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Found 3 results

  1. So, I saw Jotari's Fire Emblem topic and thought a pokemon gen version of it should be interesting. Gen 1 Like: It started it all. Kanto is an amazing place. Dislike: wow I actually had trouble thinking about this one. I'm going to say no way to breed pokemon haha Gen 2 Like: The starters. The Totodile and Cyndaquil lines are just fantastic. Dislike: Johto has terrible balance. Few gen 2 pokemon are caughtable there, which is stupid. Gen 3 Like: Hoenn. I absolutely love Hoenn. It's just a fantastic, diverse region. I could never get bored of gen3!Hoenn Dislike: Okay, this is even harder than Gen 1's haha. I guess I'll go with how tedius EV training was. Gen 4 Like: Physical/Special split Dislike: IT'S SO SLOWWWW. Diamond/Pearl is the Path of Radiance of pokemon haha Gen 5 Like: Dream World abilities changed the competitive game a lot. And for better. Dislike: Unova is too linear. Gen 6 Like: How many pokemon kalos had. It was amazing being able to choose between more than 400! Dislike: I was hugely disappointed by ORAS and thought its version of Hoenn was soulless compared to RSE's
  2. Look, hear me out here guys. I know Dimitri isn't a super-hero but look at this. And sure, I know this is a knock-off of ViceTOluct's threads, but seeing as he got banned... I'm going to do it. Hell I'm going to put actual thought into it before I spiral into the strawgrasping that makes these fun. Yes. Thought into stupid crackpot theory territory. Because I love crackpot theories... even when I forget the theory. Batman is rich. Dimitri, being the Prince of Faerghus, is also rich. Obviously. Likewise, both Dimitri and Batman lost their parents as children. Both instances turned out to be more than what they initially appeared to be, with the assassination of the King of Faerghus being blamed on the people of Duscur. This was done to mask TWSitD involvement. In a similar fashion (though it's been altered depending on the telling so I'm going with the classic pre-crisis version, though some versions have changed Joe Chill out for Superman villain Metallo, or in the 1989 Batman film the Joker), Joe Chill murdered Bruce Wayne's parents... Thomas and Martha Wayne. While initially appearing as a mugging gone wrong, various accounts have been given (did you know in the first telling of the origin, only Thomas was shot, with Martha succumbing to a heart attack? The more you know). In some accounts it's been vengeance on Thomas Wayne for stopping criminals at a costume party. In others (Batman, the Ultimate Evil by Andrew Vachss specifically) the motivation was that Martha Wayne was secretly a federal agent on the verge of busting up an international crime ring involved in the exploitation of minors in the sort of manner that gets you on a register. I know that's a very roundabout way of saying it but, I'm mildly uncomfortable being any blunter. Point is, it's established in both cases the killers disguised an organized assassination as something else to cover up their own actions. Ok. Next is the fact Dimitri, like Bruce Wayne, was drastically changed by that. Just as Bruce pushed away childhood friend Zatanna Zatara (as seen around the 843/844 mark of Detective comics. I'd give the exact issue, but I forget damn it), Dimitri pushed away Felix, his former best friend. Difference here is Dimitri pushed away Felix by being open about his thirst for vengeance. Bruce pushed Zatanna away for purpose of hiding it. All said, in either case they'd end up associating again. Be it in the Justice League or in Garreg Mach. Not that things would ever quite be the same. Like Batman, Dimitri has a loyal servant, and like Batman he considers him more of a friend than such. I'm talking about Dedue and Alfred. Fun fact. Back in the 1980s, Alfred was supposed to be a WWII Veteran who fought with the French Resistance. Not that that's been referenced since Crisis on Infinite Earths... but it's a funny thing. Dimitri, much like Batman, has an excellent cape post-timeskip, and has taken to recruiting the young into his personal vendetta. Much like Batman at certain points in his career (right after Jason Todd's death at the hands of the Joker), he's pretty much snapped. Also like Batman, an individual associated with the law enforcement (as that's what the Knights of Seiros basically are in Fodlan) serves to help keep him in line through this harsh period. Yes. Gilbert is his Gordon. While I've already likened Dedue to Alfred, he doubles as a "Superman", in that as a knight, he's very much a "man of steel". Impervious to almost all harm... except magic. Which coincidentally, besides Kryptonite, is one of Superman's weaknesses... albeit less often exploited. Presumably because not every hood can learn magic, but every hood can pick up a green glowing rock. Dimitri, pre-timeskip, wears a mask. Not some physical mask, but he hides his fractured psyche behind a facade of normalcy that cracks with the more literal mask Edelgard employed as the Flame Emperor. If you listen to Felix, he was like this since the Duscur incident, which has no doubt lead to his training for vengeance. Felix also claims that he's different after his redemption arc is complete in the war phase. This means, Dimitri no longer needs the mask, he's finally recovered. Something, Batman is yet to do. Also of note, like Batman has evaded leadership of the Justice League for the most part despite his intelligence making him an ideal candidate, Dimitri does not involve himself in war phase planning while in his vengeance crazed mode. This may be for different reasons, with one preferring to avoid the attention, while the other is more than a little mad at that point. Also something something Edelgard/PoisonIvy or Edelgard/Catwoman loveinterest/enemy blah blah claptrap even I know is pushing credibility too far. Yeah, I think I've constructed a case. Whether it holds any water, or is just me distracting myself from a grim reality is up for debate. Hope it was a fun read at least.
  3. Current Question: Q65. Would you rather wield fire or ice powers? Last Question: Q64. Would you rather fight off the undead with an Axe or a Machete ? Previous Questions: Q63. Would you rather be the monster or the lone survivor? Q62. Would you rather have to wear a mask or a wig? Q61. Would you rather read or watch a story? Q60. Would you rather, play Smash Bros or Mario Kart? Q59. Would you rather be a good person's Dream or a bad guy's Worst Nightmare? Q58. Would you rather be a Viking or a Samurai? Q57. Would you rather train a Charizard or a Pikachu? Q56. Would you rather, rob a bank or a train? Q55. Would you rather be the tank or the dps? Q54. Would you rather, use an Axe or a Spear? Q53. Would you rather, play XBox or Playstation? Q52. Would you rather, do you duty or play? Q51. Would you rather, follow an elitist or a populist? Q50. Would you rather, be Robin or Corrin? Q49. Would you rather, fight a bear or a bull? Q48. Would you rather, be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Q47. Would you rather, be Zelda or Ganon? Q46. Would you rather, be a troll or a gnome? Q45. Would you rather, be an artist or a programmer? Q44. Would you rather, be a sausage or a condiment? Q43. Would you rather, be a hero or an anti-hero? Season 2 thread[spoiler=Season 2: Revengeance questions] EmeraldFox Posted 22 November 2015 - 01:02 PM Yo yo, I decided to revive this. Question 42: Would you rather eat a horse or a bison? Question 41: Would you rather be the Hot Blooded Hero or the Distant and Aloof Rival? Question 40: Would you rather bust down a door or carefully pick the lock? Question 39: Would you rather be a mercenary or a knight? Question 38: Would you rather eat turkey or ham? Question 37: Would you rather drive or be driven around? Question 36: Would you rather be the protagonist or the antagonist? Question 35: Would you rather be a major character or a supporting character? Question 34: Would you rather be the chosen one or the person who worked for the legendary weapon? Question 33: Would you rather cook or go out to a restaurant? Question 32: Would you rather keep quiet about a gold mine, or share it with everyone? Question 31: Would you rather be a heavily modified cyborg or have a suit similar to Samus' Varia Suit?(and upgrades) Question 30: Would you rather sacrifice everyone to save someone important to you or sacrifice said person to save the world? Question 29: Would you rather be a Pokemon Trainer or a Digimon Tamer? Question 28: Would you rather drive a tank or fly a jet? Season 1 thread [spoiler=Season 1 questions]
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