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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome to: The JOJ's Florina Emblem Run A screenshot LP of FE7. For some reason I think there's too many of these but at the same time I think there's not enough. So, I'm starting my own. The basis is that I'm going to be overusing Florina. Le start: [spoiler=Prologue] The start screen. Oh wait you knew that already. Entering my name. I think this is the first time I've ever entered the entire thing truthfully. Wow. Nintendo got the name really wrong. Everyone knows Lyn's from Bern. OH GOD I JUST REALIZED. LYN EASY MODE. OH GOD WHY. No, Lyn. I'm asleep. I'm just magically hearing you. I didn't take screens of the beginning conversation because no one wants to see it anyway. Lyn. I'm right next to you. Wow! I didn't know that! Thanks, Nintendo! Lyn was bullying me to move there. What a meanie. So I moved there. So Lyn's saying she didn't expect the bandit to see her that close? Ummmm..... no he's not. Your giant face is blocking him. Lyn killed the bandit. Oh wait she has to. What was Nintendo thinking They're forcing a terrible strategy upon you Some guy. I'm actually kind of scared. This plains dweller just picked me up and expects me to completely trust her. Me: No he's not. Lyn: What do you mean? Me: You're scripted to win. Lyn: What's that supposed to mean?! Me: LYN EASY MODE. Lyn: What? Me: Trust me. I hate it more than you do. Lyn gets a good level. Oh wait. She has to. GOD LYN EASY MODE. IT'S SO..... LINEAR. Once again, Lyn thinks I have the ability to understand conversation while I'm asleep. That's it for the prologue! I hope you enjoyed. Please be brutally honest. I want to improve in every way possible.
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