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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm the lead developer of Nexus Games LLC, We are a small indie team of two with a little bit of outside help. I myself was heavily inspired by the Disgaea series in making it, and Monkey(my teammate) was inspired heavily by Fire Emblem. So you'll probably notice many similarities with those series in the game. We streamlined the combat system to make it really easy to learn and use, but still having the same depth as normal tactical RPGs (of course we had resource limits too) The game is roughly 15-25 hours long for the base story(the 3 people I know that beat it did it in 17hrs, 19hrs and 22hrs) There are 8 different endings plus secret ending(s)(not saying how many) to 100% the game it'll take roughly 50-80hrs(This is just a wild guess since I don't know anyone who's achieved it, but the one that was going for it was at 50 hours last I checked and still had a ways to go) So it's smaller than your normal AAA tactical RPG. The story is a dark one of red vs blue where the world teeters on the line of balance, but to lighten the mood there is a good dose of comedy, so you should always be in for a ride of emotions. With 64x64 high bit sprites(like those in Owlboy, but in a more simple style.) We have a nearly seamless tutorial to where it "feels" like there is no tutorial, but it's super easy to learn. Controler support, All controls are mapable and the entire game is friendly to many of those with disabilities that make it hard to game, such as different types of colorblindness, loss of limb(you can play 1 handed in many different ways), etc. We hope that all of you will give it a try, but more importantly, we hope that you all will enjoy it and it'll have a lasting good memory for you, as all kinds of RPGs have had on us. Also, it's on sale for the next 2 days I think from the time of this post. You can find a trailer on our steam page(I wish we were better at making trailers) https://store.steampowered.com/app/689470/Chromasia__Rock_Paper_Tactics/
  2. This might be jumping the gun, but this might also be getting a question answered sooner rather than later. Long story short, my current playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening has been wacky and weird in increasingly enjoyable ways, and I kind of regret not being able to do a Lets Play on it. I've had the idea of making a comic out of the experience for a while now to share the oddities that I encountered, as well as to have more creative freedom with what I can do. I've also been inspired by Planet of Hats, where the artist, David Morgan-Mor, recapped the original series of Star Trek, as well as the animated series and the movies. Unlike the other comics he has made, it was drawn entirely by hand, with the intent to sharpen his drawing skills despite not having much prior experience. I too have little artistic ability, and believe this could be a fun way to strengthen some skills that I do not currently have. It would also be an opportunity to try my hand at writing fiction and satire, which I haven't really explored. I already have most of my ideas written down, and progress on arranging an outline and transcript has been pretty steady. About the only question I really have is what drawing supplies and equipment I should use when creating the comic itself? In the About section of the site, David Morgan-Mor lists that throughout the comic's runtime, he used: A 2B pencil (which didn't see much use) An HB pencil (which surprisingly lasted over 100 strips) A few Artline 90 markers Several Artline 700 markers Several Artline 200 markers A few Artline 220 markers I don't plan on using any colors, since it will probably just be a black-and-white comic. Should these writing materials be enough? Should I add something to the list of things to buy? Am I okay if I don't get one or more of these items? Any other suggestions and advice would be welcome. I'm also unused to how scanning works (although I know enough tech people to ask about that). Will simple blank printing paper be fine to use, or should I invest in a different type of paper? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. While the weapon triangle appears to be an important factor to both the roster and how the game plays, I'm curious to wondering how other units may function, since that may or may not apply to them. Such classes include: Archer Mage Ninjas/Thieves(?)/Maid/Butler Manakete Of course, such a thought also depends on whether Fates' ranged weapon triangle applies, which in that case, the only class exempt would be Tiki and potentially Corrin, assuming that we do not gain any other transformation characters. Will update as more information comes along, but otherwise feel free to discuss
  4. No sort of promotion intended from the original creator, kudos to his / her efforts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4OqPSEnZhw DOWNLOAD LINK: http://mfgg.net/index.php?act=resdb&param=02&c=2&id=30485 Quite an impressive work this guy made with such immense game. Nintendo, hire him! xD Enjoy!
  5. My dog is extremely weird. She randomly barks at windows, eats toilet paper or any kind paper. And she is angry around certain people. And she also eats anything off the floor. What do I do? [Luckily it was worse a few years ago and not now]. And yes I am asking for LEGIT advice, because discipline isn't working.
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