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Found 2 results

  1. Just pulled my 3rd Ike with -Atk/+Def, last 2 are both -Atk/+Res, really frustrated right now and super tempted to pull more with 60 orbs left... I just rerolled this account 4 days ago, spent about 200-ish orbs and got 10x 5*, included Ayra and Eldigan both +spd/-res, and 3rd Ike is 11th 5* from 60 orbs. Already got everything lined up for Ike, Fury 3, Vantage 3, QR 2, Threaten Atk/Def/Spd, but with -Atk he won't be at full potential with anything. Should I pull one more? I have 60 orbs left and all the story/paralogue/quests left add up for another 60, haven't pulled the Halloween banner yet. I'm F2P btw, if the bad luck streak hits, there might be nothing left for Xmas banner :D If I should not, which build is good for -Atk/+Def Ike?
  2. We all know what people have been getting, but know we're going to talk about which units we want to get. For me, as many people know by know I really want to get Leo, but he's only got a 0.08% chance of dropping, so I'll likely never get him, unless they make a way for him to appear otherwise or they implement trading. I'd like to get the lordly FE7 trio, but have had no luck, thus far. I've been pretty lucky getting some of my other favorites, like Est and Nino, even if they were only 3 Stars. I don't know when Tellius characters will get released, but their absence has made me realize what a high percentage of my favorite units come from there. I'll definitely want Soren, Ike, Micaiah, Titania, Kieran, Jill, and Elincia once they get released, plus maybe a few others I'm forgetting at the moment. So, who else really wants that one unit that just won't drop or hasn't been released yet?
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