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Found 2 results

  1. HEYO AGAIN! So basically this is the topic where I will post forum games, in which a character must find the exit, or unlock the exit, to escape from a room, or rooms. You guys are supposed to give the commands on what the character must do to escape, by writing /action. For example: " You are stuck in a room. In front of you is a door, and by your side is a table. /check table You find the key, and you take it. /Use key on door You unlocked the door. YOU HAVE ESCAPED!" simple right? I can reply to mulitiple actions, assuming they're not too many. After this game, if anyone else wants to host another Escape game in this topic, be my guest. Ok let's begin this. ...You seem to have woken up. On a bed. A really comfy bed. But, this is not your bed. Your bed was different. Nevertheless, you get out of the bed, and notice your surroundings. You're apparently in a small room. Are you stuck inside...? What will you do next?
  2. In honour of the defunct gay thread Rip in piece ;_;
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