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Found 8 results

  1. I recorded an SSS rank playthrough of FE5. I took 163 turns, played on normal mode, and did not use movement growth or movement stars. I prioritized safety over turncount, but recorded best-case-scenarios. I know most people here just care about getting the lowest turncount so I have some notes on that as well. Here are the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdHKtH-kd8TQegZrA8GsElEr Here are my turncounts: ch1 - 4 ch2 - 4 ch2x - 8 ch3 - 6 ch4 - 13 ch4x - 8 ch5 - 15 ch6 - 7 ch7 - 7 ch8 - 4 ch8x - 0 ch9 - 2 ch10 - 6 ch11 - 4 ch11x - 2 ch12 - 2 ch12x - 5 ch13 - 5 ch14 - 10 ch14x - 0 ch15 - 2 ch16a - 2 ch17a - 2 ch18 - 9 ch19 - 1 ch20 - 15 ch21 - 1 ch21x - 5 ch22 - 1 ch23 - 1 ch24 - 6 ch24x - 3 ch25 - 3 total - 163 As for an SSS route that prioritizes turns over reliability here are the turncounts I would expect: ch1 - 4 ch2 - 4 ch2x - 8 ch3 - 6 ch4 - 11 (recorded example) ch4x - 6 (recorded example) ch5 - 15 ch6 - 6 (not recorded) ch7 - 6 (recorded example) ch8 - 2 (not recorded) ch8x - 0 ch9 - 2 ch10 - 3 (not recorded) ch11 - 4 ch11x - 2 ch12 - 2 ch12x - 5 ch13 - 3 (recorded example) ch14 - 10 ch14x - 0 ch15 - 2 ch16a - 2 ch17a - 2 ch18 - 8 (in theory, not fully planned) ch19 - 1 ch20 - 15 ch21 - 1 ch21x - 5 (in theory, not fully planned) ch22 - 1 ch23 - 1 ch24 - 6 ch24x - 3 ch25 - 3 total - 149 Chapters 6, 8, and 10 should be pretty straightforward. In ch6 you rush through the main city and leave by the left escape point, in ch8 you warpskip (need to rig repair misses to get warp that soon), and in ch10 you warpskip again. For chapter 18 I figure you would lure the first few armor knights towards your starting position and then pull some of them upwards on turn 5 so they don't clog the narrow corridor and you're free to drop the remaining civillians on turn 6. You should still be able to 5-turn chapter 21x despite extra prisoners because you'll be able to repair rescue (instead of repairing sleep). A turnsave on 2x might theoretically be possible on 2x if playing elite mode but it would be incredibly unlikely, involving eyvel build growths and probably some crits. I am looking for information on potential improvements to this run, either to increase reliability or to decrease turncount. Please let me know what I've missed. I'm planning to eventually do a (re)warpless full recruitment run next, likely with 0% growths, so info related to that would also be appreciated. Edit: added turncounts for unreliable route
  2. This post has been somewhat inspired by FionordeQuester's recent guide to S-ranking LHM while getting Nils to level 7. S-ranking Lyn Mode alone is not a very challenging feat, regardless of the difficulty. However, achieving all of the tactician stars is a bit more difficult, due to some rather insane funds/EXP requirements for certain chapters (in particular, Chapter 2, where you can spend at most 60G worth of weapon uses and need to gain 200 EXP, which turns out to just barely be possible). This guide will aim to give a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get all 60 nice stars for Lyn Normal Mode on your ranking screen. Rules: - No RNG abuse, with the exception of Chapter 2, where it is necessary to rig every critical hit. - Before each chapter, a hard reset is done to bring the RNG back to its initial position for consistency. - All cutscenes will be skipped (Start) in order to avoid the burning of extra RNs during scenes with movement on the map. - Aim for lowest turn counts possible while meeting 5-star requirements. - All treasure obtained, all bosses killed (in other words a complete playthrough). Possibly something related to steals. My aim for this guide is for anyone who reads it to be able to achieve the same result simply by mimicking the playthrough given here, so if anything is unclear, or if you find something to be incorrect, don't hesitate to let me know! Alright then, let's get started! The save file I end up with in this run may be used in a future LNM+ENM Max Tactician Stars run, so I will keep that in the back of my mind while doing this. EDIT: Updated to include new rules!
  3. I'm trying to plan out my Gen I pairings and am a bit stuck. In what ways can I improve what I have here? Pairings (Gen I): Sigurd (Seliph) Deidre (Julia) Quan (Altena) Ethlyn (Leaf) - Silver Sword - Money - Gae Bolg - Light Brand - Thunder Sword - Silver Lance - Return Ring - Skill Ring - Pursuit Ring - Speed Ring - Shield Ring - Elite Ring - Leg Ring Midir (Lester) Aideen (Mana) Ayra (Larcei) Lex (Ulster) - Brave Bow - Recover - Flame sword - Silver Blade - Killer Bow - Warp - Steel Blade - Money - Extra Stave(s) - Effetive Sword Beowulf (Delmud) Raquesis (Nanna) Sylvia (Leen) Dew (Corple) - Shield Sword - Heal - Prayer Sword - Money - Thief Sword - Mend - Knight Ring - Power Ring - Extra Stave(s) Fury (Fee) Claude (Ced) Bridget (Faval) Holyn (Patty) - Brave Lance - Valkyrie - Yewfelle - Sleep Sword - Steel Lance - Reserve - Silver Bow - Brave Sword - Javelin - Elf-tome - Bargain Ring - Wind Sword - Elf-tome - Steel Sword - Barrier Ring Taillte (Tinny) Lewyn (Arthur) ******************Finn******************* - Elf-tome - Forseti - Silver Lance - Magic Ring - Elf-Tome - Javelin EDIT 1: a. Swapped Shield Ring from Delmud to Seliph b. Swapped Finn's Brave Lance with Fury's Silver Lance c. Swapped Dew!Ayra and Lex!Sylvia to Lex!Ayra and Dew!Sylvia c. Added Knight Ring to Sylvia d. Added Reserve to Claude
  4. Edit: And the run is completed. 7 Turns faster than the old Nico playthrough. If you want to see the whole playlist here is a link: Original OP:
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum (as a contributor anyway) but certainly not new to Fire Emblem! I've completed S-ranked runs of HHM several times, but one challenge I have always wanted to undertake was a Max Tacticians Stars S-Rank. I haven't been able to find anyone who has done something like this online, so I decided to attempt this myself! I am currently in the middle of a tool assisted run on LHM, where I am attempting to get 58/60 stars while getting Nils to level 7. I am only using TA because it is required; I hope to not do so for HHM (which I consider to be the actual challenge, this just being the preparation). In terms of preparation, I am aiming to get Sain promoted (which I have to do before the end of chapter 9) and train up Florina and Matthew (and of course Serra/Nils). I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this challenge and any advice you may have to offer. Let me know what you guys think! Edit: Now with links to all of the completed chapters so far: [spoiler=HHM - second attempt] Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (4 turns) Chapter 13 (5 turns) Chapter 13x (8 turns) Chapter 14 (4 turns) Chapter 15 (8 turns) Chapter 16 (4 turns) [spoiler=LHM - 78 turns] Prologue (5 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (8 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (6 turns) Chapter 7x (19 turns) Chapter 8 (6 turns) Chapter 9 (7 turns) Chapter 10 (10 turns) [spoiler=LHM - 79 turns] Prologue (5 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (8 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (6 turns) Chapter 7x (16 turns) Chapter 8 (7 turns) Chapter 9 (8 turns) Chapter 10 (12 turns) [spoiler=HHM initial attempt (unfinished)] Chapter 10 Chapter 11 (watch MoogleBoss's video) Chapter 12 (slightly outdated) Chapter 13 Chapter 13x (missing) Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 17x
  6. Something that I always though would be an interesting challenge to run involves S-Ranking HHM in the lowest amount of turns possible. You can find a lot of runs like this for games like FE4 and FE5, but for some reason it doesn't appear that anyone has done anything like this for FE7. I'm hoping to run this challenge concurrently with my Max Star Playthrough, and hopefully the two playthroughs will end up sharing some strategies (though I doubt that will happen). The rules/goals for this challenge: - S Rank HHM in the fewest amount of turns possible - Limited RNG abuse allowed (not like 50 RNs burned at once) - Game will be played on vanilla HHM (no LHM preparation) - Not all characters will be recruited and most (if not all) gaiden chapters will be skipped What do you guys think? With very low expectations, I'd say that a sub-200 turn playthrough is very possible; General Horace's LTC clears HHM with full recruitment and Farina in 136, so this gives me plenty of breathing room to gain extra EXP if/when necessary. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns)
  7. Note: I'm still hoping to continue this eventually, but due to RL stuff and relative disinterest I don't see myself going on anytime soon. I mentioned somewhere that I'd do this eventually, and here it is. Possibly not being able to buy the maximum amount of boots and to ignore exp for most unmounted combat units will change a lot of things compared to a regular LTC run. Without a long introductory text, these are the rules: - The true ending must be accessed. - A rank in all categories. - Full recruitment / no deaths. - Lowest turncount under these restrictions. I put my notes (similar to what dondon uses for planning) on pastebin, here's the list if you're interested, although there may be inconsistencies between this and my recorded clears: http://pastebin.com/u/Grdvssss Chapter 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Xro2vB7AQ Rankings: Exp: 390 Combat: 10/25 = 40% Power: 27 Funds: 13495G Turns: 4/4 Used a variation of the standard strat, involving a silver lance crit for the bosskill. The exp distribution is pretty even, with Lance being the only unit to get a level yet, but quite a good one. Not much else to say about the strat that you can't see in the video. There are a lot of other ways to spread exp in this chapter, and I'll probably explore them in a ranked context when I have a better idea of what I do in the next bunch of maps. [spoiler=C1 stats] UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 1.80 18 5 5 7 7 5 0 D Swd Marcus xx/1.38 32 9 14 11 10 9 8 D Swd A Lnc E Axe Alan 1.91 21 7 4 6 3 6 0 E Swd D Lnc Bors 1.00 20 7 4 3 4 11 0 D Lnc Wolt 1.40 18 4 4 5 2 4 0 D Bow Lance 2.21 21 6 7 9 2 6 1 E Swd D Lnc [spoiler=Chapter turncounts + links]Chapter 1 (4/4 turns): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Xro2vB7AQ Chapter 2 (5/9 turns): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i3AkBnYyMo
  8. Is it possible to get all of the levels you need without using the arena? Has anyone done this before?
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