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Found 56 results

  1. Does a "hacking scene" for FE9 exist? Are there any half decent tools for hacking fe9? Are there any hacks out there? Edit: should put this somewhere more appropriate. Plz delete this mods
  2. So, I'm on Chapter 19, and I want to know how my party are doing average stat wise, and to know which ones are the best and which ones are the worst in your opinion. Every one hit level 20. For those who saw my previous thread on the forum, I have decided not to use Rhys and I did use Astrid in the end. So, here we go: Ike: Level 2 Lord 37 HP 16 Strength 7 Magic 21 Skill 22 Speed 12 Luck 20 Defence 10 Resistence Jill: Level 2 Wyvern Lord 35 HP 18 Strength 3 Magic 16 Skill 17 Speed 9 Luck 15 Defence 7 Resistence Oscar: Level 2 Paladin (Bows Secondary Weapon) 36 HP 17 Strength 9 Magic 19 Skill 16 Speed 12 Luck 15 Defence 9 Resistance Boyd: Level 2 Warrior 46 HP 18 Strength 3 Magic 17 Skill 16 Speed (+1 Speedwing) 10 Luck 16 Defence 8 Resistance Nephenee: Level 2 Harberdeir 33 HP 12 Strength 5 Magic 18 Skill 23 Speed 9 Luck 16 Defence 7 Resistance Ilyana: Level 2 Mage (Staffs selected) 33 HP 6 Strength 15 Magic 18 Skill 17 Speed 13 Luck 9 Defence 21 Resistance Rolf: Level 2 Sniper 34 HP 16 Strength 7 Magic 19 Skill 20 Speed 12 Luck 12 Defence 9 Resistance Astrid: Level 2 Paladin (Axes chosen) 36 HP 17 Strength 13 Magic 19 Skill 20 Speed 15 Luck 18 Defence 13 Resitance Mia: Level 2 Swordsmaster 41 HP (+1 Seraph Robe) 13 Strength 7 Magic 19 Skill 22 Speed 14 Luck 9 Defence 6 Resistance Gatrie: Level 2 General 41 HP 23 Strength 2 Magic 17 Skill 8 Speed (Poor guy!) 9 Luck 22 Defence 8 Resistance Soren: Level 2 Sage (Staffs chosen) 31 HP 2 Strength 22 Magic 21 Skill 21 Speed 11 Luck 9 Defence 20 Resistance Mist: Level 1 Valkyrie 31 HP 8 Strength (+1 Energy Drop) 20 Magic 12 Skill 17 Speed 20 Luck 6 Defence 19 Resistance.
  3. Alright so after realizing I really suck at Xcom 2 and my computer can't handle it I'm back to Fire Emblem. Sacred Stones is still on hold, but I decided that I should continue going through the games and thus Path of Radiance was chosen! Just like Sacred Stones I know nothing about the story and even less about the characters except that the main character has a sword :P. I'm very excited to play this game, since not even my friend has played it and he said he'll be watching. No pressure, right? [spoiler=Story] It starts off with two men clashing (one obviously being the protagonist). Ike gets knocked down and when a little girl distracts the older man Ike strikes at him, but is easily defeated and knocked unconscious. Ike then proceeds to have a dream about an indigo haired woman and is woken up by the little girl's song and possibly the worst voice acting in history. [spoiler=Tutorial] We go through the beginning of the tutorial where Mist gets onto our father about hitting Ike so hard. Then Ike defends his honor by wanting to challenge his father once more, but before he can...OMG IS THAT ROSS!? He's back from the dead! It's a miracle! But in actuality his name is Boyd and he is offered to be our training dummy. I then proceed to kill Ross. Again. Mist then proceeds to insult Boyd and I begin my fight with my Father and win easily. Ike then begs to be a mercenary since apparently Ross is one too. My Father relents and I officially join the Greil Mercenaries. We got a really good level btw I'll do the 1st Chapter right after posting this, but I really wanted to just get this out there and start playing this game. Also any help regarding items or recruitable units is much appreciated.
  4. So, I recently got myself a Nintendo Wii and a copy of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I still need to get myself a GameCube Controller so that I can play Path of Radiance, but I have some questions. Do I need to get myself a SD card for my Wii so that I can transfer saved data from Path of Radiance to Radiant Dawn? I'm thinking yes, as that means that I can save my Saved data from Path of Radiance onto the SD card? I just want some clarification, as I know the feature is there, but I just don't know how it works. Thank you. :)
  5. So I think very highly of Chapter 11, my full point is the video below: But I was wondering if others feel the same way or If I'm giving it too much credit.
  6. Hello;?, im currentky trying to bring fire emboem path of radiance and radiant adwn to wiiu and/or 3ds, but need help. Please help me by signing this petition and tell your friends. Lets bring back the real goods. https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-bring-back-fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-and-radiant-dawn
  7. The Tellius series are my favorite Fire Emblem games, so i was curious to see the who were the most popular characters. Since i feel like overall they had a strong cast and a lot of the personalities were explored even though RD lacked a support system with convos For me Top 5 females: 1.Ilyana- from the moment i met her i just loved her plus she was the first character i knew how to recruit even before i had played fire emblem. I was reading this gaming magazine and it had a fire emblem article on how to recruit some characters Ilyana being one of those and for some reason she stuck with me since then. After playing the game her constant hunger and tiredness from hunger just won me over, even if she was a character that you need to take care of in order to make strong i just couldnt help myself but to always have her in my playthrough's not only that but her support and relationship with zihark still remains one of my favorite fire emblem support and ship. She also is my favorite fire emblem female ever and character overall tied with Ike 2.Titania- oh titania she is the representative strong unit you get in the beginning of every game and damn was she strong when i first got into the game, titania was my tank she pretty much just killed everyone and back then i was a noob so i didnt went for strong balanced armies and would just let titania single handly win most battles. I find this to be one of the reasons why i love her so much, not only that but i also enjoyed her personality and her relationship of mentor and mother she had with the whole group and Ike 3.Nephenee- she is quiet, a bad ass and strong unit what is there not to love. I tend to have a thing for quiet characters so nephenee just insta won me over. I do wish though we got to see more of her personality which in my opinion wasnt explored as much 4.Sigrun- she is wise, smart and strong even when she wasnt playable in PoR she always had special place in my list but after getting to know her more during RD she just won me over, with her personality. 5.Jill- i love jill's personality and overall story arc in the game she was a really complex character that really grew and learned alot during the game which to me made her so lovable mix that with her at times strict or stern personality and is a winner Special mention: Marcia and Lethe Top 5 guys: 1.Ike- I wont lie on my first play throught of PoR i did not like Ike, English isnt my first language and when i first played i didnt understand much plus given the fact that ike starts kinda not strong i just overall didnt use him and would find him a nuisance when in battle since i had to always protect him more so my fault tbh since i just focused on some specific units and i made everyone else weak. However, once i replayed the game for a second time and at that point my english was much better i found a new love for ike add that with the fact that now i would actually put time in the whole army to make them strong i discovered ike to be real strong and useful, from love to hate Ike became my fav lord ever and overall fav character with Ilyana. 2.Ranulf- he is by far my favorite laguz and i really enjoyed his upbeat personality yet seriousness when it came to the topics of war. I also really enjoyed his relationship with Ike and supports. When they got an ending together in RD i was just like set loved it 3.Zihark- he is complex and overall nice guy plus an awesome unit what is not to love, add that to him having a special relationship with Ilyana 4.Haar- quiet.strict yet loving killer combo for me, i really enjoyed his relationship with Jill and im so glad they end up canonically together if you built their support 5.Sothe- My love for Sothe is all mainly due to RD i did not care for Sothe in PoR but i really liked sothe in RD, and i also love his relationship with micaiah and their quarrels about ike lol Special mention: Muarim,Boyd, and Tibarn So yeah who are your fav characters this is not about stats wise and stuff of that nature, this is an overall type of list btw
  8. So I decided to jump onto the fanfic bandwagon with a story based off of my favorite FE game so far, Path of Radiance. This will be a Point of View (PoV) story where you follow me, Alex, throughout the game and trying to survive in the land of Tellius. But I wanted to do things a little more differently, too. At some points in the story, there will be options to choose from, sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book/story. So you can decide what happens to me as I go through this even killing me off maybe. Also, while I myself have fairly decent knowledge of the game, I’m making it so my character does not. So, let’s get started! Prologue [spoiler=Walk around]Deciding the man didn’t want anything to do with me, I wondered around the area. I got completely lost in the nearby forest and franticly started searching for a way out. I ended up running into a troop of soldiers at their camp. “Hey, can any of you lead me out of this forest?” I asked them. I appeared to have startled them as they jumped up and readied their weapons. I alarmingly raised my hands and said “Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you! I just want some help getting out of here!” The soldiers didn’t seem to care much as they kept inching closer to me cautiously. I gulped, worried that I was going to die in this strange land. Just when it seemed the soldiers were about ready to strike, a blast of wind came out from behind me, blowing them all back! I turned to see the man I met earlier, battle ready. “I don’t know how you managed to get ahead of me,” he said. “But you should be more careful.” “S-sorry,” I stuttered. “I got lost.” “Clearly,” the man said. “…Follow me for now, but don’t talk.” I looked at the wounded soldiers, nodded, and followed the man. It took us a number of days to get to where we were trying to go. We soon introduced ourselves, with this man’s name being Soren. He had packed enough food and water only for him, so we had to eat sparingly. He also only had one bag to sleep in, so we took turns, though the tent was big enough for the both of us. Numerous times, we had to maneuver around enemy fortresses. Soren takes his time to plan out the movements of the enemies, then when he has enough information, we move and try to avoid them all. Soon enough, we ran out of food, but Soren said his base was close by. (Jump to Spoiler marked "Part 2") [spoiler=Part 2]We finally arrived at Soren’s base. His comrades welcomed him back, though he mostly stayed to himself, asking to speak to the commander. Everyone was more curious about the person Soren picked up on the way back, though, but they were all friendly and welcomed me to the base. The red-long-haired archer named Shinon didn’t seemed too pleased, though. Soon, the commander entered the room and Soren gave him the updates about what he has found. Then the commander noticed me. “And who is this, Soren?” he asked to both me and Soren. “My name is Alex, sir,” I replied. The commander had light brown hair and looked very strong. I certainly wouldn’t want to fight against him, so I tried to stay on my best behavior. The commander laughed at me, though, and patted me on the shoulder. “No need to be so afraid, boy,” he said. “I’m a nice guy, don’t worry. My name is Greil. I’m the commander of this troop you see here: The Greil Mercenaries.” “Mercenaries?” I asked. “Don’t worry,” the man named Oscar said. “We only take care of the bad guys.” “So as long as you don’t get on our bad side, we’ll get along,” the woman named Titania said. I looked at them all and nodded. “Everyone, to the briefing room! We have some things to discuss,” Greil announced. Everyone agreed and left the room, except me. I just stood there, wondering what to do. “Hey!” the man named Boyd walked back in and shouted at me. “You coming or what?” Smiling, I ran to him and we went to meet up with the rest. What do you think? I don’t know what inspired me to make this, but I think this came together rather well. I’m not entirely sure how well I can do the branching options or the story over all with a completely new pov, but we’ll see what happens. Should I keep going? I completely forgot to describe myself in the story. Whoops! Just picture a brown-haired Oscar with open eyes and glasses and you pretty much have me XD
  9. I'm looking into modding FE9, but I'm having an issue. I'm using GC Tool v1.2 to extract and replace files and Windhex to edit the data. Inside the ISO for FE9 is the file FE8Data.bin, which I'm pretty sure is the file containing data for characters, classes, etc. I'm not sure what is happening, but, any alterations I make are not showing up when I boot the game up in dolphin, but the game runs just fine making me think that something is going wrong in the process of altering the game data. Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_Kb2u2kXYqfEBRRoyiCb6bbKb57pwcVG0x7JePfv_yU/pubhtml Just wanted to share the english translation of the entirety of the Series 3 cards, the Starter Deck and the Boosters, done by me and my friends. The spreadsheet also has a tab with common FAQs related to this series.
  11. A year ago my friend The Jonin Monkey reviewed the narrative of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and, in a supplemental video, touched on what made Ike's character in particular special, both of which I helped record footage for, and voiced Soren in the first. Today, he takes a look at the narrative of it's highly divisive sequel, Radiant Dawn, with it's own supplemental video dedicated to the infamous Blood Pact. Both videos I once again helped record footage for, on top of casting and directing VAs for dialogue scenes and editing the blood pact video. This has therefore been a pet project of ours for a while now and we'd appreciate any feedback we can get, so be sure to give it a watch and tell me what you think:
  12. Hi! I was just wondering if you could play path of radiance on Android tablet? If you do, or don't know. Either is very helpful. :)
  13. Been looking on the FE9 and FE10 pages for backgrounds during conversations, and the spriters recourse at feplanet, but I can't find the background images for conversations like the deain throne-room or any of the tent backgrounds. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  14. I've better things to do than waste my time for empty internet points. I'm making this my hobby, like it should be.
  15. Am I the only one who reckons Path of Radiance would make a F**KING GOOD full length Jap-anime film? I prefer FE7 as a game, but 9 has an amazing plot I'd love to see in a film. Tonnes of detail and relatable to the real world I think. I play that game more for the story than the gameplay to be honest. I'd comment also on Radiant Dawn, but I can't find a place to buy that f**king game anywhere -_____- What do y'all think? Is there a more fitting game for an anime film in your opinion? Or would a film ruin your love for the series?
  16. Hi guys. So I've replaying through for two or three weeks and I've been having some problem with my game disc since I got to the Epilogue.. It crashes randomly and I don't really know how I can fix this. I've cleaned it with water and alcohol, but it didn't change anything, in fact, I can't even load my file anymore. I considered getting a new copy, but HOLY SHIT WHY IS THIS SO EXPENSIVE!? I'd like to specify that I've been playing the game with my Gamecube, and since I'm out of town until saturday, I can't even check if playing with my Wii would make a difference. Any advice?
  17. How many, estimating, characters will I be able to get capped? Like, do Laguz fighters count for 2 people capped, as they take so long, or what? I'm about to kick off this run (Because I can't do it on easy) and I'm just hesitant about every little thing. Any tips that should be known? How should I use my Bonus XP, and when?
  18. Hey all, I'm new to this forum but I love Fire Emblem a lot. I recently uploaded a half-an-hour in length in-depth review to youtube that I've been working on for a month. I've sent it to a couple of friends as well and gotten a lot of the critique on what I did wrong and need to fix such as forced jokes, redundant explanation, lack of visuals, etc. All of which I acknowledge. I am posting this here in hopes of two things: One, that maybe some of you will enjoy it and stick around to watch more when I finally get good enough to one day retrospect that review and two, for some honest criticism so I can make my next review better. I'm counting on you, Fire Emblem fans! I need you're help! It's good to be here! (Also yes for those of you who love Radiant Dawn I do kind of get on Micaiah's case for being a bit squishy. So just to clarify I understand that she's a very powerful unit.) c: Thanks a lot guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE6oEgiSJLg
  19. More than a year ago, I started to plan a Transfer Run using all of the Greil Mercenaries. I also wanted to record it, for myself, and for sharing it with a friend of mine. After a few months of getting all I needed, last summer I finally started and finished the run. My original idea was to do two simultaneous runs: one with Easy Mode and Fixed Growths, for transfer; one with Hard Mode and Random Growths, to record. But after 8 chapters or so, I found out that Fixed Growths mode is sooooo annoyingly tiring and boring, a lot more than the reset-based RNG abuse for Random Growths. So I ended up going only for the Hard Mode+Random Growths instead. Since I started the run without paying too much attention to the level ups for the 8 first chapters or so, I thought that maybe I wouldn't be able to cap as much stats as I wanted. Oh dear Ashera if I was mistaken! I got to cap a lot more than I could have ever achieved with Fixed Growths! If I had started to control the level ups from the very beginning, I could have capped HP for Oscar without having to use a Seraph Robe for just ONE HP point, and maybe some other stat for Titania and Shinon. Well, enough talking, these were the results (capped stats in black) Ike 60 HP, 26 Str, 8 Mag, 27 Skll, 28 Spd, 19 Lck, 24 Def, 22 Res S rank in swords (Skills: Aether) [supports: A Soren, B Oscar (+1 Attack, +42 Avoid)] Easy one. I only needed to use one Seraph Robe and one Talisman for him. Impossible to kill. Mist 45 HP, 20 Str, 26 Mag, 24 Skll, 26 Spd, 26 Luck, 9 Def, 29 Res A rank in swords, S rank in staffs (Skills: Miracle and Sol) [supports: A Boyd, B Rolf (+3 Attack, +1 Def, +7 Hit)] She was obviously one of the toughest to cap, at least at the beginning. I remember using 1 Energy Drop, the 3 Secret Books and 1 Talisman. With a forged 19 Mt. Silver Sword (conveniently named Sieglinge) and a Runesword, she took a peacul stroll around the final chapter, annihilating everything on her path. She got hit once, she recovered :) I enjoyed making such a pitiful character into such a beast. Boyd 60 HP, 30 Str, 2 Mag, 28 Skll, 27 Spd, 25 Def, 12 Res S rank in axes, B rank in bows (Skills: Resolve, Wrath, Tempest) [supports: A Mist, B Titania (+4 Attack, +2 Def, +17 Hit) Only a Dracoshield was used on him. Also impossible to kill, since past that huge HP and defense lies the Resolve+Wrath combo :D Rolf 60 HP, 25 Str, 11 Mag, 30 Skll, 28 Spd, 21 Lck, 25 Def, 23 Res, S rank in bows (Skills: Nihil, Smite (con raised to 9)) [supports: B Mist, B Shinon (+1 Def, +5 Hit, +10 Avoid)] Rolf, that one little beast who beat even Ike stat-wise. Pity that he can only use a bow! Believe me or not, I only used one Seraph Robe on him. It's just that on the first boss abuse I did (just the mission when you recruit him), he got a lot of incredibly lucky level ups, and he was also rather lucky through the rest of the game :) But I also RNG abused him, of course. Mia 60 HP, 22 Str, 10 Mag, 29 Skll, 30 Spd, 22 Lck, 22 Def, 25 Res, S rank in swords (Skills: Vantage, Adept) [supports: A Rhys (+3 Str, +15 Hit)] For my beloved waifu, I wanted to make a transfer as perfect as possible, and Ashera was on my side. With a bit of luck, A LOT of RNG abuse during the last chapters and one Seraph Robe, I got her to cap even HP, Defense and Resistance. I'm eager to see Mia's performance at Radiant Dawn's Hard Mode! :) Gatrie 60 HP, 29 Str, 2 Mag, 27 Skll, 24 Spd, 13 Lck, 30 Def, 13 Res, S rank in lances, E rank in swords (Skills: Luna, Provoke) [supports: A Shinon (+3 Def, +7 Hit, +7 Avoid)] Knight Ward For the Win. That's all :D Well, I've to say I needed a bit of RNG abuse for him to max Def. Strange, I know. With a cap Spd of 24, he didn't double attack that much at the final chapters, but he didn't get doubled either, and that was a HUGE plus to his defensive capabilities :) Shinon 45 HP, 25 Str, 11 Mag, 30 Skl, 28 Spd, 18 Lck, 21 Def, 15 Res, S rank in bows (Skills: Counter, Provoke, Gamble) [supports: A Gatrie B Rolf (+4 Def, +12 Hit, +17 Avoid)] Poor Shinon didn't have a lot of luck, specially in that boss abuse I did against Petrine. But oh well, if trained, Shinon is godly anyway. Oscar 60 HP, 26 Str, 10 Mag, 26 Skl, 27 Spd, 13 Lck, 27 Def, 13 Res, S rank in lances, A rank in bows (Skills: Savior, Guard) [supports: B Ike (+20 Avoid)] Even without offensive skills or two supports, Oscar was also one of my main guys (who wasn't anyway...?). As I said before, I had to use a Seraph Robe on him for only ONE HP point. If I had started to take care with level ups from the very beginning, I could have used that third Seraph Robe on Shinon or Titania :( I also used a Dracoshield. Reyson 32 HP, 3 Str, 20 Mag, 17 Skl, 26 Spd, 27 Lck, 3 Def, 29 Res I suppose the Sp cap can help him a bit at Radiant Dawn :_) I used the Speedwing you get at the final chapter for that. Getting him to level 20 was obviously easy with boss abuse. Soren 38 HP, 9 Str, 30 Mag, 28 Skl, 28 Spd, 18 Lck, 11 Def, 28 Res, S rank in wind, A rank in fire, D rank in thunder, B rank in staffs (Skills: Vantage, Adept) [supports: A Ike (+1 Attack, +22 Avoid)] The important thing here is the capped Speed. Add the unbelievably high Str to the mix and you get a real juggernaut. With that much Spd, the Avoid granted to him by Ike, and that Skills combinations, he could even fight on the frontlines a bit. Oh yes, I had to use one Spirit Power with him, by the way :_) Titania 49 HP, 25 Str, 26 Skll, 27 Spd, 20 Lck, 23 Def, 15 Res, S rank in axes, A rank in lances (Skills: Sol) [supports: B Boyd, B Rhys (+2 Attack, +2 Def, +20 Hit)] Exactly the same I said for Shinon applies to Titania. She would have loved to cap her HP... She was good anyway, it's just that the others were way better. Rhys 41 HP, 3 Str, 29 Mag, 22 Skl, 25 Spd, 24 Lck, 11 Def, 30 Res, S rank in staffs/light (Skills: Miracle, Shade) [supports: A Mia, B Titania (+1 Attack, +1 Def, +10 Hit)] As with Soren, the most important stat for him to cap was Speed. 25 Speed combined with 3 Strength added a lot for him, offensively speaking. And that's all. Even if I don't remember all of my run's details by now, as I said, I recorded it, so if anyone wants some help for a transfer run, I'm here to answer questions too ;) I also got max bonus exp at almost all chapters, EVEN the desert chapter with the laguz (with all items collected), so I can help with that too.
  20. Hey, i was wondering if someone could help me out by taking my completed FE9 raw save data and create new save data for FE10. I would like to play Radiant Dawn on my WiiU with my transfer buffs. pm me if you can help. Thank you in advance.
  21. So i've been replaying FE9 recently with the intent to carry the save into FE10. So whilst playing I decided to look into things a little deeper like trying to get as many A rank supports as possible I cant see a way to get all of them as there isn't enough maps/space to take characters along in the last 3rd of the game as an example if you wanted A rank support between Tanith and Reyson you have to take them both along for every map once they become available. This got me thinking into how many I could theoretically get in a single playthrough. It also made me wonder if there were any working AR codes or other ways to edit the support values. After spending 2 days searching and trying different things and trying to puzzle out the most efficient way I decided to attempt to hex edit the values but after not hex editing for a long time I've basically forgotten how to or even how to go about finding how or where the support values are stored for FE9, so I was wondering if anyone had any information or just tips to find where the correct bytes are in the save or if they aren't stored in the save where they are located. Oh and I am using the NTSC version if that makes any difference.
  22. So I got this game for my birthday last year, Path of Radiance, and I just now got around to playing it. I've gotta say, compared to Awakening, the access to Convoy and Supports come fairly late in this game, I like the fact XP can be... Given at times and the game itself is really well made. The mechanics are fun, as well. Really interesting. (I can also see why there's so much shipping of Ike and Elincia) But, you know, I've been wondering. Are Marth and Roy in this game?
  23. An independent gaming journalism site that I frequent just published a comprehensive breakdown of the use of skills throughout the history of the Fire Emblem series, from "Holy War" to "Awakening", the latter of which the writer is very critical of, and it was very fascinating to read. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in the mechanics the series: http://www.gatheryou...-emblem-series/
  24. Who has the largest bust? I'm primarily talking about Tellius units, but the likes of Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. Radiant Dawn: Nailah, with the runner-ups being Heather, Almedha, Mia, Sigrun, Vika, and Lucia, in descending / shrinking order.
  25. Just wondering: where can I find/edit growths for these games using a hex editor? Also: What do I load into Nightmare from the FE10 rom for the modules to be compatible? I've used WiiScrubber to pick out individual files, but am confused what to do from here.
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