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Found 1 result

  1. You've been clickbaited! I don't actually have a problem with normal types on most levels. There needs to be a typing for the bidoofs and zizagoons of the world, and for some moves being normal type feels right. But, much like Regigigas, they look cool, but suck on a gameplay level; They don't factor into Pokemon's rock-paper-scissors dynamic at all. They have no super-effective moves, they do have weaknesses, and the only value I can see in them is that they make the other types look cooler. Which would be fine, if they weren't so useless.They need a new gimmick. Maybe they can learn a wider typing variety of moves compared to most pokemon. Giving all of them the evee/arcus treatment of type switching might be unfeasible, but they need to adapt or die stagnate. To clarify, I actually quite like the normal typing, just want to have a reason to choose them in a battle over literally any other type. And I don't see any way to change that. [As I'm writing this, I realize normal types actually have quite a few Pokemon with interesting gameplay styles, possible more so than other types. So my post still stands, the common normal types still need to rise up other bourgeoisie typings, but the normal type grouping has more going for it then I first thought] Examples of Good Normal types: pk4.webp pk3.webp pk2.webp Pk1.webp
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