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Found 80 results

  1. What are good pairings for birthright? So far ive only done: Ryoma/Kagero FeMu/Silas Who else is good for who? EDIT: I'm looking for optimal children.
  2. Since there are so many threads asking for help with their Revelation Pairings, I figured one big thread dedicated to posting any questions you may have would be better than clogging up the Forum with 2-3 new threads a day. If you want any help with your Pairings, please post them here.
  3. Be sure to waste your time and read this post before selecting your choices! Now, humble reader, you are probably wondering who would dare talk about pairing popularity. And your concern would not be unfounded. While thinking of pairings to use for my fanfics, I found myself at a roadblock. How was I ever to determine which pairings are Debeste... err, the best? Then I discovered the most obvious answer: popular opinion! As demonstrated by the Wonderful 101, any problem can be solved with numbers. With your help, I can solve a problem which you probably don't care about at all! But more importantly, this is also a project to determine what pairings are most popular, especially since we already have a thread for least favorite pairings. "Golly, Mr. Light, where do I fit into this?" you're probably thinking. All you have to do, dear reader, is to choose who the most special of someones is for each character! In other words, you must select who the best romantic partner is for each character. But not who the best is for stats; leave your eugenics at home! You also need not judge pairings solely by their supports, general compatibility can also be taken into account, or how much a pairing makes sense based on the plot. For the sake of my cheapness and your inconvenience, the polls come in five fabulous flavors, plus a bonus! Each poll covers eight characters, and they can be found here: Shared characters (male Corrin, female Corrin, Azura, Felicia, Jakob, Silas, Kaze, Mozu) (results) Hoshidan Males (Ryoma, Takumi, Saizo, Azama, Hinata, Subaki, Hayato, and Kaden) (results) Hoshidan Females (Hinoka, Sakura, Kagero, Setsuna, Oboro, Hana, Orochi, and Rinkah) (results) Nohrian Scum Males (Xander, Leo, Laslow, Odin, Niles, Arthur, Benny, and Keaton) (results) Nohrian Females (Camilla, Elise, Peri, Selena, Beruka, Effie, Nyx, and Charlotte) (results) Bonus Ducks (Scarlet, Flora, captured bosses, NPCs) (results) But don't think that these polls are exclusive to the residents of this humble forest! In the event that the citizens of Begnion accuse us of assassinating their apostle, you should share these polls with your friends, or your enemies, or your friends' enemies! ...You can also share it on other sites, too. Getting through all the questions might take some time, but try to answer all of them. The fate of no one in particular depends on it! I think that's everything... wait, I forgot to make a Frozen reference! But I guess that can wait for another time. Until then, happy polling! I'll be sure to post the results whenever they become relevant. EDIT: Now featuring the next generation! Shared Children (female Kana, male Kana, Shigure, Dwyer, Sophie, Midori) Hoshidan Children (Shiro, Kiragi, Asugi, Selkie, Hisame, Mitama, Caeldori, Rhajat) Nohrian Children (Siegbert, Forrest, Ignatius, Velouria, Percy, Ophelia, Soleil, Nina)
  4. Silas x Serenity (the MU) unchangeable Xander x Mozu Odin x Elise Keaton x Camilla Leo x Felicia Kaze x Azura Niles x Charlotte Jakob x Nyx Laslow x Selena Arthur x Effie Benny x Beruka Peri is single. However I thought about giving Peri to Jakob and putting Leo with Nyx. I really want to find someone else for Bekura other than Benny.
  5. Heya, my good people of the Forest! You're probably tired of topics like this by now, but I have to butt in with another one. I'm currently playing Revelations for the second time (first time was for the story) and I'd like to make a save file dedicated to optimized (as much as possible) skills and pairings, so here's the question: Who should go with whom? I have a few ideas in mind, but if you could help me, it would be very much appreciated. Here we go! First things first, here's my Avatar: Male Corrin, +Skl, -HP, Talent: Spear Fighter (mainly for Rend Heaven, Quixotic or the two debuffs are also possible in the Final Build, which I haven't decided on yet) Pairings I have thought about: M!Corrin/Hana => I admit that this is mostly personal bias, since Hana is my favourite Fates character but it also has three gameplay reasons: 1) Rend Heaven on Hana. 2) Fast and skillful Kana with a solid mod spread. 3) Swordmaster access for Corrin. Selena/Hinata => fast and tanky Hisame with Sol and/or Shurikenbreaker. Subaki/Oboro => Great Lord Caeldori that looks like Lucina... because style, I guess. Alternatively Lancefaire on Falcon Knight Caeldori or Subaki/Nyx => strongest magical Caeldori, will most likely become a Dark Flier/Dark Falcon. Kaze/Kagero => Dread Fighter Midori with the highest possible strength and minimal stat penalties (only -1 in Luck and Defence, I think) and the ability to get Rend Heaven or Kaze/Mozu => The infamous Luck-Midori. Saizo/Beruka => semi-tanky Asugi with ridiculous skill mod and access to both Poison Strike and Savage Blow, same for Saizo or Saizo/Sakura => magically focused Asugi who will be the best user of the Fire Shuriken and/or Felicia's Plate outside of Felicia or a magically focused Dwyer. Hayato/Nyx => Rhajat with access to Vengeance/Bowbreaker/Malefic Aura (I think that's the name), alternatively Tomefaire on Nyx. or Hayato/Sakura => Rhajat with both Countermagic AND Counter. Xander/Effie => for extremely tanky Siegbert and Wary Fighter on Xander, because his speed tends to be shaky. or Xander/Charlotte => Sol access for Xander/Siegbert and good pair up mods from Berserker!Charlotte Silas/Hinoka => Sophie with no negative stat mods and access to Kinshi-Knight without Caeldori A+ Kaden/Mozu => salvaging Selkie's abysmal skill mod and access to Aptitude to cap stats faster. or Kaden/Setsuna => ridiculously fast Selkie, who will then be married to Hisame for access to Flowing Strike (I don't know the English name for this skill). Keaton/Rinkah => tanky Velouria with Counter and Death Blow, alternatively the same thing on Keaton. Rinkah with access to Sol without Charlotte A+ or Keaton/Azura => like Kaze/Mozu, the point is to bring Velourias crippling negative skill mods into a manageable level, same for Shigure's defence Odin/Elise => Dark mage acces for Elise. Highest possible magic (tied with Odin/Orochi and Odin/Nyx) for Ophelia Also pretty much the only S-support for Elise I can tolerate. or Odin/Felicia => no -2 defence mod and slightly better skill on Ophelia than Odin/Elise. or Odin/Orochi => Ophelia gets her highest skill mod from this pairing and it gives her access to Tomefaire without having to A+ Rhajat. Leo/Sakura => Tomefaire on Leo, Lifetaker/Vengeance on Sakura. or Leo/Beruka => Trample on Leo, tanky (?) Forrest. I haven't given the other ones much thought yet, or rather, I don't know what to do with them. The children that have priority to be "optimized" are the ones resulting from the above mentioned pairings. The pairings listed for Leo are more for Leo's benefit than Forrest's, to be honest. That would leave: Shiro Kiragi (he's one of three candidates I wouldn't mind missing out on, since you have Takumi, Setsuna and Mozu as solid options for Snipers.) Nina Soleil (the second of three candidates, since Selena is already a good enough mercenary) Dwyer Percy (the last of three candidates, since you have Beruka and Camilla as Wyvern Lords/Malig Knights.) Ignatius (I thought to make him as tanky as possible, maybe through Beruka or Camilla, but I'm not sure) I think I forgot someone, but I'm not too sure who... Another thing I wanted to say: A few weeks back, my posts on this forum have been very negative in nature, unfairly so in most cases. I wanted to sincerely apologize for that. I joined so that I could enjoy my favourite game franchise with you all and share my own and your enjoyment, not to be a negative prick and shooting down anyone's opinion and/or favourite Fates character as I did with most of the Royals. Again, I'm terribly sorry for that and I will try to better myself from here on out. Much love, DragonFlames. ... Whew, went slightly off-topic there, but that needed to be said. Thanks in advance to any kind soul willing to help me. If you have suggestions, feel free to suggest. None of these pairings are set in stone yet, since I just reached Chapter 10, so everything is still open for debate.
  6. Corrin(+Def,-Mag)/Caeldori (Hinoka) Kaze/Azura Jakob/Setsuna Silas/Hana Ryoma/Mozu Takumi/Oboro Saizo/Felicia Kaden/Rinkah Hinata/Kagero Azama/Sakura Hayato/Orochi
  7. i'm planning on having a race with one of my friends to see who could beat awakening on lunatic casual, and i decided to play through it again today on normal casual just to get the hang of the game again. any tips for getting through each chapter / pairings? i have a few planned out already. +spd / -luck f!robin x chrom!inigo chrom x olivia ricken x miriel and that's basically it. looking to get the most out of each kid, really.
  8. Making two files, one for Optimal pairings, where I use +Str -Def Femui w/ Oni Savage I believe (already made) and I marry Keaton or Charlotte!Velouria, and one w/ Mamui (mods not set) for pairings that are cute, make sense, or are hilarious. I already reserve the right to Oboro!Caeldori for the hilarious tab, where I give her Marth's Tiara or Lucina's Mask and make her a Great Lord. Please submit pairings for both.
  9. Okay, since I am a FE noob who is crap at this game, I just kinda wanna see what people think of my birthright male pairings. (Will be using English names) Corrin - X - Caeldori - Corrin has strength asset and luck flaw Ryoma - X - Rinkah Takumi - X - Oboro Saizo - X - Sakura Subaki - X - Kagero Hayato - X - Orochi Kaden - X - Azura Hinata - X - Hinoka Kaze - X - Felicia Azama - X - Hana Silas - X - Mozu Jakob - X - Setsuna These are all probably terrible pairings
  10. I'm not used to pairing up characters to have children, so I need some help. I want the children be at their full potential. I already pair my avatar with Scarlet and Kaze with Azura. Help?
  11. Hi, so I have not seen this anywhere, but I was wondering what the most optimal pairings are in Revelations. Its as simple as that, and for a female avatar because of all the kids.
  12. Topic ^^ I intended to pair Ryoma with Hana, but you know how Hana is (one hit KO), and I'm afraid it'll reduct Shiro's ability to tank... Kagero seems to be a good choice, but I was thinking of going for Saizo+Kagero; Mozu = Aptitude = OP, but I was thinking of Aptitude Midori; Halp!
  13. Hey guys and gals! With the new Fire Emblem comes the new wave of pairing threads, so I guess I'm gonna contribute to that. I'm looking for some advice for my Conquest playthrough. I made my Female Avatar a +Mag -Lck. I'm leaning towards having her end up as a Sorcerer or Onmyoji (suggestions for that as well?) and I really don't know who to pair her with. I took Diviner as her second class because of the access to Mag+2/Future Sight for early game and for Tomefaire, and because Rend Heaven is just so fantastic to pass to everyone. I want to optimise this run but I'm not so comfortable with Nohr children yet, since this is my first playthrough with Nohr. I don't mind the pairing to not be the absolute best because I'm only on hard mode. I'm thinking of a few potential husbands and need help with choosing: Leo: I guess that would make two great children, but I really don't want to pair her up with her brother, even if not related by blood, just seems too weird to me... Alright enough sentimentality, I'll do it if I must, but it just doesn't feel right to me :P (remember Owain x Lucina?). Odin: God this guy is just so epic. Always been a fan of Owain. Anyway, I guess he could make a good father for a mixed Nohr Noble Kana and his good skill stat benefits having skills like Dragon Fang/Rend Heaven. Like Leo, not a lot of class diversity. Forrest: Kana would just be so damn great with Forrest as a father, but I don't really know if it's better to have two awesome children or one godlike unit. I'm really open to suggestions for other potential husbands, as well as for ending classes/skills for the children. Thanks for the help! TorterraX
  14. Hello Serenes Forest. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with pairings for R/IK. I have a few preferences when it comes to it: - Eugenics, but only for the most powerful children. I do not care if any children are left out - Shipping is minor, but helpful non-the-less - I'm going for +Spd/-Lck with Hero as the talent and the final class, I'll get the other skills through Spotpass/Castle battles. Thank you!
  15. Pretty self-explanatory, but any help with the following pairings would be extremely helpful! I've organized them according to how confident I feel about them, meaning I'm pretty set on the beginning pairings, but could use a lot of help towards the bottom of the lists. Thanks in advance! Nohr: Xander x Kamui (unchangeable) Leo x Nyx Odin x Elise Zero x Camilla Flannel x Azura (thought Azura could use the defensive support bonus, plus their kids should be pretty great?) Lazward x Charlotte (like this one for the supports/personality more tbh) Kaze x Mozume Silas x Effie Arthur x Berka Benoit x Pieri Jacob x Felicia (basically the leftovers, but don't their modifiers clash?) (Luna is alone, mostly because I dislike her personality) Hoshido: (much more unsure about this list; a lot can be switched around) Jacob x Kamui (can marry Kaze, Subaki, or Takumi instead if optimization deems it necessary) Ryoma x Kagerou Takumi x Oboro (vassal-lord love) Subaki x Hinoka (red-haired Matoi yes) Hinata x Setsuna (balance out Hinata's terrible speed, and vice versa for Setsuna's paltry defense/strength?) ~Yomi x Sakura ~Saizou x Felicia (~=magic moms can be switched around) ~Asama x Orochi Kaze x Hana (I want to avoid doing the same pairings as in Nohr, so if Mozume-Kaze before, none of that now) Silas x Mozume Nishiki x Azura (Rinkah is alone, mostly cause I heard she's a subpar unit)
  16. Hi everyone! I've treaded on Serene's Forest for a long time, but I just recently made an account and will now make my first post! I need help with my Birthright pairings, I have confidence in some, while others I feel are just leftover characters matched together. Any type of criticism is welcome, as long as it is justified. So let's cut to the chase: MU(Male)xScarlet SakuraxHayato RyomaxKagerou AzuraxKaden SilasxHinoka TakumixOboro (this is where I have low confidence) JakobxOrochi SetsunaxHinata AzamaxHana SaizoxMozu Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and if you took time to look at this and critique it, thank you in advance!
  17. Azura X Mark Ruffalo! https://twitter.com/FoodForOtt/status/699721633150459905 I get that Rena Strober was joking when she responded to my tweet, but I can't possibly unsee this in my head canon now :)
  18. I'm not sure about my pairings and which skills to pass down. Any help would be great. Strategist Elise!Ophelia (Pass down Battle Command) Maid Felicia!Foleo (Pass down Tomebreaker or Live to Serve) Witch/Songstress Azura!Midori (Pass down Warp or Heathen Princess if possible) Wyrvern Lord Beruka!Ignatius (Pass down Lunge or Rally Defense) Hero Charlotte!Siegbert (Pass down Sol) Great Knight Peri!Soleil (Pass down Luna) General Effie!Percy (Pass down Pavise) Holy Bowman(?) Mozu!Sophie (Pass down Raven Strike) Malig Knight Camilla!Velouria (Pass down Deadly Breath) Sorceror Nyx!Dwyer (Pass down Malefic Aura or Bowbreaker)
  19. I pre-ordered the special edition of Fates last week. Ever since this game was released in Japan, I have been trying to determine optimal pairings. However, for my first few files, I have no interest at all in 2nd generation units (apart from the extra chapters), yet almost every topic I have found ends up talking about the 2nd gen units. Ignoring the kids and focusing only on the two units (guard stance stat boosts, how quickly they support, etc.), what are the best pairings in Hoshido/Nohr? The pairings I have already determined are the following: Both: Male Corrin x Azura Hoshido: Silas x Hinoka Nohr: Harold x Effie (not entirely sure about this pairing)
  20. This may not be the first topic of its kind, but please bear with me. I recently found this topic, which has a similar goal to what I had in mind for a bit: trying to figure out what father makes more sense for every child character. I wouldn't say "canon", for every pairing could be considered canon, but basically... Yeah. So instead of necroing that topic I opened this. What we are looking at to determine a good father-child combination is mainly their supports and in general all the supports of the child to see if they inherited some quirk that can be linked to a specific father. Also interaction between parents during scenes is important. Other than that we can see that starting class is important too in 2 prominent cases: Lucina inherits his father's lord class, while Morgan inherits either his/her non Robin parent's class or starts as tactician. I would skip Chrom as he is obviously paired with Sumia. Someone, TheBakonBitz included, may complain saying that Chrom should marry Olivia, but let's just skip it for now and leave it last if there are problems pairing Sumia and Olivia. TheBakonBitz provided enough proof for Lissa x Lon'Qu = Owain and Tharja x Gaius = Noire, the former for the arrows that keep targeting Lon'Qu for some reason (also Owain is the only myrmidon/swordmaster in the game who doesn't hail from Chon'sin, so a myrmidon father makes even more sense) and the latter for Noire's liking of sweets and her father's stealing abilities. I want to add my personal favourite: Sully x Kellam = Kjelle. There are an awful lot of things Kjelle inherits from Kellam: class, physical prowess (hinted in many different supports), ability to disappear and possibly the big armor she uses for training. Also Sully is one of the few who aren't startled by Kellam appearing and disappearing, and being a pretty overwelming woman she would make the more sense out of their paired ending. I'm also thinking about Virion!Yarne, but that probably needs some discussion. And I have a theory for Morgan's mother that I'll probably share later. Pairings until now: Chrom x Sumia (Olivia?) Lissa x Lon'Qu (Vaike?) Tharja x Gaius Sully x Kellam
  21. Hey guys, I was just asking myself: is Luna a good mom? who should she be with? that 25% skill doesn't help although her class set is fairly good... I was planning to marry her to Marx (for him to go Hero-->Sol) but Charlotte also offers this possibility, plus better growths for Siegbert and the speed bonus for Marx.
  22. Post who you're planning to pair together, whether it be for the sake of cute couples, or for that god-tier baby. Here are my full Hoshido plans. spoilers for huge post:
  23. Hey everyone ^^ First of all, this is my first time creating a topic (doesn't mean I'm new to SF though, most of the time I'm here, watching silently ^^) So, I just finished calculating the growth rates for my characters in my Conquest campain, and I'd like some thougts/advices ^^ Note that the growths are calculated for the characters in the classes I defined, but they aren't always they're final classes! For example, MANY characters are GK or Heroes, but while Hero can be a good final class and has also over-average skills, I use GK for the sole purpose of getting the skills, which are excellent (and passing them to the children)... Waiting for your advices! ^^ --> Growths and pairings in the attached files
  24. Hey everyone ^^ First of all, this is my first time creating a topic (doesn't mean I'm new to SF though, most of the time I'm here, watching silently ^^) So, I just finished calculating the growth rates for my characters in my Conquest campain, and I'd like some thougts/advices ^^ Note that the growths are calculated for the characters in the classes I defined, but they aren't always they're final classes! For example, MANY characters are GK or Heroes, but while Hero can be a good final class and has also excellent skills, I use GK for the sole purpose of getting the skills (and passing them to the children)... Waiting for your advices! ^^ Here are the growths and pairings: [Class] [Name] HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Dark Blood Athena 60 50 30 70 55 50 35 35 Paladin Marx 55 65 5 50 45 75 50 25 Dark Knight Leon 60 45 65 40 50 50 45 50 Rev. Knight Camila 40 65 40 60 60 25 45 60 Strategist Elise 30 5 80 30 65 90 15 55 Brave Hero Arthur 70 60 0 75 50 10 55 20 Great Knight Effie 55 80 0 45 55 55 55 30 Sorcerer Odin 55 35 55 55 45 60 45 35 Bow Knight Zero 50 45 20 55 65 40 30 50 Wyvern Lord Belka 55 45 10 70 40 50 60 25 Brave Hero Luna 60 45 5 45 60 35 55 30 Brave Hero Lazwald 70 60 0 65 45 60 45 25 Great Knight Pieri 50 70 5 40 55 40 45 45 Songstress Azura 25 60 25 80 80 60 15 35 Elite Ninja Kaze 60 45 0 65 85 20 25 55 Great Knight Silas 60 65 5 60 45 45 60 25 Butler Jacob 50 40 25 55 50 55 30 35 Maid Felicia 40 20 45 45 55 65 20 45 Weapon Master Mozume 60 65 15 70 75 65 55 40 General Benoit 75 60 0 65 10 45 75 50 Berserker Charlotte 95 80 0 50 65 45 20 5 Managarm Flannel 80 80 0 25 50 35 60 25 [Class] [Name] HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Dark Blood Kanna 55 43 48 52 58 50 33 45 Great Knight Siegbert 62 62 5 47 47 50 60 22 Strategist Foleo 48 27 60 45 50 58 28 55 Wyvern Lord Lutz 48 60 2 60 52 48 65 22 Sorcerer Ophelia 43 18 72 40 55 65 30 45 Adventurer Eponine 37 48 40 47 68 35 30 63 Brave Hero Soleil 55 67 2 57 53 50 42 37 Falcon Warrior Shigure 38 55 20 60 68 48 23 52 Pupetteer Midoriko 52 52 10 68 63 42 27 45 Paladin Sophie 48 58 10 65 62 58 47 43 Butler Deere 45 38 37 45 50 53 28 42 Great Knight Ignis 72 68 0 52 35 50 60 28 Managarm Velour 72 67 3 43 50 42 55 27 Pairings (1st Gen) Children Leon Athena Foleo Kanna Marx Luna Siegbert 0 Arthur Effie Lutz 0 Odin Elise Ophelia 0 Zero Camila Eponine 0 Lazward Pieri Soleil 0 Kaze Azura Midoriko Shigure Silas Mozume Sophie 0 Jacob Felicia Deere 0 Benoit Charlotte Ignis 0 Flannel Belka Velour 0 Pairings (2nd Gen) Kanna Midoriko Foleo Ophelia Siegbert Soleil Lutz Velour Shigure Sophie Deere Eponine Ignis 0
  25. So I just cleared hard with random pairings that I went off aesthetics since I can't really read japanese that well. But now, i'm starting a lunatic file and would like some feedback on what pairings are optimal, or at least effective. My plans so far: trueblade MU(+str/-def or +spd/def, idk) and Felicia (class undecided) OR FeMui (same class/assets) and Joker if I decide to pair Felicia with Leo Paladin Xander and Berserker Charlotte Dark Knight Leo and either Felicia or Nyx Berserker Arthur and Berserker/General Effie (changed by recommendation) Hero Luna and Managarmr Flannel Berserker Belka and General Benoit Along with the pairings above, I would like to use Kaze or Zero, or even both, as mage killers, but have no idea who to pair them with or classes. I'll get all the children for experience, but i'm probably not going to invest in them because I'm focused more on clearing the game rather than pvp/postgame (nohr grinding sucks), so i'd like opinions on how to optimize the first generation. Any suggestions on how to improve my current pairs or finish up my remaining ones?
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