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Found 1 result

  1. Battered and bruised the vordania force trudged to the old fortress. The khandar uprising had displaced the royal prince and forced the army out of the capital. The soldier hunkered down waiting for reinforcements, knowing it was only a matter of time before the rebels attacked. Most soldiers were prepared to withdraw to Vordan, but little could they know of the war they were about to wage. The ship carrying the reinforcements is about a day away and will change everything. [spoiler=Rules for TNM:] 1. This game is NOC. Yall know what this means. 2. Post every 24 hours or prod. 48 hours without a post results in a forced sub. 3 prods results in a forced sub as well. 3. Dont be a dick. 4. No tactical mod kills. I dont even know if this in an actual thing. 5. No quoting your role PM also screenshots not a good idea. 6. All questions will be answered in a non-cryptic fashion, so ask before you do something stupid. [spoiler=Mechanics for TNM:] 1) This game is not bastard. However trust results at your own risk. 2) The flip will never lie, however some parts may be omitted. 3) 72 hour days. 24 hour nights. Standard stuff. a) You may request a single 24 hour extension, but in the case of it being granted you much instead reach a 2/3+1 to lynch at deadline. 4) Vote with ## VERB: USER. Yes bolded, all caps is optional. 5) To lynch you must have 1/2+1 rounded down. a) If you achieve 2/3+1 rounded down then it will be hammer and it will be phase end. b) You may vote for a no lynch, it is the same circumstances as a lynch vote. c) If ½ of the game isnt voting by phase end it will result in a no lynch for the day (regardless of whether or not the conditions for a lynch are met) this should not have to be used. i) The second time this happens it will result in a UL 6) Feel free to target yourself it just wont do anything. 7) Day 1 start. 8) If you are dead you get one bah post. Dont say anything important. You will be given access to the graveyard. a) The graveyard will also double as the IO chat. So yes you can become an IO upon death. Dont abuse this aspect. 9) There is a non-zero, non-thirteen number of vanillas in this game. 10) No jesters bull shit. 11) You can vote your host, but if you lynch me it will result in a UL. This will not work in *YLO variants. 12) I have been talked out of putting hidden in this game so the only players will be the ones on the player list. Player list: 4: Mancer eury 6: Shin 10: Y oloswag 12: Vhaltz 13: Kirsche RIP in pieces: 7: Rapier Shot in the face day 1. Vordani numbers 2: Quote/Via/Levity Burned Day 1. Order of Black Lyncher 5: Snike Lynched day 1. Khandari Re-director 11: Bossanova Killed night 1. Vordani 1x Dayvig 8: Paperblade / Lord Gaius Lynched day 2. Khandari 2x Commuter 1: Prims Killed night 2. Vordani Persuader 3: Excellen Lynched day 3. Vordani Vanilla 9: RoseSGS / Shinori Killed night 3. Vordani cop/ Subs: IO's: Junko Poly Refa any questions about the rules just ask.
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