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Found 7 results

  1. Oboro: Fierce Fighter Long considered one of the least valuable units in the pool of Heroes as well as one of the weakest overall Lance infantry, the introduction of the Weapon Refinery and the improvements to specific weapons have granted Oboro a unique niche-- her balanced stats, which were formerly considered to be poorly-distributed with unnecessary points in Speed and Resistance compared to other tanky infantry lancers, now grant her a unique advantage as a double-sided tank when wielding Berkut's Lance refined for Resistance, being arguably the best infantry Lance for being able to tank both Defense and Resistance. Another factor in her favor is the fact that +Res-natured Oboro gets +4 to the stat instead of +3, giving her a very good balanced defensive statline. The only unit who can really give Oboro much competition in this role is Steady Breath Fjorm, who is also very good at countering on both fronts, but plays a bit differently due to her higher resistance and lower defense, arguably making her a less potent melee tank than +Def Oboro. Furthermore, though she might lack HP and Atk when compared to other prominent Lance tanks like Lukas and Ephraim, her defense is quite solid on its own and she can still be made into quite an effective physical wall, made all the more accessible by the weapon refinery allowing access to Slaying weapons via inheriting their Killer counterparts. Unfortunately, due to Oboro's poor default kit and her aforementioned stat distribution, she tends to be more difficult to build and less effective overall at other roles compared to her fellow tanky lancers, though that does not mean that she is ineffective at those roles if a player chooses to build them out of love for the character or some such. Level 40 stats: HP: 36 / 40 / 43 Atk: 29 / 32 / 35 Spd: 23 / 26 / 29 Def: 32 / 35 / 38 Res: 21 / 24 / 28 Total: 156~158 Default skills: Weapon: Heavy Lance+ Assist: Rally Defense Special: -- Passive A: -- Passive B: Seal Def 3 Passive C: Threaten Res 3 Great Wall of Oboro, or Berkut's Nageyari (Berkut's Lance + Distant Counter) *Optimal Build*, General Use, Arena Offense/Defense Slaying Wall (dedicated physical wall) General use, Arena Offense Other Options: She can run a Brave Lance set, though will not be as good at it as pretty much any lancer with higher Atk (of which there are quite a few, most notably Donnel, who comes with it in his base kit) Harmonic Lance + Noontime as alternatives on the Slaying Wall build (especially with Steady Breath for single-hit activation) give her a lot of longevity for modes like Chain Challenge and Tempest Trial, or even reinforcement-ridden single maps, but don't have much use otherwise. Harmonic Lance + Bonfire fails to outperform the damage output of Slaying Lance + Ignis and thus probably isn't worth running unless you have a Shigure that you REALLY want to burn rather than upgrade a killer lance unit to feed her.
  2. So Battlebees from tumblr/Youtube decided to create custom sprites featuring Oboro's children inheriting the demon face. (Original website here.) Sophie just looks silly cute; I just can't seriously imagine her with a demonic face. Midori looks like she ran out of weed and starting to have withdrawal symptoms hehehe. Nina, on the other hand, looks like she ended up spending the entire night, watching men interact, and getting sleep deprived the next morning. Mitama also looks like she got rudely woken up by Azama and angry for being deprived of sleep. Well, that's what happens when you don't go to bed dear. Asugi looks like a douchey teen who's been trying to act edgy after playing too much GTA. Ignatius, Dwyer, and Rhajat don't look all that different... Not too sure about Shiro or Selkie... I'd hate to see Caeldori or Hisame with such a face though. They look like they are going to utterly screw you over. Both Kanas also looks unsettling. And Gods, is this what happens when Kiragi must have inherited both Oboro's demon face and Takumi's jerkassery.
  3. Oboro. A Hoshidan lance fighter; Takumis subordinate. Her parents owned a big kimono shop. Following the trauma of her parents deaths at the hands of Nohr, she sees Nohrians as the devil. Fashionable and well-versed with the kimono trends. Changes attire the most. [spoiler=Marriage/Buddy Seals] Spoiler (Marriage/Buddy Seals) A Marriage/Buddy seal allows a unit to reclass into one of the select class trees of his spouse (S support) or buddy (A+ support). A unit may only achieve an S support with units of the opposite gender (exc. Kamui, Syalla, Zero), and may only achieve an A+ support with units of the same gender. (The credit for the following information goes to Gayserbeam, as I copied the wording of his explanation. Check out the Class Changing and Inheritance Thread for more information. If the users Primary Class is different than their Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, even if the user has that class as a Secondary Class already. If the users Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class. If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class.An unlearnable class is a class that may be unique to a character or their children. The following units have unlearnable classes: Nishiki (Fox Spirit), Flannel (Garou), Azura (Singer), Mozume (Villager). If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, and their Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Substitute Class. A Substitute Class is simply a select class a character with an unlearnable class passes down under certain circumstances. The following units have Substitute Classes: Nishiki (Herb Merchant), Flannel (Outlaw), Azura (Rod Knight), Mozume (Herb Merchant). If you're still confused, let me use Oboro as an example to try and clarify matters! Oboro/Takumi: Oboro's Primary Class is Lance Fighter, and Takumi's is Bowman. Therefore, Oboro would Marriage Seal into Bowman.there is no Herb Merchant Oboro can directly/normally support there is no fellow Lance Fighter Oboro can directly/normally support Oboro/Nishiki: As Nishiki's Primary Class is Fox Spirit, an unlearnable class, Oboro would Marriage Seal into his Secondary Class-- Spellcaster. Oboro/Lance Fighter!Avatar: Avatar's Primary Class is Nohr Princess, an unlearnable class. Oboro's Primary Class is Lance Fighter, and Avatar's Secondary Class is Lance Fighter. Therefore, Oboro would Marriage Seal into his Substitute Class-- Knight. [spoiler=Possible Classes] Classes in red are ones Oboro can only achieve in either the Hoshido or the Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in blue are ones Oboro can only achieve in the Invisible Kingdom campaign Base Classes (9H, 5N, 14T) Bowman Cavalier Herb Merchant Knight Lance Fighter Ninja Oni Savage Outlaw Pegasus Warrior Priestess Rod Knight Samurai Spellcaster Wyvern Rider Promoted Classes (14H, 9N, 23T) Adventurer Basara Blacksmith Bow Knight Exorcist Falcon Warrior General Golden-Kite Warrior Great Knight Great Merchant Holy Bowman Holy Lancer Jonin Maid Paladin Puppeteer Revenant Knight Shura Strategist Trueblade War Priestess Weapon Master Wyvern Lord [spoiler=Expansion of Possible Classes] Primary Base Class: Cavalier Primary Promoted Classes: Great Knight, Paladin Secondary Base Class: Wyvern Rider Secondary Promoted Classes: Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Marriage Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the spouses. we listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Asama: Priestess -> Exorcist, War Priestess Hinata: Samurai -> Trueblade, Weapon Master Ryoma: Samurai -> Trueblade, Weapon Master Saizou: Ninja -> Jonin, Puppeteer Nishiki: Spellcaster -> Basara, Exorcist Subaki: Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Takumi: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman Tsukuyomi: Spellcaster -> Basara, Exorcist ​ Benoit: Knight -> General, Great Knight Zero: Outlaw -> Adventurer, Bow Knight ​ Jakob: Rod Knight -> Maid, Strategist Kaze: Ninja -> Jonin, Puppeteer Silas: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin Buddy Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the buddies. we listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Orochi: Spellcaster -> Basara, Exorcist Rinkah: Oni Savage -> Blacksmith, Shura Belka: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Mozume: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman [spoiler=Notice] In the previous optional poll, Kaze placed 2nd and Ryoma, Nyx and Lazward tied at 3rd (technically 4th). Therefore, Oboro would get 3 votes and Ryoma, Nyx and Lazward will get 1 vote each. No one has been eliminated this time Tsukuyomi has been added back to the poll. if it is demonstrated again is that the forum is not interested in him, he will be out for 8 polls (poll 25). Note: If you plan to go through multiple classes, vote for the Final/Endgame class. ​ [spoiler=Possible Skills] Personal Skill: Nohr Hater: When engaging a Nohr-related enemy, damage +3 Skills are organized alphabetically based on the classes. Within the classes, skills are listed in the order of achievement (e.g. a GK earns Luna at Lvl. 5 and Diamond Strike at Lvl. 15, so Luna is listed before Diamond Strike). Base class skills are listed before promoted class skills. Descriptions of skills Sakura can acquire through her primary and secondary class trees are listed below. Descriptions of all the skills are located on the skills pages. Base Classes Skills Bowman: Skill +2, Prescient Victory Cavalier: Open Assault, Rescue Herb Merchant: Effective Medicine, Household Cure Knight: Defense +2, Confined Defense Lance Fighter: Defence Seal, Substitute Ninja: Locktouch, Snake Venom Oni Savage: Resistance Seal, Shove Outlaw: Locktouch, Movement +1 Pegasus Warrior: Swallow Strike, Eastern Heart Priestess: Miracle, Rally Luck Rod Knight: Resistance +2, Distinguished Son Samurai: Flowing Strike Vantage Spellcaster: Magic +2, Fortune Wyvern Rider: Strength +2, Cut Through Promoted Classes Skills Adventurer: Lucky Seven, Pass Basara: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant Blacksmith: Smithy Skill, Lancebreaker Bow Knight: Rally Skill, Kunaibreaker Exorcist: Rally Magic, Tomefaire Falcon Warrior: Rally Speed, Mirror Strike General: Defensive Formation, Pavise Golden-Kite Warrior: Soar, Sun God Great Knight: Luna, Diamond Strike Great Merchant: Easy Life, Extravagance Holy Bowman: Raven Strike, Bowfaire Holy Lancer: Speed Seal, Lancefaire Jonin: Lethality, Kunaifaire Maid: Servant's Joy, Tomebreaker Paladin: Defender, Aegis Puppeteer: Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet Revenant Knight: Deadly Breath, Overbearing Shura: Ogre Strike, Counter Strategist: Rally Resistance, Battle Command Trueblade: Astra, Swordfaire War Priestess: Renewal, Magic Counter Weapon Master: Strength Seal, Line of Death Wyvern Lord: Rally Defence, Swordbreaker Defence Seal: After battle, enemy's Defence -6 Substitute: Select the Substitute command to swap places with an adjacent ally on the map Breaking Sky: Skill x 1.5% chance of adding half the enemy's Strength (if user has a physical weapon) or Magic (if user has a magical weapon) as damage Flamboyant: User and enemy's Hit rate +30 and skill activation rate +15% during battle Speed Seal: After battle, enemy's Speed -6 Lancefaire: When user is equipped with a Lance, damage +5 during battle Effective Medicine: The effect of HP recovery and stat-boosting potions is increased by 50% Household Cure: After consuming a HP recovery or stat-boosting potion, the user can perform another action Easy Life: Luck% chance of obtaining a Golden Coin after moving during the first seven Turns Extravagance: During battles, if user spends a Golden Coin, damage +10 and damage received -10 Puppet Break: Attacks are effective against Puppeteers, Puppets and Golems Copycat Puppet: Select the Copycat command once per map to create a puppet with the same appearance, stats, inventory and HP as the user (Anything that happens to the puppet happens to the user and vice versaeven death) For more info about stats and growths, please go to http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/ [spoiler=Summary] Optimal 1. Holy Lancer [87.50%] 2. Basara [6.25%] 3. n/a Practical (Hoshido) 1. Holy Lancer [87.50%] 2. Basara [6.25%] 3. Weapon Master [3.12%] Preferred 1. Holy Lancer [84.38%] 2. Basara [9.38%] 3. n/a DLC 1. Great Lord [37.50%] 2. Dread Fighter [15.62%] 3. Witch [9.38%] Optional Poll 1. Kaze [25.00%](8+3 votes) 2. Lazward [12.50%](4+1 votes) 3.5 Setsuna [12.50%](4 votes) 3.5 Effie [12.50%](4 votes)
  4. So yeah it's the Oboro write up! Why? Some background info on Oboro (copied and pasted from the wiki cause I'm lazy): Default Oboro: JUST TO RECAP: +High base Def and above-average Atk for counterkilling builds +Potential 2 CD Ignis offers solid burst damage, even while not being doubled. -Disappointing speed -Gets destroyed by mages -Outclassed by Lukas, Xander, and other units running similar builds Time to get down to the nitty grit! Standard set: Oboro: The QR Counter Killer of Awesomeness!! Psycho set: Oboro: Sword Breaker of Life....... AND DEATH! EDIT 2: Interesting set: Oboro: Death by virtue of Bravery! (Yeah I don't know either) /end EDIT 2 FINAL WORDS: Oboro is not exactly the best lance unit in particular, but she's also not the absolute worst if you put in the inheritance necessary. Her defense is what makes her shine the most, and that is what you'd use as a baseline to establish her best sets (30 defense after Life and Death is CRAZY). Keeping her in range of QR is made a little easier on a defense tile, since- assuming she takes 0 damage- she can get 3 rounds of combat in before leaving QR Range. IS seriously nerfed her power in this game so I won't say EVERYONE should have an Oboro fully built just in case because she's a good unit to have, (even though she is) I'm just saying that if you want to acknowledge Oboro's power, these are the two sets you'd want to use! Credit to best bud and fellow strategist @MrSmokestack for reading through this awesomeness and helping out A LOT! (Amphy helped too ;) Also, @Winsomniak for the matchup calculator! I'd like to thank my "mom" and "dad" as well..... Oh and Nintendo! Yes and IS too! SO YEAH THAT'S THE OBORO WRITE UP THOUGHTS? EXPRESSIONS? BANTER?!?! EDIT: Its worth noting that for the first set, you can also do a Fortress Defense type build, even though Lukas could do the set better. You won't get attack too high, but you'll have 40 defense (52 on a defense tile) with no Fury damage after the fact.
  5. His my Oboro Stats Str 41 Mag 11 Ski 46 Spd 43 Lck 36 Def 40 Res 31 Class: Spear Master Question: What skills are perfect for her
  6. Hello Serene Forest! So im almost done with optimization of my game for Revelations, about to go to chapter 13 to get the next wave of characters. (and Keaton) (and Kaden) But I have 8 units left and i'm not sure how to configure them... Heres who I have left paired with who: Odin X Orochi Niles X Setsuna Lazlow X Oboro Takumi X Elise People say its better to put Odin X Elise and Takumi X Oboro, but im not sure since ive been marrying all the royals together... What do you guys thing?
  7. THEY CHANGED HER COMBAT ANIMATIONS AND I DON'T KNOW IF I LIKE IT OR NOT. For example if she is the support unit in attack stance she will attack but she does not approach the enemy and the animation just looks glitchy and weird. IS WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MY BEAUTIFUL HALBERDIER EQUIVALENT! :(
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