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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I am rather new to FE series as a whole, with my first game being Path of Radiance. I’m rounding out the game now, I’m at chapter 25 as I type this up. When I complete PoR (which should be tonight if I have time), I am without a doubt going to be continuing the story and jumping right into Radiant Dawn.. as I am absolutely in-love with the world, story, lore, characters and everything else related to PoR (seriously this is one of the few video game stories that actually has me very intrigued and I love all the twists and turns!). Now with that said, and with me being incredibly new to the series, I have a handful of questions in regards to Radiant Dawn. I apologize in advance if these are all well known, or I could’ve found this information (I did try googling and searching through here for answers) elsewhere. Well, onto my questions: 1) First is difficulty. I found Path of Radiance incredibly easy (played on hard mode), and I really hope Radiant Dawn presents more of a challenge. I am the type of person who does a lot of thinking/strategizing each turn and takes my time to make sure my units will be protected/not die (I inspect enemy units and compared AS to see if I’m going to get doubled among other stats, check enemy attack ranges to see how many enemies will be able to hit me and so on), as if I lose even one unit, no matter who it is, I reset. So how does Radiant Dawn difficulty compare to PoR, in regards to someone who found PoR hard mode incredibly easy (like really easy as I’m sure most people did). Plus I really enjoy difficult games, as long as the difficulty is “fair” and not nonsensical and headache inducing. What is a good starting difficulty for RD? 2) Next is how stats work. Like I said, I’m rather new to the FE series, and it took me sometime to figure out what each stat does and how they affect my units and the battle. More or less what I want to know is, do stats function the same from one FE game to the next, and more importantly from PoR to RD? For example; Is it always 4 or more attack speed to double? Does Luck/Skill have the same function as providing avoid/hit and bonus critical stats? And so on and so forth. 3) Now I’ve been doing some looking into Radiant Dawn, and I’m a little confused as to how the game plays out. From my understanding, there is 4 separate “parts” or sections, and each section only has specific units that are playable? If that’s so; - How does BEXP, money, weapons, stat boosters, and other items work when going from part to part? Is it ideal to just use everything up before going to the next part or do the items/BEXP carry over? - Is it even worth getting attached/investing into certain units? Meaning do you get full access to all the units by the end of the game, and if not does the game let you know beforehand that you won’t have access to the certain units later on.. so you don’t waste resources on them? 4) Lastly, and I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to ask for this, but does anyone have a working iso/wtsb (or whatever else works for dolphin) of FE: Radiant Dawn? I’ve been looking literally everywhere (vimmrs lab, reddit, other forum posts, and so on) for a functional copy of the game. Every copy I find does not work with Dolphin, as I got error messages that pop that say I’m missing files, and when I open the game it just stays on a pure black screen. Also in the emulator itself, no artwork image appears and I have just a giant X for the artwork image instead. If anybody knows any work around in the settings to get the game to work that I can try, I would truly appreciate it, same goes for a functional iso download as well. So yeah.. I’m pretty sure that’s it. My main concern is honestly getting Radiant Dawn to work in the first-place, but if anyone can answers my other questions I’d really appreciate it. Also any general advice for Radiant Dawn would be awesome as well, such as good units, skills to use, good supports, and/or any tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with the above! Really regret skipping past FE over the years, and I’m really looking forward to catching up and playing all of them eventually!
  2. English its not my first language, so please correct me/tell me if I get something wrong, thanks. Hi there, I decided to get out these questions, as newbie hacker: In regards of the weapon triangle, do you think that the weapon triangle looks somewhat empty since the update on fates?, It would be desirable to implement the updated triangle on a future romhack? It would be cool if the anima magic could be separated in the three elements (Fe 9/10 comes to mind), or I should keep it on the unified state that it is now? On a test, I made the tactician playable, and gave him/her access to all weapon kinds, It would be extremely OP if he/she had to start from rank E on everything? (This class works like a promoted one in regards of exp) I decided to use All-instrument format music instead of the old N.I.M. format, It would be reasonable/desirable to use it alongside the 16tracks12notes patch? (With proper composition/looping), Or these two patches are incompatible? I decided to nerf every weapon that follows the tier system, implementing bronze weapons, reducing might and weight to 1 for sword, 2 for lance, 3 for axe on bronze weapons (to keep this list going the next might and weight value its +1 of those from the previous tier axe) also tomes and bows suffered from this nerf. It would be wise to tier the weapons like this? I want to hear your critics/opinions about this.
  3. This might be jumping the gun, but this might also be getting a question answered sooner rather than later. Long story short, my current playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening has been wacky and weird in increasingly enjoyable ways, and I kind of regret not being able to do a Lets Play on it. I've had the idea of making a comic out of the experience for a while now to share the oddities that I encountered, as well as to have more creative freedom with what I can do. I've also been inspired by Planet of Hats, where the artist, David Morgan-Mor, recapped the original series of Star Trek, as well as the animated series and the movies. Unlike the other comics he has made, it was drawn entirely by hand, with the intent to sharpen his drawing skills despite not having much prior experience. I too have little artistic ability, and believe this could be a fun way to strengthen some skills that I do not currently have. It would also be an opportunity to try my hand at writing fiction and satire, which I haven't really explored. I already have most of my ideas written down, and progress on arranging an outline and transcript has been pretty steady. About the only question I really have is what drawing supplies and equipment I should use when creating the comic itself? In the About section of the site, David Morgan-Mor lists that throughout the comic's runtime, he used: A 2B pencil (which didn't see much use) An HB pencil (which surprisingly lasted over 100 strips) A few Artline 90 markers Several Artline 700 markers Several Artline 200 markers A few Artline 220 markers I don't plan on using any colors, since it will probably just be a black-and-white comic. Should these writing materials be enough? Should I add something to the list of things to buy? Am I okay if I don't get one or more of these items? Any other suggestions and advice would be welcome. I'm also unused to how scanning works (although I know enough tech people to ask about that). Will simple blank printing paper be fine to use, or should I invest in a different type of paper? Thanks in advance for the help!
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