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Found 3 results

  1. Hey 🙂, i'm just shamelessly self-promoting but on my youtube channel (TerraTheHamster) i'm doing my own randomized ironman on Birthright! I'm a very small channel and would love some subscribers or advice or whatever so check it out if you want. Even if you go there just for a look i'd love you TerraTheHamster - YouTube
  2. (I initially put this in the wrong subforum due to not being able to create a thread in Fan Projects, but it has since been moved.) So without any further ado, last year I made a FE5 randomiser, but it used a command-line interface, was incredibly cumbersome to use, and on account of me only releasing on reddit and not thinking about SEO at all (I called it a Thracia randomiser and didn't mention Fire Emblem 5 or FE5 at all), I think it rather left general awareness. More recently I've come back to it, adding a few extra options, some QOL updates, some bugfixes, and most importantly, I've added a proper GUI so it should actually be more-or-less as usable as randomisers for other games I've used. Features Well, I cannot figure out how to do one of those collapsible sections I've seen in other posts, so I guess I'm just going to regurgitate some screenshots right into the middle of this post to show the settings. Sorry? And here're some in-game screenshots. (Don't mind the reordered menu, that's a silly optional setting) It should work with any regular Thracia 776 rom, but I've specifically tested with both a vanilla untranslated rom and Lil' Manster 1.07 Downloads (Dropbox): .py file Windows executable The former download can be used if you have Python 3 on your system, and also serves as the source code download if you want to check it's not doing anything shady. The executable should work if you don't have python, and was generated using PyInstaller 4.4, with the --onefile argument. While I've tried to find and fix bugs, chances are there'll be some bugs still because I can only test so much and there's a stupidly vast number of combinations of settings possible, and there's no way for me to find things like 'ch23 venin tome event gives Alphand a weapon he can't use' without actually playing the game through. Find bugs, lemme know, I'll try and fix them. Update History:
  3. Warning: Before I say anything, you're probably going to have a difficult time using this if you have no experience in python, even though you don't need to code yourself. This is because this tool requires python, which you can simply download, but also requires Pandas. I use Pycharm and let it manage all my packages, but setting pycharm up or managing the packages yourself can be troublesome if you've never used it before. That's why it really helps if you already have a working Python environment with Pandas. You can ask questions, and I'll try to help, but I can't guarentee success. link This is a tool which I created mostly for myself, but I realised some other people may find enjoyment in it too. You can use it to either randomize the class (and character ranking) for Sacred Stones/Shadow Dragon/New Mystery/Awakening/Fates/Echoes/Three Houses or maximaze stat growths for kids in Genealogy/Awakening/Fates. How to do this I've explained in the readme.md, so just read it there and if it isn't clear, you can ask what I mean. If I were a better programmer (both in skill and in ethic) I would make my creation more user-friendly, by creating a gui or something, but I didn't, so now you have to install a couple of randomly strewn files from github. You need everything there except the readme (though you may want to read it), ui.py and main.py and just put it in a folder (probably an IDE project folder). From here you can follow the instructions in the readme. If you manage to make it work on you computer, I'd appreciate feedback if you encounter some mistakes. Some I know and I'm not planning to fix (You can use Gunter and Jakob both in Conquest and Revelations but they only have an A+ in Conquest), and one other I only just remembered during writing that it existed (the fates randomizer does not yet take into account child marriage), but there will probably be many I don't.
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