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Found 4 results

  1. Ever wanted a version of Genealogy where every unit had good mobility, but didn't deviate too hard from the original game? Introducing, Genealogy of the Holy Perambulation! https://www.mediafire.com/file/ageac560pxo15rh/GHP.zip/file This hack features: - 7 Move for Base Infantry Classes, 8 Move for promoted infantry classes!* *enemies excluded, unless you're playing HARDMODE PATCH - Comprehensive Buffs for Weaker Characters such as Arden, Tailtyu, and Hannibal. - Improved Weaponry Balance - Improved Base Stats of Some Classes - Playable Helswath!* *Only if Johan or Johalvier are alive and kill the boss holding it in Endgame, otherwise they can't get it -BONUS HARDMODE PATCH This patch can be applied to a vanilla rom if you feel like playing the game in it's native language, but it should also work with whatever translation you're using. The Changelog should answer any questions you have. If it doesn't, just reply to me in this thread.
  2. This is my rebalance patch of Fe6. REBD is an abbreviation of my username Red Eyes Black Dragon. This rebalance is mostly preferred from the author only, hence the title, I could make it even harder or any changes that I think it's cool for me. MediafireLink patches: * unlocked hard mode * enabled battle anim for berserked units * limitless trading * ai prevents healing full health units * faster unit movements * prep shop in hard mode * minimum poison damage increased to 15 character changes: none class changes: * Great Lord mov 6 ==> 7 item changes: * Elixir uses 3 ==> 1 * Angelic robe uses 1 ==> 3 & increased points 7 ==> 5 * Secret book uses 1 ==> 3 & increased points 2 ==> 1 * Dragonshield uses " " * Energy ring uses " " * Speedwings uses " " * Talisman uses " " * Body ring uses " " * Goddess icon uses 1 ==> 3 * Boots uses 1 ==> 2 weapon & stave changes: * Dragon stones range changed from 1 ==> 1-2 * Rapier, Halberd and Horseslayer are now effective to Nomads, Troubadours, Valkyries * Rapier uses 25 ==> 40 * restore staff gives 3 res * status staves usage increased from 3 ==> 5 * status staves gives 2 res * rescue staff gives 5 spd & 4 def * Aircalibur 10 crit * Thunder now effective to Dragons * Light effective to Shamans, Druids and Demon dragon * Dark effective to Paladins, Clerics, Priests, Bishops, Troubadours, Valkyries * Ballista damage 8 ==> 15 & 70 hit * Iron ballista damage 13 ==> 20 & 70 hit * Killer ballista 75 hit * Legendary weapons are now unbreakable however has +10 weight map changes: none terrain changes: * villages & houses give 10 healing * Gates & Thrones give 30 healing weapon triangle changes: * weapon advantages are increased by 20 accuracy & 3 damage * every melee weapon has disadvantage to bow by 10 accuracy & 1 damage * every melee weapon has advantage to tomes by 10 accuracy & 1 damage * staves has advantage to tomes by 10 accuracy & 1 damage
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5d63kp79ukttrq6/sacred+shrines.rar/file patch it on a japanese rom (seima no kouseki) This is pretty much just a rebalance hack but with cute touhou girls. The rar contains a skill guide but if you're familiar with fe8 and touhou you might don't need a guide for it. There is no recruitment changes and if you forgot something then find a way to figure that out lol. triangle attack changed to bond attack consists of 2 friendship or family groups: group 1: reimu, marisa, sanae group 2: remilia, flandre, sakuya features: unique costum classes if it's touhou then difficulty must be increased (meaning increased enemy stats)(also play on ephraim mode) playable touhou cast new skills (might be buggy) new portraits new animations you can promote units till 15 up, 30 is the maximum level limit over 40 max stat caps on every stat, hp is maximum stat doubled(which is 80) Credits: Febuilder by 7743 female axe units by FEGirls female mercenary by TBA female summoner by FEGirls Miko by Redbean repal by Lisandra_brave Graphics Repo by Klokinator Lance Hero Reskin by Pushwall
  4. REQUIRES A CLEAN FE 6 ROM, UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS IN JAPANESE UNTIL I GET AN UPDATE IN MY FEBUILDER AND IT HAS A TRANSLATION PATCH. This is my FE 6 hack. I have been working on for a while, it's in japanese and I finally finished testing it in hard mode and did the necessary changes. Notable changes include: Buffs to most units through growth rates, bases or weapon ranks: Notable buffs include: Roy using anima magic Marcus having better weapon ranks Zelot, snipers and Dayan have 30 crit Dayan can wield the wo dao Lilina and Sophia can use staves at first tier. Pegasus knights start with light magic Knights and generals can wield swords Gwendy is a level 1 cav with insane growths. Hit rates are increased by 10 wta is +/-1 mt and +/-15 hit magic wta is +/-2 mt and +/- 20 hit Chapter 3 has a hero crest. Flux is 1-3 range. short bow is 1-2 range with 0 crit Certain shops have extra weapons and items Fimbulvetr is a purchasable A rank tome FE 6 Broken Emblem 1102019.ups The second link is what I feel a fairly detailed I hope, experience of my hack. http://aminoapps.com/p/7d8moh Animation credits: Troubador Magic: Lisandra_Brave Roy Magic: Pikmin1211 Pegasus Knight Light magic: Darknight 97 and George Red Knight Sword: TBA Cavalier axe: Primefusion Falcoknight magic animation: George red
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