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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=90&v=e579wa7BWZg The relevant stuff happens from 1:30 (feel free to just pause it there, since the only relevant part of that video is the enchanced silhouette(?) Same case as when we found out Flying Olivia . I compared this new silhouette(?) with Azura's sprite, mostly to see if we would get another alt of muh waifu. : Something that the units in those portraits have in common is that if they have long enough hair, it can be seen on the edge of their portraits there (ie: Olivia's ponytail, Lewyn's hair, etc.) There's no blue color on the central bottom part, which pretty much discards anyone with long hair. However, if you pay attention to the red circle in this pic, you can see a blue strand, which seems to match with Flora's hairstyle. The other marked parts focus on Flora's hairstyle and what seems to be her eye, which as I mentioned before seemed to be grey/blue in this pic. Here are some pics of Flora, so you can compare: Thoughts?
  2. I adore Xander. Like many of the Fates characters, he falls victim to unbelievably poor writing at times, but that creates the perfect canvas for the imagination. I see him as being a thoroughly brainwashed, submissive victim of abuse. I'm currently on Chapter 21 in Birthright. If you know what happens to Xander in Birthright, imagine how excited I am about a certain upcoming chapter. I plan on building Supports and leveling up until I'm ready-which I'm betting will be never. How do I cope? I thought of skipping the cutscenes but I know I won't. I keep reading that the chapter is just dreadful and then I saw the image of Xander crying and OMG NO I AM NOT READY. How did you fare on that chapter? What did you think of the way Corrin handled? Should I get ready to hate Corrin even more than I already do? How would you have rewritten the chapter? Would you have preferred Corrin or someone else changing the outcome?
  3. Don't know if this really matters but since the 3 Awakening kids are confirmed in Fates, there are so many ambiguity about post-Awakening's plot that it makes me wonder if Chrom, Lucina or the rest of the kids knew about their disappearance? Any thoughts?
  4. Older thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54695 There's been some more information out recently as a result of people being able to get their hands on some playable PS4 builds for a few hours. Some of it is very interesting (in reference to characters/story, not mechanics) but for the sake of spoilers please try to tag them. While I don't care so much about spoilers others will. If you weren't aware, though, there is a Luck stat in this game like Demon's Souls. It supposedly increases item discovery (drops, as usual), poison and bleed capabilities and curse resistances. And I'm the type of person that will play a Luck/Dexterity build to start just to have all that sweet loot. And it should work decently well with poison/bleed weapons too, because bleed is back to the Dark Souls 1 style IIRC. Maybe there will even be a Blueblood Sword like in Demon's Souls. I played for a little bit with the Network Test previously but I am quite excited for the game, I'll likely be getting it for PC, and I'm sure at least some others are here too. Being released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Japan on March 24th and everywhere else April 12th.
  5. So with Fates coming out in about 19 days, we have yet to hear more of the characters' English voices. Some of them are great (especially Nishiki/Kaden, Ryoma, Camilla, and Leo's voices)! And then there are some cringe worthy ones like Effie and Felicia's execution of, "We got trouble!" For the ones we didn't hear yet in English, which voice actor do you think would be perfect for a character in the game? To me, I think Johnny Yong Bosch would be perfect for Shigure. Since JYB is the singer in his band Eyeshine, I can imagine him singing to "You are the ocean's gray waves," and it would come out beautifully. Plus his awesome voice can make Shigure much more fabulous just like Robin's seiyuu. There is one problem though: Is JYB a non-union voice actor? He's in pretty big roles like Lelouch from Code Geass, Izaya from Durarara!!, and Makoto from Free!. Then again, Laura Bailey did Lucina's voice, though she wasn't credited.
  6. So this game's coming out this week, and since I have a PS4 I caved and pre-ordered it. To be honest, I've heard very little of it up to release, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I've got my money's worth from the other games so I'm sure this'll be no different. Of course the most I've heard from people that have seen it is that it's too easy, but tell me I'm not alone in actually caring about difficulty in From's games, since if I wanted inflated challenge I would just play up to NG+7 or whatever. I just thought they were well constructed games. though i have to wait until friday because uk release dates
  7. Couldn't see a King of Fighters general thread so I thought I had to remedy that. I was a big fan of the old KoF games, especially 2002 UM. There's also King of Fighters XIV, which I'm very... skeptical about. SNK really haven't done anything of note in a while and this game got revealed in just a... bad state to say the least. The game has been improving every time it has come back up though, and it is now saying that there is going to be 50 launch characters, which is pretty impressive compared to recent fighters. This thread doesn't necessarily need to be about KoF14, but I'll post some information I've come across but I've not been exactly keeping up. If they are going to keep improving it, I believe they showed it way too early. I'll admit, the fact that is looking a lot better than what it originally did has made me interested, though. Here's the latest trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it. lol thumbnail There was a possible leaked roster that seems to have some credence to it. Here is the link and paste in the spoiler: http://nichegamer.com/2015/11/rumor-the-king-of-fighters-xiv-roster-might-have-been-completely-leaked/ Current confirmed characters: Kyo Kusanagi Iori Yagami Chang Koehan Leona Heidern Andy Bogard King Kula Diamond Ralf Jones Billy Kane Angel
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