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Found 9 results

  1. I remind you that the Paralogue must be done as QUICKLY as possible before it DISAPPEARED !!
  2. Some paralogue make me tough to finish the map : 5th : Ferdinand and Lysithea 4th : Seteth and Flayn 3rd : Linhardt and Leonie 2nd : Felix 1st : Marianne Honorable Mention : Petra/Bernadetta, Caspar/Mercedes, Sylvain and Rhea.
  3. Hey everyone, So if I'm not wrong, I heard somewhere that you can recruit other students to your house just for story aspects, but not for gameplay...? I'm saying this because I would like to do the Ingrid Dorothea paralogue as the Blue Lions, but I don't plan on recruiting Dorothea in favor of other students... Can someone please confirm?
  4. Hey guys here are some tutorials to beat paralogue 32 with free units with no SI paralogue 32-1 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDSxZXkIdEs paralogue 32-3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GRXCikQKDU paralogue 32-3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKRkFaYRdNs I hope this will help you. with kind regards Drewgames0
  5. I wasn't able to find an explicit discussion thread for FEHeroes story. Therefore the purpose of this thread is to discuss FEHeroes main plot as well as nuances in the chapters, paralogues and other worldly missions as well as character development and such. I hope the spoiler in the topic, will be enough to make people aware, that there might be spoilers here.
  6. LTC = Low Turn Count Works for all difficulties. No handicap. [Paralogues] 01: 1 02~05: 1 06: 1 07: 1 08: 1 09: 1 10: 1 11: 1 12: 1 13: 1 14: 1 15: 1 16: 1 17: 1 18: 1 19: 1 20: 1 21: 1 22: 1 23: 1 [DLC] Champions of Yore 1~3: 1 The Golden Gaffe: 1 EXPonentional Growth: 2 Infinite Regalia: 1 Lost Bloodlines 1~3: 1 Smash Brethren 1~3: 1 Rogues and Redeemers 1~3: 1 Death's Embrace: 1 Five-Anna Firefight: 1 Roster Rescue: 5 The Future Past 1: 1 The Future Past 2: 1 The Future Past 3: 1 Harvest Scramble: 1 Summer Scramble: 1 Hot-Spring Scramble: 1 Apotheosis: 1(Wave 0) 5(NM) 6(SR) There're already some posts talking about it. For I know, lots of SpotPass Valkyries/DarkFliers and some in-game pairs are required. Seperate all paired units before SR Wave 4's resetting is also required. I'll post my own conclusion several weeks later. Here are my own conclusions: (Edit) NM (beta version) (Edit) SR (beta version) Recommended Einherjars: For other people's LTC guides, click LTC tag.
  7. This stage offers a mirror match, which means offensive team is quite the same as defensive team. But their purposes are different and unbalanced. Offensive team should have a victory on the battle. But defensive team is just required to kill opponent at least one. (Edit) What I want to do is building a team to kill offensive unit as easy as possible and prevent offensive team to win. I tried building a few teams but didn't feel them harder to be defeated at all, except a team with absolutely no Galeforce units. With all units in Lethality or Range 1 Counter, and no Galeforce, if I doubled some to destroy opponent units with no risk, my pairs would force to engage the rest enemies' Lethality and/or Range 1 Counter at enemy phase. This sounds a good idea. Any other ideas?
  8. Hi, So basically, I have an S-support between Kellam and Panne, and for some odd reason, Paralogue 13 (where I can recruit Yarne) has not opened up. I thought that either Kellam wasn't a compatible father or that the chapter that gated the Paralogue hadn't been completed, but upon quick research, I found that wasn't the case. I am now at Chapter 19, and the Paralogue still hasn't opened up. Have I glitched the game, or can I still fix this somehow? :/ Thanks in advance, monfernova
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