere else, but I just felt the need to share this and see everyone else's Record High. So here's my record so far!
  24. HARMONY OF HEROES: A SUPER SMASH BROS FAN ARRANGEMENT ALBUM LAUNCHING IN 2014 First Preview Trailer Facebook Twitter Hey there everyone! My name is Darren, I am Director/Producer of a Super Smash Bros fan-arrangement album called Harmony of Heroes. As an effort to try and spread the word about this album, and after discovering that Fire Emblem fan sites actually exist, I decided I would sign up here and share this with you. Harmony of Heroes is a diverse album covering Super Smash Bros (N64), Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Brawl in a variety of genres to suit a wide number of musical tastes. I have been involved in two previous projects that were focused on the Metroid franchise called Harmony of a Hunter and Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run. We released a fitting musical tribute to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Metroid franchise which has been download and enjoyed by thousands of people and is still being discussed today. The response was so overwhelming positive that we received a follow-up called Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run on the anniversary of Metroid Prime & Metroid Fusion's 10th anniversary that received a similar reception. Harmony of Heroes builds upon the success of our previous albums with a notable franchise, a greater number of musicians and content to work with and a much larger fan base. Due to the scale of this project, I have required the assistance of a dedicated team who have been super helpful in giving feedback and support to musicians. Stephan Wells and Buoy were both involved in our previous album 101% Run, and are long time supporters from the Newgrounds community. Both of them have been a huge asset to the project so far. We also have Pyro Paper Planes who has been a long time supporter, involved both of our previous albums. We have recently had a new addition to the team, Rozen. He was previously involved with the Video Game Music Choir and has already provided an incredible arrangement of Final Destination for us, which has been performed by a 40 piece orchestra and choir. Their support and dedication to the project so far has been much appreciated. Super Smash Bros is a franchise that I have grown with and admire greatly. It was my first introduction to characters like Samus, and I have seen just how passionate and committed its fan base is, whether you play the games casually or professionally. It is a collection of everything that is great about Nintendo, and more! My aim for this album is to pay the greatest possible tribute to the music of Super Smash Bros and the series as a whole. I believe Harmony of Heroes offers that, and will continue to do that with the support of the many communities and websites that are helping spread the word and listen to our work. It's cool to share this with a group of passionate Fire Emblem fans, I genuinely did not know that fan websites existed for this franchise, so I am incredibly interested to hear what the music of the franchise means to some of you. It's also an opportunity for me to learn, as I haven't played many games in this franchise (don't kill me!) I would love to have the support of Serenes Forest in this project moving forward, so I hope I can count on your support!
  25. There's a vid from someone who discovered this: All you have to do is to go on this site and follow the directions: http://wiimmfi.profeibe.at/
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