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Found 7 results

  1. Well, that's it boys. All the information you could need is in the title, so it's time to pack up the thread. But nah, for real. After 7 hours and 38 minutes of in-game time, Pikachu and I became champions of the Kanto region! Pikachu's details are shown below: It was a neat experience! The toughest battles were those where the foe led with a Ground-type Pokemon - specifically, one with a Ground-type attack. This included the Champion, Bruno, Giovanni, and - shockingly enough - the Marowak in Pokemon Tower. As frail as Pikachu was, having only one weakness was a plus. And since it outsped almost every opponent, it could get a Double Team up right out the gate. Not only would this give Badge Boosts to all stats, but it would also give a chance to avoid potentially lethal hits. As for the moveset, it went pretty much unchanged beyond the midgame. Thunderbolt was Pikachu's most reliable strong STAB move; Body Slam could deal with high-Spec, low-Def foes; Seismic Toss is the best for Rock/Ground-types and the Ghastly family; and, Double Team let me cheese the game with evasion, while also buffing Badge Boosts in other stats. I'm considering another "solo run" of Yellow Version, but - bad news - it's not technically possible. Since Pikachu is the only starter, I have to use it for at least part of any future playthroughs. That said, I could still perform a "relay run", where I start with Pikachu and switch to my Solo Mon (like Nidoran, or Charmander, or Ghastly) as soon as I acquire it. Might be doing that... or, might switch over to Crystal Version for a solo with one of the starters instead. Oh, since I want to foster discussion... what have y'all's experiences been with Solo runs? Any favorite Mons to do it with, or games to do it in? Is it something you'd like to do, but have just never gotten around to? Any further questions about my own run? Let me know in the comments!
  2. Is this a sign that a Fire Emblem X Pokemon crossover will happen in the future? Or they could consider hiring Fire Emblem voice actors for a future Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game with voice acting?
  3. ...known as Pocket Monster Saphire (yes, spelled like that). Have you ever wanted to see Pikachu fight for his friends? Check this out. Also, one of the songs in this game (not shown in the video) sound like a slow version of the first part of Beneath the Sky from Binding Blade.
  4. I was greeted by this little guy. Turns out my sis got it as a gift coming back from school. As you can see from my shoulder it almost looks lifesized even the pokeball seems lifesized So cute. Look as his eyes stare into your soul as he steals it...
  5. Wondering how others feel about storms. I love them, but a lot of people I know think I'm weird.
  6. I'm rewatching the Pokemon anime....and reviewing it. Because clearly I have nothing better to do (don't judge me, bro!). http://refathegreat.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/pokemon-episode-1-pokemon-i-choose-you-review/ If you find yourself in the same camp, feel free to read. Otherwise, I dunno, talk about how Ash is worse than Red or how much the GS ball sucks.
  7. Pokemon is a masssssiiiiiiiiiveeeeee franchise. It really does have the most possible contenders out of any franchise, only being rivaled by Fire Emblem. So, this thread is where you can come and discuss all those characters. Veterans: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pokemon Trainer Kanto, Lucario Cut Veterans: Mewtwo, Pichu Potential Newcomers: Zoroark, New Pokemon Trainer, Genesect, Newtwo (If you consider this seperate from Mewtwo), Meowth, ect. The list goes on. So come, discuss!
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