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Found 56 results

  1. I see a lot that Brom really isn't very popular, and I see a lot of people don't think he's a very good unit. I actually really like Brom, he's one of my favorite characters. Am I the only guy that likes Brom? And why does the majority seem to dislike him? He always turns out to be my best unit of his class. Maybe I'm just odd... *Shrugs*
  2. Hello everybody, I´m MisterIceTeaPeach. Seriously I came to the Fire Emblem Series acciendentally. In Super Smash Bros Brawl Ike was my favourite fighter but I didn´t know, who he was and in which games he appeared. Relating to Ike, Radiant Dawn was my first game of this series, I played. If I played it the first time I was peeved, because I didn´t understand the concept. Already in chapter 3 I had Game Overs and I almost gave up. But I took the time and used the tutorials (thanks Anna) to understand the concept of Fire Emblem. And now I´m really a fan especially of the based strategy concept, the stories and the character designs. So I played the previous part Path of Radiance, the GBA games, Shadow Dragon and finally Awakening. I really would like to try out Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776 and Heroes of Light and Shadow, if I could get a translation patch. I was trying to do Awakening on lunatic, but I gave up. Now I´m doing Radiant Dawn on hard mode for the second time. It´s hard enough... I really look forward to this site and nice to meet you all!
  3. Dear fellow Fire Emblem fans, The first Fire Emblem game that I played was the very first one released in the US/ Europe. The game that got me interested was Super Smash bros. melee. Roy was my favorite character, and he was someone I wasn't even familiar with. When Fire Emblem was released for the first time in a language I could understand I immediately bought the game, and fell in love... Fire Emblem is my all time favorite game with Jaffar being my favorite character in this game. (Zach Fair is my all time favorite video game character) With the release of Sacred stones I was once again captivated, but let down at the same time. By the time the endgame had come along all of my characters were lvl. 20/20... Grinding was made possible, and as a result every decision I now made carried significantly less weight. Exp. could be gained unlimited. When Path of Radiance was released I was filled with joy. However after playing through the game without ever having to really think about any of the decisions that I made with once again all of my characters at lvl. 20/20 by the time I finished the game, and to top it all off the story wasn't even done... When the Nintendo DS was released I happened to have enough money to buy one with the hope that one day a Fire Emblem game would be released on the system. What a disappointment Shadow Dragon was... Due to my disappointment with Path of Radiance, and my lack of finances I decided to not buy a Wii, and let this one pass me by. When I caught wind of Awakening being released I pre-ordered the limited edition Fire Emblem 3ds XL. This is the game that I am currently still playing. (Actually the only reason I bought a 3ds, and the only game that I own on a 3ds) I'm on my first play through, (Hard/ Classic) and will not pass any (real) judgement until I've at least beaten it. Due to the possibility of grinding... (I seriously hate grinding...) the difficulty level is a joke, and obviously has nothing to do with why it is taking me so long to beat this game. I'm a very casual gamer, and the story/ game has not been able to motivate me to keep playing out of excitement for what's to come next. That, and I'm very indecisive when it comes to picking a partner for myself, and all of my other characters... I'm actually here to seek help for that... :P (And to thank whoever made the translation to Sword of Seals which I will be playing once I've finished Awakening :D)
  4. I did a search but nothing came up. I want to know how to edit the growth rates in PoR, for example a 0% or 100% growths run. I would just use a code, but no working WiiRD codes do that. Edit: Currently plowing through FE8Data.bin with a hex editor. Hopefully nothing goes terribly wrong. Edit 2: Officially stumped, and system.cmp looks like a mess. This may take me some time without help.
  5. So I was talking with a friend the other day and I mentioned Petrine from PoR and by some chance I also looked at an image of Renning right after and I noticed something. They've got the same exact hair and eye color. Giving it a little bit more thought I also realized they share the same class. Now there's not a whole lot of information out on either of these characters save for one is branded and has a hatred of Laguz and the other was part of the royal family. Petrine is fighting with Daein and has a lance specialization while Renning is with Crimea and has a Sword specialization. Lances beat swords according to the weapon triangle. Renning for some reason was also sparred and was warped and twisted into a weapon for reasons unknown. I don't know if I'm pulling at strings but does anyone think there's more to these two than once thought or at least there there may be more going on?
  6. so i have never played fe 9 and people are saying this game is very easy, but people have said maniac mode is actually considerably harder than hard. so i want to know how hard is fe 9 maniac mode compared to other fe games, give some reasons please not just mm is harder than hard. so yeah.
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