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Found 2 results

  1. I have yet to play Engage, and I probably won't be playing it for some time due to various reasons (university, monster hunter rise, etc.). When Engage was announced and it was made clear that the protagonist, Alear, is a divine dragon, my one hope was that this game would better utilize the protagonist being a dragon than Fates did with Corrin, where Corrin being a dragon was relevant for all of one story chapter and the dragon transformation was fairly barebones in terms of gameplay. Without any spoilers other than the answer to the question, I simply ask: does Alear have a dragon form in Engage? If so, is it part of the gameplay?
  2. Hello, my friends and fellow video game enthusiasts, I beat Duma this morning, it was awesome and I am now well on my way to the Thabes Labyrinth (just reached Furia Port). Before I go in there, woefully unprepared, I would just like to know which units you used to clear it and maybe some general tips on what to do and what to avoid, i.e. is it better to have at least one person of every class or are some classes utterly worthless in there? Things like that. Before we start, let me give you a rundown on which classes my Villagers switched into: Gray - Dread Fighter, though he's weaker than Saber atm Tobin - Bow Knight Kliff - Sage Faye - Saint (Tankiest. Cleric. EVER.) Atlas - Dread Fighter, since I picked Sonya over Deen (again, Saber is stronger) I also consistently used everybody during my current run, so every character is free game. I'm looking forward to your tips and experiences and offer my thanks in advance! Oh, one more thing: I've heard that there's some secret boss at the end. Please don't spoil his / her / its identity for me while writing your posts. Thank you! Much love, ~ DragonFlames
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