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Found 13 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone here has the game and would like to play together. I play pretty regularly, so let me know if you guys are interested. I play on PC, but for those with the console version feel free to look for teammates here as well. Also feel free to post any news, tips, and questions about the game. It'd be great to have a dedicated topic for monster hunter world here :). Also we could make a discord channel dedicated to this, I'm not as experience using the app, but I'm willing to make one and learn as I go along if there is enough interest.
  2. Since the E3 presentation yesterday I'm not certain which console to buy Next (won't happen before winter anyways). I was certain to buy a PS4 because of Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition, but since I heared that it would come out for Switch too, and FE is also a thing, I'm really thinking right now. The main question for me is: Which console has more / better JRPGs? I don't care for any Mario games or other platformers, just for (round based) strategy games and JRPGs.
  3. Announced earlier today but I couldn't find a thread around here Press release taken from Gematsu: First look at the Western version, has minor spoilers from the beginning of the game: About the Switch and 3DS versions:
  4. So Okami is one of my all time favorite games... and it's being remastered and rereleased! I am so excited about that! It seems like people don't know about this game and how amazing it is. I would really love for it to get some traction with this rerelease so maybe they would revisit the Okami world and we could get a sequel or a prequel. (What's that? No, Okamiden doesn't exist)
  5. I've been a pretty big SNK fan for quite some time, in particular of their Fatal Fury franchise, but that died long ago, KoF14 is the first KoF that has actually interested me properly since 2003, this is probably due in part to the fact that an old Fatal Fury creator is at the helm of it. Anyone else gonna get it? I tend to use the Fatal Fury cast almost exclusively, although I use a few characters outside it. And we have Nakoruru in this game from Samurai Shodown which is an interesting choice. I haven't been too compeitive in a more traditional fighter in quite some time, but I'm looking to be in this one The release dates are as such NA August 23, 2016 JP August 25, 2016 EU August 26, 2016 Also the full roster is listed here, you can mix and match your own teams though http://www.tomsguide.com/us/king-of-fighters-14-faq,news-22586.html
  6. Sentacotus


    Anyone have or play this game? What are your thoughts on it? I bought it used for my PS4 with it being a cool looking exclusive and all. But man the game is the most difficult I've played in a long time right up there with Ninja Gaiden and maybe just below Dark Souls. Oddly enough to me the bosses seem to be the easiest part while the actual levels are harder than hell. Seriously the most basic footsoldiers can easily kill you in 3 blows. Don't get me wrong. The game mechanically works well but in an instant you can go from dominating to dieing in a single blow. Part of it is that the enemies in the game do so much damage and the way attacks are stringed together are so quick that if you lose your stamina then you are effectively finished. Sometimes in the game when i die I feel it was warranted such as running headlong into an area with seemingly one enemy but actually being an ambush set with multiple well armored samurai. But other times just kinda seem bs like fighting enemies that seem to never run out of stamina so they can constantly attack until you run out of stamina and can't counterattack yourself. I enjoy the game but am hoping I can at least get past the second level as the rest of the game seems very interesting and fun.
  7. So over the holidays i recently got a ps4 bundled with Uncharted 4. I also managed to get Final Fantasy XV and Little Big Planet 3 for cheap. Now I already have a decent gaming PC and take full advantage of Lord Gaben's goodness on indie titles as well as AAAs. In short, if its a game on PC i'll get it on PC. For this reason I'm actually struggling to find console exclusives on PS4 indie or otherwise. Im also not too familiar with the platform as its my first Sony console. Im pretty open to most things so any recommendations are welcomed!
  8. So the hit game "The Last of Us" is getting a sequel, I thought the ending of the first was good as is, but it'll be interesting to see where Joel and Ellie go from how that game ended and this one begins. Quite the great narrative and I must say they have alot of pressure to make this stand out as much as the first one did.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARHVKZ5K1b0 I don't know much about NieR but I've heard of it from some people on this forum so here you go.
  10. As a huge fan of not only the Final Fantasy franchise, but of 7 (4 was my first FF, 7 was my 2nd and I've played the rest of the mainline other then 12. Need to get to that). I'm hyped, This may be what finally pushes me to get a PS4 when it comes around, I remember watching two Uncles play through FF7 various times, and I eventually took it up myself. The game was really fun and I loved its characters (especially a certain Flower girl who is still one of my all time favorite characters in gaming). I figured we could have a general discussion thread, of not only the remake, but also our past experiences with this title. Share any stories you want of playing the original or the PC/steam port among other things. I'll jump in too, but I wanted to make the topic first :P
  11. Announced all the way back at E3 of this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgc2OSZL8e4 I was wondering if we had fellow Star Ocean fans on this board, my major experience with the series is Till the End of Time (3) and the second game. I absolutely loved them both and I regularly go back to play 3 quite often, it has some of my favorite music, and one of my favorite action RPG battle systems. Fayt and crew were also all pretty cool characters, Claude had his cool set of characters as well. I still need to play 1 and 4 haha.
  12. After some delays the ultimate dates of release of Tales of Zestiria are announced: It will come out on 16th October for PS3 + 4 20th October for PC (!!!) [spoiler=English Trailer]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u4Pm2vOD5o [spoiler=Announcement]
  13. Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/03/03/ps4-hits-6-million-ushers-in-new-era-of-social-gameplay/ http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/library/historical_data/pdf/consolidated_sales_e1312.pdf So yeah, this says a lot about how successful the ps4 is (and how much of a failure the Wii U is). Keep in mind that the 5.8 Mi. Wii U are shipped to stores, while the 6 Mi. PS4 are sold to consumers.
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