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Found 1 result

  1. Special rule: References to Atlus games are allowed as long as the main focus is with TSMFE. 1. Maiko-san, we get that you are quite a looker in your swimsuits, but please tone "it" down. Touma-san and Kiria-san don't care about it, Risette and Kanamin don't really want to know about it, and especially Mamori-chan and Nanako-chan should not be exposed to it. 2. Barry, you need to stop talking about Iroha all the time. (If anything, wasn't your grandfather the King of Swing? What about him? Can you tell me more about that?) 3. Tsubasa-chan, don't forget your maths exam! 4. Everyone, and particularly Tsubasa-chan and Itsuki-kun, don't forget! You have lives as like many others. Your idol life is just one if many facets of your lives. Don't feel that you'll have to shoulder this burden and expectations on your own, because you're not alone! (Touma-kun has been there before, and so were Kiria-san and Maiko-san. Heck, I can introduce you to Yu-kun, Risechi, and the Kanamin Kitchen if you are really desparate for more sympathetic ears.) 5. Due to recent incidents of stress-induced hiatuses including one by Rise Kujikawa, everyone is to leave work at 7pm at the latest. This will be strictly enforced; you are not allowed to take home any work, and all future schedulling is to reflect this rule. This particularly goes for underage staff including Mamori, Tsubasa and Itsuki, as they have schoolwork to do.
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