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Found 2 results

  1. I didn't see any other topics like this one, if there is let me know. I would say that any story spoilers should be marked just in case but that characters are fair game since there aren't really surprise joins. Anyway, I'm on run #4, finally on the church one. I've decided to base my team entirely around memes. currently on ch7. The team plan and their final classes: 1. Byleth - Bishop 2. Seteth - Hero 3. Flayn - Fortress Knight 4. Raphael - Assassin 5. Lorenz - Noble 6. Leonie - Gremory 7. Bernadetta - Dancer 8. Marianne - Warrior 9. Caspar - Dark Knight 10. Felix - Sniper Successes so far: Marianne has easily been MVP. Fun fact that's easy to overlook, her "mystery crest" effect is the same as crest of Fraldarius so she low key puts in work with gauntlets. Lorenz has had oddly good growths. Felix has been great but he's the actual good unit in a class that makes sense for him so that's be to expected. Challenges going forward: This team has no flying and one mount, and everyone sucks at magic. Caspar keeps gaining strength as a mage, Raphael refuses to gain speed as a thief, and it's killing me. I shudder to think of my team with so many 4 move characters, and I'm not using stride because support gambits are cheating. Lorenz is literally going to have HP +5 and random prowessesand that's it. But this run has been fun and even somewhat challenging. How is your run going?
  2. Hello everyone of Serenes Forest! After completing Fates in it's entirety, I decided to do a run through of Fates with a twist: Bond units only. RULES Before we get into the meat of things, a few things to note. I started this on Reddit, were I posted by rules I would be using for this run. Here are the rules: Lunatic Mode. I would use a Corrin chosen in the style of a PMU: first poster would get to create the Corrin. The First poster would choose the route. I would also use Anna’s Gift, a free DLC that gives the player either a Sighting Lens or a Witches Mark. All units are free until the accessory shop is built and on the chapter they are recruited in. This does mean that I will use Battle/Visit gifts, and will use Shimishes and DLC to grind Bond Units, as Bond Units are born at level 1. I would like to thank Reddit User Mr. Duddles for the creation of this run’s Corrin: Cordigoth (+Luck/-Resistance), Male, tale, and with messy Pink Hair. In addition Mr. Duddles also chose Anna’s Gift: The Witch’s Mark. I would also like to thank Reddit User /u/NautilusMain for choosing the route, as Duddles deferred to him. He choose Birthright. Now lets get to the good part: the run itself. Prologue: Ties That Bind Our story begins in a perfectly peaceful war tron and bloody battlefield filled with death and destruction. How quaint. Anywho, as this is the prologue chapter, there is nothing much to note as the game tells me things I already know. Cordigoth the Mighty Pink One goes to town and makes all the people fall down. Turn Count: 2 Total: 2 Chapter 1: Nohr Our families start fighting because what else would you expect them to do? Thankfully it was all just a dream. We have important things to do, like train with the mighty Xander! Yea its a pretty easy chapter due to still being in tutorial mode. Nothing much to say besides stick a fork in it we're done Turn count: 5 Total: 7 Chapter 2: Gift of Ganglari We pay a visit to Evil Adopted Dad in Castle Doombad and learn that the EVIL HOSHIDAN SCUM must die horrible deaths because. Also lets overact because why not. I first have Cordigoth and Felicia take the right with Gunter on the right, and then just flip flop their positions until victory. Turn count: 7 Total: 14 Chapter 3: Journey Begins After failing to kill the Hoshidans due to this strange thing called Mercy, Cordigoth, plucky maid, aging meatshield, and the totally not evil Hans the Evil-Berserker-That-Always-Appears-At-Some-Point-In-A-Fire-Emblem-Game head to the Bottomless Canyon, which I hear has no bottom. After doing nefarious things, Hans starts the fight, and off we go. Using a quick pair up Cordigoth and Felecia swoop in and take out the two samurai on the bridge. After taking one look at the very fortified position on the other side of the bridge, we decide to make our own using Dragon Veins. We use the first one to make the bridge and sneak behind the fort that way. However..that attracts the attention of the bridge guards. We decided that retreat is the better part of valor and run back from wince we came. After making the second bridge, Gunter shelters Cordigoth and acts as bait. Then, we switch and let Cordigoth do the work while Felecia takes a quick run away before running to the nearby fort and letting Gunter meatshield there. As Felecia runs, she stays in range of an Archer and finishes him off. After taking care of the remaining troops, its turn 11 and we are wounded. We finish the last Archer off, his squad now dead, and we heal up and charge in, Cordigoth taking the charge to the boss Ozomu. On Enemy Phase, Cordigoth takes down the boss and the two remaining archers swooping in to take pot shots at Cordigoth. And then the three Sky Knight reinforcements arrive. Well, no time like the present. Cordigoth gets in one last kill before Felecia seizes the fort for the win. Turn Count: 15 Total: 29 Also surprise Saizo and stuff.
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