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  1. Delthea can promote into a Priestess at level 14, but she learns Ragnarok at level 18. My questions are if she can still somehow learn Ragnarok as a Priestess, and if not is it worth it to wait on promoting her?
  2. I was trying to find some info on all the students' default class line that were used from all four routes when they weren't recruited before the timeskip. I know that Fates did it the same with showing all the retainers' and others' default promotional line up from all three routes back then (including the Family Royale DLC) and I kinda wanted it it similar for my Three Houses Playthrough. I am currently playing the Black Eagles route in Chapter 2 and I am planning on promoting every Black Eagles students as well the recruitable Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students to the specific class that they were used from Blue Lions and Golden Deer Route in the future. Did anyone played any of the routes knows what the students promoted when they were enemy units? I noticed I watched few videos that noticed some that I am not too sure if I got this right, can you correct me on this one from judging through the timeskip portraits: I think Petra is suppose to be an Assassin I think Dorothea is suppose to be either a Dancer or a Warlock I think Hubert is suppose to be a Warlock I think Caspar suppose to be a Wyvern Rider or Fortress Knight (It's hard to tell from the armor he's wearing) I did saw Mangs's video that Cyril was shown to be a Wyvern Rider, I heard people mentioned about he was supposed to be a Sniper (Can anyone clarify that Cyril wasn't ment to promote as a Sniper in Black Eagels route?) I did saw that Reunion video battle showed Bernadette is a Sniper I think Leone is suppose to be a Bow Knight or a Paladin like Jeralt. I think Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz were supposed to be Cavaliers. I did saw Dedue and Raphael were Armored Units. I know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude have exclusive classes of their own.
  3. I'm used the Universal GBA FE Randomizer to do an FE8 run, and my Tana spawned as a soldier. I was curious what would happen so I threw a master seal at her at level 10, and she turned into a recruit. I thought soldiers were supposed to be able to become Generals or Paladins? Is she doomed to be a Recruit? And what level of Recruit would this be anyway?
  4. So I've started FE8 randomized and my Eirika replacement turned out to be Vanessa. Now she has the same class as Eirika, is she going to promote the same way that normal Eirika does? I'd think so but this is a randomizer so I'm not 100% sure.
  5. I'm considering who to promote and I can't decide, whether I should make Gerik a hero first, Joshua a swordmaster or Marisa a swordmaster/assasin (?)
  6. Like making Ross anything but a Berserker, making Moulder a sage, etc? I'm thinking about doing a challenge playthrough.
  7. Is it possible to make 3rd tier classes for Fire Emblem 4? If so how? I thought it could work well since levels don't reset in FE4 so the issue of having to gain extra exp in shorter games wouldn't be an issue it could work something like one of these: 1 to 2: Lv10, 2 to 3: Lv20 1 to 2: Lv15, 2 to 3: Lv25 1 to 2: Lv20, 2 to 3: Lv30 if anyone has any info at all on this please inform me
  8. Hello, I recently began using Nightmare and learned how to insert custom battle animations and whatnot. I gave Eirika's Great Lord class and the General class both custom animations, and an issue's popped up in which the game crashes whenever I promote Eirika (from Lord) and Gilliam (from Knight) to the aforementioned classes. The classes' new custom animations work fine on their own though (i.e., when hacking Gilliam to already be in the General class, he is able to use the animations just fine). At least I think so. I was wondering if anybody knows what the issue is for this situation. I appreciate any help.
  9. I'm going into chapter 14 Erika's route My Franz: LVL: 20 STR:15 SKL:9 SPD:13 LCK:8 DEF:10 RES:6 I was thinking of going great knight but i'm not sure My Amelia: Cavailer LVL:11 STR:10 SKL:16 SPD:14 LCK:16 DEF:8 RES:8 I'm not promoting her just yet, as i'm waiting for her to get to level 20, but just wanted to know what to promote her into beforehand, and I was leaning more towards the paladin class
  10. Now that the topic about power creep is on the roll and we see that these 3 Units have outdated weapons with Level 2 Skills they need something new. I don't think that it could happen in the near future and we have something what is like a promotion. But as in every Fire emblem I want to see a real Class Promotion. Here is my Idea, how about they make something up in the story, where they realize that they become too weak to handle power creep. The only choice is their own exclusive promotion and to activate the true potential of their weapons. We still did not have a chance to give them something like a merge, so this kind of upgrade could compensate their inability to merge. But not only that, with this promotion one of them could become a Cavalry unit or something else. What is your opinion on how they should deal with the Askr Trio in the future? Is it totally absurd that they will get a true class promotion, should they remain as they are? Or should they get something like an alternate Unit?
  11. I’m making a Fire Emblem 8 hack where every playable character is a recruit, but I’ve run into a problem. I have Seth at level 10 as a recruit, but when I go to the next chapter I’m not getting the screen to promote him. Is there a way to fix this?
  12. Personnally, I didn't follow the "canon" classes for villagers, but rather their interests in becoming this or that. Tobin became a mage, Kliff an archer (archers usually have good overall stats in FE and Kliff had about 11-15 everywhere), Gray a mercenary because he didn't do any good level up so I was bored of him and promoted him around level 10-12 (like Tobin who was a lot better). Faye had around 16 attack and 17 defence as a level 20 villager. Even my Lukas didn't reach so much defence (he had about 14 def at level 20 soldier). Assuming that I used villager Faye to bait ennemies, including archers, and that she had such high attack and defence, I made her a cavalier. Why? Because she has baron stats. A mage with baron stats, not able to double mid-game ennemies wouldn't be very useful. A cleric with so high defence would be a total waste of her tanking ability. A pegasus without speed would be a pain and she would have more difficulty to tank archers, that's not what I desired. So she's a baron-like cavalier with very high attack and defence. I'm training her to 1v1 Baron Desaix in final part 1. I don't know how good armor crush is, but I'm gonna try it. Anyway, she will probably take 1 damage per hit so I don't worry too much.
  13. Hey all, So I've finally gotten to my Revelation playthrough, and I was wondering what promotions you did for what units. Not necessarily for min/maxing, but rather for general ease of playthrough. Also since I own all 3 paths now, which characters did you promote to the bonus items (Dark Falcon, Dread Fighter and Witch)? I don't own any of the non-free DLC, in case there was more stuff included there.
  14. I need help deciding how to use my feathers. I have enough to get any one unit to 5* and between my 4* and 3* units, I have most characters. My 5* units currently consist of: Sannaki, Hector, Effie, Jaffar, Martin, Roy, Leo, Xander(spring edition :() Camilla, Sheena, Kain, Abel, Lucious, Charlotte, and Lachesis. Please take the units I have at 5 into consideration and give me some advice on who to promote!
  15. Greetings! Long time in and out Fire Emblem fan, first time poster! I've been looking into the best time to promote, and I see a lot of sources say to do it as soon as you're able, or to do it around the 10-12 mark, etc. I'm aware that any stats you have that are below the minimum get bumped up which is amazing, but from what I can tell there's no real reason to throw away free stats from any that might be above the mark. I mean I just finished Act 3 (Casual/Normal) and I haven't promoted anyone except the villagers and Lucas. So is there some downside to waiting? It seems to me that it's still work getting as many stats as possible before taking the leap to the next level.
  16. First off, forgive me if this is not the right place for this. I've hardly used these threads. To get to the point, how should I handle promotions in FE: Echoes SoV? It doesn't seem to be the standard 20/20 strategy, or am I wrong?
  17. I am currently making a bunch of edits to FE8, one of which is changing Ross into a Pupil. I've changed his character to the class "Trainee Mage (1)". I've edited Ch.2 so that Ross comes as a "Trainee Mage (1)", holding a Fire tome and a Vulnerary. He's reached level 10, but he's not auto-promoting before the start of the next battle. What could be the problem? Apologies if this is a known issue.
  18. Hi again So I'm making another post which will be more general and that I may update regularly. Still at chapter 9 and got a number of level 20 units or units who can be up for promotion. Personally I am someone who prefers to get units to promote when they have reached the highest level, but it seems you have to be a bit more open minded about that with this game due to prominence of skills and re-classing and the effects of the latter on stats and experience. So atm I have the following units up for possible promotion and just wondering who at the moment should be considered priority: Donnel (Mercenary lvl 12)- HP-44, Strength-Capped at 27, Magic-8, Skill-26, Spd-Capped at 25, Luck-Capped at 33, Defence-22, Resistance-8 Cordelia - HP-37, Strength-16, Magic-5, Skill-21, Spd 19 (+2skill), Luck-14, Defence-16, Resistance-13 Sumia lvl 15- HP-29, Strength-10, Magic-6, Skill-18, Spd-21 (+2skill), Luck-13, Defence-9, Resistance-12 Sully- HP-32, Strength-18, Magic-4, Skill-24, Spd-22, Luck-14, Defence-14, Resistance-8 Stahl - HP- 39, Strength-17, Magic-0, Skill-15, Spd-19, Luck-17, Defence-24, Resistance-4 Kellam- HP-36, Strength-22, Magic-1, Skill-18, Spd-10, Luck-6, Defence 21 (+2 skill), Resistance-11 Lon'qu Lvl 17-HP-31, Strength-16, Magic-2, Skill-20, Spd-26, Luck-14, Defence-8, Resistance-5 Chrom lvl 17- HP-34, Strength-16, Magic-3, Skill-18, Spd-19, Luck-18, Defence-17 Robin- HP-33, Strength-16, Magic-21, Skill-12, Spd-18, Luck-9, Defence-13, Resistance-10 Ricken- HP-34, Strength-4, Magic-15, Skill-15, Spd,13, Luck-20, Defence-13, Resistance-10 I currently have 2 Master Seals and 1 Second Seal. I have already decided to make Sully a Paladin, Stahl a Great Knight, Donnel a Hero and Ricken a Dark Knight in any case, with Lon'qu probably becoming a Swordmaster. And I would think Kellam probably would be better as a General. Don't know what to make of Cordelia and Sumia.
  19. Well, I think I'll finally break down and promote a unit to 5*. I've got a few options. Robin, Roy, Lilina, Kagero, Olivia, and Nino Robin, and Roy both have bad IVs, both are -Atk. Olivia is mainly a Dancer and doesn't get as much from the boost. Lilina has a nature of -Def,+Res, so not really good or bad. Kagero actually has a decent IV, I think with -HP,+Atk, but she is super fragile. Nino actually has the best Boon/Bane available at +Spd,-Def. It lloks like we'll get a Nino focus soon, but there's no guarantee that I'll get her and almost certainly get a worse nature. So, what do you guys think? Hold onto the Feathers or pull the trigger?
  20. Hello! I have a little question or maybe a request. There is the "Earlier Roy Promotion Hack" by Omni. (Its under EXTRAS) Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mle7gutvbwqtciq/Early+Roy+Promotion+Hack.ups But the hack doenst work with the newest english patch for FE Binding Blade, cause it is already a translation patch by itself. I really want a usefull Roy when I play this game and the most recent translation. (cause the old one got some bugs) So my question is, can someone make something similar do this? Or update the hack? Or is there a way i can learn how do do it? Or is there already a new version of that? I would be very thankfully! :D (btw english is not my first language, also i hope i posted in th right place)
  21. In the original Gaiden, some, but not all, of the classes had three tiers, notable the Knight, Mercenary, Archer and Cavalier lines. Could the magic users, Pegasus knights, our two lords and any others be able to have three tiers? Could new (and modern) classes be added? Could branching promotion aside from the Villagers be included?
  22. I'm confused because I'm checking every single class i've inserted and their promotion and they all seem to work except for the Soldier -> Halberdier. Whenever I promote the soldier and if he's wielding a lance it crashes or glitches out. The weird thing is idk why but if I unequip the soldier and promote him it actually works correctly :v. Here's the promotion nightmare pointer thingy. The animation seems to be working correctly to me Help me
  23. Hello. After testing a few concepts, I finally wanted to restart with a clean rom and start adding the things I learned. Yet I've come up with some problems. First, when you edit the Promotion Branch, does it change the Palette Class Association? I've been using it for so long and that has never happened to me before. This is actually hindering me quite a lot. At least correct color wise. I have edited the .txts and .nmms just to include my new classes and that is pretty much it. And yes I am using Nightmare 2 with FE 8.
  24. Promotions during the preparations screen cause the game to reset. This isn't a huge problem, since I can just promote units during the chapters instead. However, Merlinus is at level 20, and his promotion always takes place in the preparations menu. There's no way for me to continue onto the next chapter. Is there a way for me to use nightmare to disable his promotion, or move it to after the chapter has begun?
  25. Hi there. Not much ago I started a randomized game in FE7, in which every character has its base class changed, to make it more fun. And Oswin got converted into a brigand, which makes him a killing machine. I was excited to promote him with a Hero Crest, as the wiki says, but it doesn´t seem to work. Does he need an Ocean Seal, or even an Earth Seal? Because I want my berseker :( If anyone knows please tell me, I'd be happy to hear a solution. If you don´t believe me here I have my proof.
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