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  1. Hi, am playing FE4 for the first time, with a guide but still, am mostly spoiler free on things. I'm using a pairings guide and I seem to be alright for every other rank since am using save states but... EXP is being the worst. Okay, for other ranks, Survival and Combat are easy, I have save states, so yeah, they're both guaranteed A's. Tactics, as of rn, which is right now, um, 80 turns, flat. I'm pretty sure, uh, chapter 2 and it's plateau was a big ol' bitch, and I just couldn't get off of it, but I did get everything. Lots of gold, the knight ring, the bargain ring, etc. But EXP. How? I must be missing something. Out of the 606 available levels in Gen 1, I only have 191. And I'm losing a bunch of units this chapter, including Deirdre at the start, who only got to level 12 and yeah, she's just gone. Have done the arena fights for chapter 3 also btw. But yeah, rn it seems super fucked. Like, um, what do I do? I know Quan, Ethlyn, and Finn leave next chapter, so I must have been like, subconsciously not using them because I knew that. Uh, Quan got to level 19, almost 20, Ethlyn is level 12, almost 13, and Finn is halfway to 16. So yeah, with all that said, how would people salvage this run? I didn't know it was this tight btw, Arden's still level 6, Dew's level 5, I just feel so screwed. Granted, it's my fault for trying a ranked run on my first try, but I heard ranked is really fun and I thought I put a lot more prep into things than I did, but, uh, I guess not enough. Anyway, if it is salvagable, please if any of you could, I'd love some advice, uh, I can give even more information on each individual unit if needed, will list their exp, gold, and stat boosters. As well as planned pairings. Sigurd- Level 22 (16), 50,000, has Skill, Speed, and Return Rings, (Is wed to Deirdre.) Noish- Level 15 (84), 28,040, has no rings, (Unwed.) Alec- Level 10 (71), 20,400, has no rings, (Unwed.) Arden- Level 6 (41), 39,000, has no rings, (Unwed.) Finn- Level 15 (65), 41,820, has no rings, (Unwed.) Quan- Level 19 (76), 50,000, has no rings, (Is wed to Ethlyn.) Midir- Level 16 (3), 43,460, has Barrier Ring, (Planned for Aideen, is at 400+ Love Points.) Lewyn- Level 11 (32), 49,400, has no rings, (Planned for Erin, is at 200+ Love Points.) Holyn- Level 16 (6), 35,940, has no rings, (Planned for Ayra, is at 200+ Love Points.) Azel- Level 11 (60), 31,000, has Magic Ring, (Planned for Tailtiu, is not recruited yet.) Jamke- Level 13 (52), 37,225, has no rings, (Planned for Brigid, is not recruited yet.) Beowulf- Level 11 (42), 24,740, has no rings, (Planned for Raquesis, is at 300+ Love Points.) Lex- Level 24 (10), 44,330, has no rings, (Unwed.) Dew- Level 5 (24), 5,000, has no rings, (Unwed.) Deirdre- Level 12 (86), 28,250, has no rings, (Is wed to Sigurd.) Ethlyn- Level 12 (87), 19,390, has no rings, (Is wed to Quan.) Raquesis- Level 9 (55), 400, has Bargain, Pursuit, Paragon, and Knight Rings, (Planned for Beowolf, is at 300+ Love Points.) Ayra- Level 17 (2), 46,680, has no rings, (Planned for Holyn, is at 200+ Love Points.) Erin- Level 10 (28), 23,700, has no rings, (Planned for Lewyn, is at 200+ Love Points.) Sylvia- Level 4 (64), 10,655, has no rings, (Planned for Claude, is not recruited yet.) Aideen- Level 12 (20), 12,000, has no rings, (Planned for Midir, is at 400+ Love Points.) But yeah, that is... about all the info I can give you, uh, please try and save my run if possible, and if not... Please just tell me I'm fucked now so am not disappointed later lol. I just feel so stuck. And again, this is my first playthrough, so if you give help, try to keep it as light on spoilers as possible, like... idk, you can say something like, oh, there's a lot of axe units on blank chapter, or oh, you can do this strategy to get lots of exp super fast, like idk how am getting anyone to 30, but I'd like to know how lol~ Even if I fail this challenge, maxing out exp is probably something I need help with since even with all of this save state abuse to get better levels and faster turn counts, am still coming up short. And I'd just like to get better at the game, or at the very least, learn funny strats~ Anyway, that's all I can think to ask about, if you can help, great! And if you tell me, yeah, it's hopeless, that's also great lol! I can give more details also, like I thought about listing each character's preferred weapon, but that's a lot of work, so like... yeah, I opted not to. Anyway, will shut up, but if people do talk, I promise to be very active and do my best to help you help me! But yeah, love y'all, peace outs~!
  2. I've been doing a challenge run where I try to complete Thracia 776 while saving every unit. And since this includes both playable units and enemy units, I'm trying to lower my kill count as much as possible which includes the boss of Chapter 20. All ideas are welcome, I've tried stealing weapons, using status staves, and waiting 1000+ turns.
  3. Hello everyone! Over the past year or so I've been slowly going through the entire Fire Emblem franchise from start to finish, and I've finally gotten to Thracia (which I decided to Blind Ironman, so I'll see how that goes). There's just one problem: No matter what I do the game doesn't work. I was successfully able to patch the game and get it running on Mesen-S, but once I select a save file after hitting new game it doesn't go to the opening cutscene and I lose all control (the music is still going though, so it didn't freeze). Has anyone encountered this issue before or know how to deal with it? Thanks. For reference, this is the translation I'm using: Romhacking.net - Translations - Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  4. Well, since I have been kinda bored of engage, I decided to fire up FE4 for the first time in like 10ish years, problem is the game has that real obtuse individual pools of money per character thing, and trading is even more obtuse. I spent the better part of three hours fiddling around with memory values, but I cannot get the money value to stay locked at 99999 (what I am assuming to be the maximum) I kinda just want to bypass the money issue when it comes to "trading". Does anybody have a set of infinite money codes for the entire cast? Thanks very much.
  5. Hey all! Newbie to modifying games like radiant dawn. So, specifically im looking to mess around cheats. Blessed weapons, always 99 exp, always perfect levelups, etc etc. Problem is, the ones i have found, i can't get to work for some reason. Some work, but others dont.
  6. I've done bane runs for all houses. And randomly generated classes for all roots. I've also done a challenge that I don't think I've seen anyone else do which I call the shiplocke. You swap character's builds with a character that they are shipped with (note they very rarely both have each other's progression just to make it a bit more interesting). But now I wonder does anyone have any ideas that I could try? If so (in Anna's voice) "Thanks a bunch!" If you want I can send you my shiplocke chart.
  7. There are too many wyvern knights to deal with and i'm finding it really hard to keep everyone alive as i'm jammed in the northeast corner and they reinforcements never stop coming. Also for 21x i'm supposed to complete it in 30 turns. Could someone give a general strategy to get to the boss without being destroyed?
  8. Basically searching the thing above. I know in fates attack stance has hit rates, but does dual strike have the same thing after triggering or is it purely just damage after activation? Say the pair up partner has 0% hit on a swordmaster but like 100 dmg, when dual strike triggers will it be a whiff or a kill? Also if true, could I possibly see some video evidence of the occurrence? I've been searching around for a while and even though the fandom.com wiki says it has a hit rate, nothing else seems to have information about it and i wouldn't trust that site with a cent.
  9. Is there any fe4 fanfic with an avatar aka my unit u know like Similar to corrin or robin or Kris like that and how would the avatar be introduced?
  10. Also, how right or wrong were you, and were you satisfied or dissatisfied with what they actually were? I asked this on the reddit thread but decided to also ask here as well.
  11. Which dlc is worth getting from the eshop before it shuts down (from fates and echoes)
  12. I'm currently doing a personal project, and it requires me to get all available classes of a certain character. I was testing my code out, and it said Hana would get Apothecary (and I agree, from the logic I heard, she should get Apothecary from Azama, since she already has Shrine Maiden, so she gets his second class, Apothecary), but fire emblem fandom says I am dumb and stupid, because Hana actually gets nothing from Azama. Is that correct? And if so, why? Edit: Found another example; Keaton does not seem to get Troubadour from Charlotte, why is this?
  13. I have just started playing Shadows of Valentia and have used the DLC to get my units (aside from Alm) to their second tier classes (Gray- Myrmidon, Tobin- Sage, Clive- paladin, Python/Kliff- Sniper, Faye/Silque- Saint, Lukas/Forsythe- Knight, Clair- Falcon Knight) and want to know what levels I should be before trying to get the Dracoshield in act 1?
  14. I ran into an interesting situation the other day using a deck focused around pulling cards from the boundless area. One key card used is Corrin (Kingdom of Valla), whose gameplay involves placing the top card of your deck into the boundless area (gaining Corrin +10) and summoning a Hoshido or Nohr (black or white) card from the boundless area and gaining their skills. The text for these skills are: Skill 2: Blade of Divine Majesty [act] [once per turn] [Send the topmost card of your Deck to the Boundless Area] Until the end of your opponent’s next turn, this unit gains +10 attack. Skill 3: The Future is in Your Hands [act] [once per turn] Choose 1 or card from your Boundless Area, and send it to the Retreat Area. Until the end of the turn, this unit acquires all skills possessed by that card. I found myself in a situation where I had a Corrin on the field, and a second Corrin in the Boundless Area. I wanted to summon one Corrin with the other and argued that I would be able to use his 2nd and 3rd skills again, as they were from the second Corrin card. My friend argued that because the skills specify [Once per turn] and the skills have the same name (because they are the same skill), I wouldn't be able to use them again as the [Once per turn] limitation would prevent it. Essentially, I viewed the action of acquiring skills as if I was adding them to a list: ex. Skill 1. Beyond the Two Nights: You may Class Change an allied "Corrin (Male)" or "Corrin (Female)" into this card. Skill 2: Blade of Divine Majesty: [Send the topmost card of your Deck to the Boundless Area] ... unit gains +10 attack. --> Sends top card to BA, Corrin +10 Skill 3: The Future is in Your Hands: Choose 1 card from your Boundless Area... unit acquires all skills --> Summons Corrin (Kingdom of Valla) from BA, adding: Skill 4: Blade of Divine Majesty: [Send the topmost card of your Deck to the Boundless Area] ... unit gains +10 attack. Skill 5: The Future is in Your Hands: Choose 1 card from your Boundless Area... unit acquires all skills This seems to be, in my view, more in line with how acquiring skills works with all other characters; you gain them and can use them at will, in addition to any skills still on Corrin (which in this case is only Corrin's second skill, assuming it wasn't used prior to Corrin's 3rd skill). It should also be noted that the Dragon Blood skills all explicitly state that each character can only have 1 skill when multiple skills share the same name (A Dragon Blood skill is usable by all characters who also have a DB skills). Corrin's card doesn't specify that you can only have 1 instance of a skill. My Friend's interpretation was closer to: Skill 1. Beyond the Two Nights: You may Class Change an allied "Corrin (Male)" or "Corrin (Female)" into this card. Skill 2: Blade of Divine Majesty: [Send the topmost card of your Deck to the Boundless Area] ... unit gains +10 attack. +1 uses (use blocked due to [Once per turn] restriction Sends top card to BA, Corrin +10 Skill 3: The Future is in Your Hands: Choose 1... unit acquires all skills +1 uses (use blocked due to [Once per turn] restriction Summons Corrin (Kingdom of Valla) from BA, adding +1 uses to Skill 2 and 3: The logic being that because the skills were literally the same, the [Once per turn] limitation blocks the use a second time, and essentially preventing Corrin's from doing anything extra. Instead of acquiring a different skill, Corrin is gaining an additional use of a skill they already have acquired. In the end, it was decided that I could use a summoned Corrin's skills again allowing for 2 cards to be placed in the Boundless Area and giving Corrin +10 for each, as well as the skills of a second summoned character. Outside of Dragon Blood, there aren't too many other instances where skills are shared, so this is kind of a niche mechanic turned up to 11. I am very interested to hear if others have a different opinion, as this situation was seemingly not considered when this card was created. Edit: Found an answer in the Fire Emblem Cipher FAQ google doc
  15. Hi, I'm using Nightmare to make a hack for FE4, and thought I might as well make some classes better. I was wondering if adding weapon types to a class (such as Axes to Sword Knight or Staves to Prince) would cause any issues? I don't mind if animations look janky so long as they don't cause the game to not function.
  16. Check included image to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.
  17. I recently got back into FE8 hacking after nearly a year and started working on a new project. Things were going smoothly until I finished making the third chapter where I realized that the water for the lakes weren't working. I've noticed that I have had similar troubles in the past I think all on chapter 3 (for the record water animations were working fine on both chapter 1 and 2). If someone a little more seasoned could help me that would be great!
  18. Just to be on the Save side: Does using the Turnwheel make the Turn still Count towards Blitzkrieg? Is it save to rewind?
  19. I'm going to make it clear that the only reason that I delved into FETwiddler was because of a save data corruption, so I went "fuck it" and delved into stuff. Omega Yato in Birthright, alongside adding Gunter. But apparently I allowed units to learn enemy-only skills, and well... Omega Yato on Birthright. After some testing stuff out, I was able to get unshadowbanned by straight up removing my save data and not equipping beast/corrin/azura/enemy only skills since my castle is able to be visited by others. I'm still a little curious and confused on how the Shadowban works entirely, since all I know is that it can be reverted by removing the offenders and updating data, the aforementioned illegal/enemy only skills, and that's about it. Apparently, the check starts when you save or update data. However, I'm still at a loss on how it works full-scope. I now know that adding units like Gunter or items like Omega Yato are a huge no-no, it's just when it comes to items to be sure. Forging some items that can't be forged results in a shadowban, yeah? Some people say that the shadowban is permanent, others say that it can be reverted if offending stuff is removed, and I don't know what to believe at this point. I am so sorry if I look dumb for this, but honestly? I'd rather be dumb than get shadowbanned over and over again. So here are two questions I have. How exactly does shadowbanning work, alongside what causes it, and why do I no longer receive feedback even after it's revoked? The former is something that I do want to know to understand it better. As for the latter, I can only assume that it was because of the shadowban. I've even tried the 5-Minute Trick, except it didn't work. People can still visit my castle though. I thought that this wasn't a thing lately, even in 2022. But since this happened, it's most certainly still there. If adding an enemy-only skill like Dragonskin gets you thrown into Va- ...you get the idea. As in getting thrown into banland, then how come stuff like this has happened before? I still remember a time that a castle had two Kanas, and one Corrin had a Falchion despite it being impossible, and yet nothing happened. Even if this may have already been answered, I'd still like to get a better understanding on how shadowbanning works so I can at least try to avoid it as much as I can in the future.
  20. As said in the title, this is my first time around in Serene's Forest and I'd love to be able to talk with people here! I just have one question. Where do I post Castle Addresses in the forum? That's one thing that I'd love to know so far, and I'd love to see how this entire site works! Thank you for taking the time to read.
  21. I’m currently writing the script to a video on a Fire Emblem Fates iceberg chart that I made, and one of the surface-layer entries is about the #BlameTakumi meme. I’ve been trying to find the original source of it, but I’m drawing some blanks. Most sources I checked refer to some Twitch stream where the chat came up with it, but I can’t find the name of the streamer anywhere. Can anyone help?
  22. Ok, I'm gonna to talk seriously.................. Well, many Fire Emblem fans are shipping Robin Boy with Lucina as a love couple, and I don't want to be canon. To be honest, It's canon this love shipping? Because, the FE Awakening and Smash Bros. fans are liking this couple, I don't know Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are going to confirm is canon this couple?
  23. What are your top 15 favorite Fire Emblem characters is general based on their personality, usefulness as a unit or design etc. I've not yet played Tharcia, Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, NMotE or Fates yet so my list isn't final since I've loved most of the characters from each of the games I've played so far. Though to be fair I kind of struggle ranking every character overall as there is a lot of great characters in the franchise. Edelgard Ike Eliwood Lucina Owain Tiki Dimitri Celica Lyn Marth Chrom Arvis Hubert Black Knight Annette
  24. This is my first time posting here so I don't know if I'm doing this right. So, I'm playing the Lil' Manster translation of Thracia and in chapter 15 I picked the B route, which I don't regret, but I really wanted to have Sleuf, Misha and Amalda. Is there any way this is possible, like with cheats? That is, if it doesn't break the game. *Update: I'm in chapter 23 and I got all the characters I wanted so far but Saias is not appearing!
  25. I managed to add Eliwood to Lyn's first chapter just fine, but whenever I try to add Mark he just doesn't appear. Also, I managed to add Mark to Eliwood Mode, but for some reason he can make an infinite number of actions on Player Turn. Any idea of how to solve this? I just want to add Mark to the game, sounds simple enough.
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