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Found 7 results

  1. So word around the Forest and from someone telling me in my introduction thread, that there's such a challenge as a "Pick My Units" run. I really want to try this! I mentioned that I had completed challenges before such as Lords Only, Girls only and Mounted Only, but this PMU sounds like a proper challenge! So I guess I have to lay down my terms huh? This'll be done in Hector Hard Mode, starting off from Lyn's mode just so the character's from her story that get selected don't join up low levelled. I'll be "attempting" to get every Bonus Chapter on the way, but if I fail then I won't restart to get them. 12 units are my maximum excluding Hector (In case I don't get Matthew as a unit, I need to use someone to clear the first Chapter of HHM.) I'm not quite sure if I need to mention anything else but this'll be my first ever PMU so... be gentle haha. Or not, I don't mind if you want me to suffer 🙂 My Cast List: Nino Isadora Serra Dorcas Will Heath Farina Karel Rath Canas Wallace Oswin
  2. So lately, in games that have a my unit, I've been doing "max stat" playthroughs where I choose a build for the avatar that allows for the highest growth and maximum cap for one particular stat. I've already done runs for defense, strength, and skill, so I decided now I'd go for magic. To spice this playthrough up a little, though, I've decided to make it a PMU. The difficulty will be hard. Here are my rules: 1.) Corrin will be + Mag/ - Str with dark mage as their talent and will promote to sorcerer. Please choose their gender and who they will S or A+ Support with. 2.) Characters suggested cannot be in their base class or a class their base would promote to. (ex: Silas can't be a cavalier, great knight, or paladin.) 3.) No DLC units or classes 4.) If a character has an abysmal strength or magic growth/base, do not put them in a purely physical or purely magical class respectively. (ex: No sorcerer Keaton) 5.) No Gunter, Kana, Izana, or Flora 6.) A child may only be picked if their father (or mother in the case of Shigure) has been too. Rule 6 has been removed. Please remember to note through which partner or friend a unit will access their new class from, if applicable. Chosen Units: Female Sorcerer Corrin, Arthur S Support - Recruited - Reclassed Mechanist Silas, Kaze A+ Support - Recruited - Reclassed Paladin Arthur, Corrin S Support - Recruited - Reclassed Maid Effie, Keaton S support - Recruited Adventurer Odin, Niles A+ Support, Azura S support - Recruited - Reclassed Kinshi Knight Azura, Odin S support - Recruited- Reclassed Bow Knight Beruka, Laslow S support - Recruited Wyvern Lord Laslow, Beruka S support - Recruited Nohr Noble Percy Falcon Knight Ophelia - Recruited - Reclassed Great Knight Keaton, Effie S support Dark Knight Shigure - Recruited Berserker Velouria Paladin Kaze, Silas A+ Support - Recruited - Reclassed Master Ninja Charlotte, Kaze S Support - Recruited Berserker Midori
  3. This is my first PMU thread. So, in all the months of having Fates, I haven't actually finished BR. I admittedly got bored playing through it the first time and eventually deleted my file, which I regret at this moment because I only had two more chapters to finish. To keep myself from growing bored, I've decided to embark on a journey through BR on Lunatic and with no grinding (except My Castle battles for support grinding). However, I am much too lazy to pick the units to use. So I want you guys to do it for me. My Corrinmui has been decided, so you don't have to worry about that. 1.) Malig Knight!Femui (+Mag/-Def) 2.) Spear Master!Oboro 3.) Master Ninja! Sakura (S rank with Kaze) 4.) Butler!Takumi (A+ with Jakob) 5.) Dread Fighter!Azama 6.) Nine Tails!Selkie 7.) Blacksmith!Hinata 8.) Great Knight!Azura (S rank with Silas) 9.) Basara!Hinoka 10.) Mechanist!Setsuna 11.) Sniper!Mozu 12.) Falcon Knight!Ryoma 13.) Great Master!Tsubaki (A+ with Azama) 14.) Paladin!Jakob (Gets the first Heart Seal) 15.) Kagero!Basara!Kisaragi 16.)
  4. So, we are officially a month away from European/AU release, but I'm having a little bit of trouble keeping my personal hype alive. I've already played all three routes in Japanese, so I'm looking forward mostly to keeping things interesting by playing around in my first Conquest and Birthright playthroughs. This means using units and end classes that I usually wouldn't use to keep me on my toes. So, because I'm original, that means asking you guys for help. I will be playing Hard/Classic for these two routes, and ideally a Female Avatar (Asset, Flaw and Talent can be chosen, as well as her spouse.) I'd ask that you keep it fair for me, but... who am I kidding? My only rules are that no sibling is chosen as the marriage candidate, no kids, and that at least one healer is afforded. Since I'm no sure how quickly this'll fill up, it'd be cool if multiple units are chosen. If a multi-route character is chosen, please specify which path. [spoiler=Conquest (currently: 16 units)]1. Sorcerer Avatar (+Str/-Mag: Dark Mage) with S Odin 2. Strategist Elise (thank you) 3. Swordmaster Leo (A+ Odin) 4. Wyvern Lord Xander 5. Berserker Peri (S Arthur) 6. Berserker Nyx (A+ Charlotte) (Last Resort Reserve: Dark Knight Nyx) 7. Sorcerer Charlotte (A+ Nyx) 8. Sorcerer Benny (S Nyx) 9. Strategist Silas (S Elise) 10. Great Knight Felicia (A+ Peri) (Last Resort Reserve: Paladin Felicia) 11. Master Ninja Laslow 12. Malig Knight Camilla 13. Wyvern Lord Selena (A+ Camilla) 14. Wyvern Lord Beruka (thats a lotta wyvern) 15. Paladin Arthur (S Peri) 16. General Keaton (A+ Benny) (Reserves: Witch!Azura, Maid!Flora and Dark Falcon!Odin) [spoiler=Birthright (currently: 16 units)]1. Master Ninja Avatar (+Str/-Lk: Mercenary) (S Kaze) 2. Priestess Sakura (thank you, again) 3. Hero Kaze (S Avatar) 4. Kinshi Knight Ryoma 5. Mechanist Hana (S Saizo) 6. Onmyoji Kagero 7. Merchant Orochi 8. Sniper Takumi 9. Spearmaster Hinoka 10. Maser of Arms Oboro (S Ryoma) 11. Great Knight Silas 12. Maid Rinkah (S Jakob) 13. Oni Chieftain Jakob (S Rinkah) 14. Samurai Oboro!Shiro 15. Kinshi Knight Kaden (S Azura) 16. Basara Azura (S Kaden) (Reserves: Dread Fighter!Setsuna, Ballistican!Saizo)
  5. Howdy all! I've always enjoyed the screenshot LPs here, so I thought I'd make one of my own to pass the time waiting for Fates. I thought up this challenge the other day, and I'm not even sure if it's much of a challenge at all, but oh well. Here goes. Rules: 1. I will play the game with two teams. One team will be deployed only on even chapters, the other team only on odd chapters. 2. Gaiden chapters are free for alls, because I am too lazy to keep track of the switch. 3. Before each pair of chapters I will put up a poll to add a unit to each team. Only currently recruited characters can be chosen. 4. Marcus is banned because he is old and needs to save his energy to help Roy. Consider freeing him up if you are playing a non noob mode. 5. Thieves and dancer lady/spoony bard are free. 6. ENM, because I am a scrub and want a relatively stress free run. Mostly the scrub part though. Current Teams: Team Odd - Eliwood Lowen Bartre Poll Ch 15 Team Even - Hector Oswin Priscilla Poll Ch 16 Chapters: Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 I'll get around to making this post look pretty later. For now, let me know if there's anything I could do to improve this run, since it's still early going.
  6. So this will be a Pick My Units as my last one led to hilarity. No other rules. This will be normal mode as I am a noob. I think I will pick Hugh right off the bat so let's get this thing started! Keep in mind this is my first LP so yeah [spoiler=The Chosen Ones]Clarine Dorothy Saul Treck Lilina Barth Wendy Oujay Fir Geese Sophia Cecilia Percival Garret Hugh Zeiss P.S. One unit per person I will post the first chapter on Sunday because it's my dad's birthday
  7. So I'm planning to play some FE7 after not playing it for like 5 years. What units should I use? Also, I have no save files so it forces me to do Lyn mode, will I be able to choose hard mode after it?
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