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Found 15 results

  1. So, we have now been introduced to 2 classes and I'm wondering what people think of them. Starting out with the more recent introduction first because I have less to say about it is the Mage Cannoneer: The class is armored, and is a mono-weapon class with S-rank in cannons. The Magic Blast used in the paralogue is a B rank siege weapon with 3-8 range but accuracy reduces at high range. Despite the weapon running on magic and the class' name, this enemy's stats are more physically oriented. Then there are the Enchanters from Soren's paralogue: The class is support-focused with B arts and B daggers, level 5 access to the convoy, and provides a variety of buffs based on item usage or weapon syncs. I'm really interested to run this class eventually. Initially I thought this would be more of an apothecary item-throwing class, but is instead focused around consuming items and spreading buffs to nearby allies. The buffs you can get from the weapon syncing side are also intriguing. I imagine the class could pair very well with Micaiah, being able to pull any staff you need out of the convoy on a whim (without being stuck with Alear's bad magic stat). It could also work with Lucina, since you get chain attack poison from daggers and Qi-Adept 100% bond shield. The focus on support makes me think that for the most part the stats don't matter and it can be good on any character (except magic for staves if running Micaiah).
  2. Hi, Yesterday I began a Conquest run with BR cast. The first thing that I did (even before knowing my +skl Corrin with decent bases in +res -mag from The Choice would be massively speed screwed) was to marry Corrin to Jakob and make him a spear master. Well, Jakob with seal def AND speed trivializes the game so much I have to disarm him in order to let other units do something. He's lv 12 and so awesome even though he can't double shit, it's insane. I'm playing normal classic for once (not ready to step up in hard classic, and the classic mode is mostly to kill any nohrian I recruit in order to keep most of the Hoshidan cast since unit number is limited. I think in hard I'd have to place more carefully (even if Jakob has 14 spd and 15 def with Corrin backpack not even counting Corrin's personal skill making it 17, and 9 or 10 res becoming 11 or 12), but seriously def and speed seals are completely broken, and Jakob still hasn't learnt lancefaire + elbow room (or shelter). My myrmidon Takumi is really good although he's being outclassed defensively by...Setsuna, of all people XD. My Oboro hasn't gained one level without proccing speed which is quite rare (usually she doesn't level speed in 3 levels and ends up as slow as Silas), but she didn't gain a sngle point of def at level 14. Kagero hits like a truck but I use a +1 bronze dagger (the run is a bronze only run, without forges except the dagger since it has garbage MT forever and the ninja class has garbage strength), but in her 1st 2 level ups she didn't level speed at all, I hope for a good speed level up 12>13 with spd+res. Of all of them, Jakob is really the best thanks to the seal combo and benefitting from Corrin support bonuses+skill, I dropped Silas at lv 10 (13 str 12 speed 11 def, not enough to take a spot, and I already field ninja rinkah to pick locks when Kagero is fighting for exp), I play Hinoka (if it was hard mode she would 3RKO the ennemies...12 str at level 14 is really hard to salvage (thank you for making mages squishy in normal mode, in hard she wouldn't even 1RKO them with bronze/iron). So, now I think you guys should really try and adopt Jakob spear master, who renders defense perfectly useless and nerfs ninjas into oblivion (also samurai Takumi since he's faster than his archer self and has enough accuracy + bulk to hit things with WTD and live after taking 1 or 2 hits just like Hinata while having more strength than him). Tell me when you've tried it and seen the results if the awesomeness of spear master skills in CQ, where tanks aren't tanky anymore. You can reclass him to pally then for better res and movement.
  3. Hi, I wanted to try a run with Witch Rinkah, no skillbuying for her, reclass as soon as My Castle is accessible, and Malig Knight/Wyvern lord Felicia (wen for Malig knight for magic growth but might end in wyvern lord with magic weapons). Well, doing that on hard in BR, and so far it's very easy, Rinkah has approximately the same defence as average Silas, enough speed to double every ennemy except swordies/thieves/ninjas, average mag (although with witch base mag she has about the same magic as Orochi, while having more HP, def and way more speed). So we have a hard hitting magic unit with cavalier level defensive abilities, free tonic/potions seeking to save money, and she kills everything except anti mage units in 1 round. Felicia has average strength and def with above average magic and resist compared with similar units, early access to str+2, lv 10 wyvern skill to switch places, savage blow, soon trample, giving her 7 physical damage vs non mounted ennemies and 5 magic damage. She can also get rally def whenever I switch her to wyvern lord and then sword breaker for easy axe berserk. I also picked up Setsuna, don't know which class she's gonna go into, maybe ninja after lv 10 archer for quick draw and more strength/def/HP so she can pick locks and poison strike. I guess she makes a good master ninja/mechanist depending on what you want her to do (mechanist allowing her to use her bow rank and stronger weapon type is nice too with bonus movement being quite useful in some situations with BR open maps). I also found out how useful it was to pair Hinoka with Setsuna in their intro map since Setsuna can double and tank mages and double onis with Hinoka backpack (she 3HKOs the onis in this chapter at base). Don't know who I'm gonna use on top of them. MU is really stat screwed (only stats that got more than 2/3 level ups at lv 8 were HP and strength, making him/her a fighter with swords and dragonstone...with Charlotte level defensive stats and Silas/Effie level speed, so I'm not using MU outside Felicia backpack, which he does well anyway). I like the vanguard and Lodestar skins so I might use some males with DLC classes. Just don't know which ones are gonna be the chosen ones. Now I let you suggest things to try since I've largely seen in my diverse playthroughs that weird class paths often make the best units. Who should get lodestar in your opinion? The class is really poor growths-wise and sword locked, a poor man's swordmaster/master of arms.
  4. So in my newest Revelations run I want to experiment with new stat builds for Forrest. I used a Witch Sakura!Forrest and I am considering re-classing him as either a Dark Knight, Great Master or Basara, which class long term would be more beneficial to Forrest? Skills are not priority as I can buy them. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Dark Knight (Levin Sword + Tomes) 65 42.5 67.5 35 42.5 45 42.5 42.5 Great Master (Using Bolt Naginata / healer) 60 37.5 62.5 35 52.5 55 37.5 47.5 Basara (S Rank w. Selkie; Bolt Naginata + Tomes ) 70 32.5 67.5 40 47.5 55 32.5 47.5
  5. I believe most of people here already knew about Weapon Scrolls, for increased any weapon-proficiency for any unit's class. About the Seals, we already knew about the Seals which able to unlock special classes for any character we prefers. Now how about Weapon Seals? I believe on future titles, IS will able to modified every unit's motions later on, since the reclassing system has been featured. There is 7 regular weapon types in the world of Fire Emblem now: sword, lance, axe, bow, tome, staff, and dagger. Dragonstone, claws, fangs, fist, etc, are not included. So, no matter if becomes DLC's or not, the Weapon Seal types will be: Sword Seal Lance Seal Axe Seal Bow Seal Tome Seal Staff Seal Dagger Seal Every characters only able to use ONE and ONCE of it, no matter what type that he/she used and will be permanently added to the character's present respective class when used (Note: unable to use to all unpromoted classes or special classes like artilleries, manaketes, and beastmen). The max.proficiency of the weapon will be S and able to use to any class that have same type of the weapon seal when the class only have maximum proficiency B or A on the respective weapon types, except if the respective class already have maximum proficiency S. Example: "I want Xander still able to use sword while he has been reclassed to (promoted) Wyvern Lord!". Then after (reclassed) Wyvern Lord Xander used Sword Seal, he will able to wield sword in his Wyvern Lord class (and the sword prof. will be retained same as his last sword prof. on other class but now able to grind into S). Since the Sword Seal used when Xander on Wyvern Lord class, the new sword-wielding ability will only exist in his Wyvern Lord class no matter he reclassing again to another class. Even when reclassing again to his Paladin class, his max. sword prof. will be back to A (as original Paladin's max. sword prof.). And after he used the Sword Seal, he will unable to use any Weapon Seal again. Or another example: Sniper Takumi unable to use Bow Seal because Sniper class' max. bow proficiency already S, but Priestess Sakura able to use it since her Priestess class only have max. bow proficiency B. After Sakura used the Bow Seal, her Priestess class max.wpn.prof. will be Staff A and Bow S, and she will unable to use any Weapon Seal again. This is just my simple idea from my stupid brain for the glorious Fire Emblem next development fun while challenging plays. I believe that any fellows here have better opinion and idea than mine for this thread. Best regards.
  6. I've always wanted Micaiah to be able to use Dark Magic in FE10, So maybe with a remake, She could be reclassed into a Big Smoke's Order Incarnate?
  7. Since this game does have DLC and any characters except Alm and Celica can reclass back to Villagers using the new Reclass item. But, what kind of Special DLC Classes, Items, Skills, and maybe a character rewards do you like to see it happening for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia just they did with Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates like how they added Dread Fighter, Bride, Dark Falcon, Bastillian, and Witch as a DLC reward? I personally wanted to see if they can might add the Swordmaster class from the April Fools prank from the Japanese website that was shown from this April Fools day, Dark Knights, Dark Fliers (or Dark Falcon), Great Knights, Assassins, War Clerics, and/or Dancers since we did saw those Dancing Girls were in Zofian Castle that was shown in the Fire Emblem Direct as a DLC class. I know that Dread Fighters are third tiers from the Mercenary line for Echoes, but I personally wanted to see Witches to be playable in Echoes since Fire Emblem Fates have Witches returned and got a chance to be playable for the first time. For DLC Skills, I do wanted to see if Vantage, Lethality, Aether, Weaponfaire skills, Weaponbreaker skills, Gamble, and Shadowgift return as a DLC skill. For Items, I'm not exactly sure which one to pick besides Scrolls and DLC Reclass Items? If there doing a character reward if Alm or Celica's team goes to one of the Xenologue maps that a character needs to be rescued like how Fates have Anna in her own map and she joins as a DLC character. I do want to see if they can might add Anna join as a DLC, add one of recurring characters like Jake, one of the Fates characters, or other characters in the previous Fire Emblem games, or it be a completely brand new character.
  8. So Shadow Dragon introduced a huge new mechanic in the reclass feature, which let characters switch classes. So what do you think in general about the reclass feature? Do you like it or not, and why? Do you tend to use it or ignore it and why? Do you think introducing the mechanic was a good thing/good design decision for the series as a whole, or a bad one? And of all the games with reclass, which game has your favorite version of it and why? Personally, I'm not a fan of reclass. To me, a lot of a unit's personality is contained within their starting class. Like, Soren is Soren partly because he's a wind mage/wind sage, and turning him into (for example) a myrmidon...it just wouldn't feel right, even if it would bolster his strength growth mechanically. Not to mention, I see a unit's class as an investment of time, study and energy into a certain field. For example, a cavalier who's trained for years for mounted combat...and then they can suddenly jump right into casting as a mage or a bishop. Sure, they start with E ranks in everything, but, eh, the idea that they can just jump right into battle never having picked up a tome/staff/lance/sword/axe before bothers me. Speaking purely mechanically, I know a lot of people like using it to 'edit' the stats of a unit as they see fit, which I'm not the biggest fan of. Each unit has his or her strengths and weaknesses, and the gameplay is based around utilizing what you have and your resources rather than simply changing them. I know that it helped out certain supbar/'bad' characters so that they saw some use, and more often helped equalize the playing field between units, but...eh, I'm just not really feeling it. We've always had units that were superior to others in various ways I ignored it completely in Shadow Dragon, and didn't use it in Awakening, and used it only sparingly in Fates (and all I did was change Azama to an Apothecary after I realized how amazing his strength growth is). How about you guys?
  9. So I'm brand spankity new and hacking and modding and such. I wanted to replay Stones but with a few changes. I got spoiled after played Awakening and Fates, being able to make any character be any class and all. When I went back to the GBA games, I wanted to change a few units to stuff they usually can't me. Basically, all I want to do is change promoted units to be unpromoted. And change the actually class of two or three units. Like making Seth a Mercenary instead of a Paladin. That much I can do. But when I go in game, sure enough he's a Merc, but his color pallet is wired. He has the usually 'good guy' blue body, but his hair is green. When prompted to Hero, he still has his blue clothes, but brown hair. Wtf? I've downloaded APE and watched several YouTube videos on it, but I'm still confused. Basically, how can I reclass character and they still have their normal colors? I bet it's super easy, I'm just overlooking something. Thanks in advance, guys!
  10. So I married Azura off to Subaki, and everything I've read says I should be able to partner seal her over to a Samurai, but both the heart ant partner seals reclass her to Sky Knight. Am I missing something here, or does this just not work?
  11. I have heard from different sources that you should NEVER promote your character(s) before level 20. I'm new to this game and I was wondering if this was true? Thanks you!
  12. Hello I have a question regarding re-classing. My plan is for Orochi: 1. Level up to 20 2. Master Seal to Onmyogi 2. Friendship Seal with Kagero to reclass to Ninja 3. Level up 4. Heart Seal (?) to Diviner This is so I could somehow make up for Orochi's really low speed. Is this even possible?
  13. Since Fates is around the corner, I have planned on what classes I will reclass into. Since my unit starts off as a Nohr Princess, I planned to reclass her as a Samurai for Astra and maybe Swordfaire. My problem is that I also want to promote to a Great Lord for Aether and Awakening. So far, my plan is this: Nohr Princess->Samurai/Swordmaster->Great Lord->Hoshido Noble Planned skill set: Aether, Awakening, Dragon Fang, Astra, Hoshido If anyone has advice on what level to reclass to the middle classes, switch their order, etc., I will be eternally grateful.
  14. Hello, I just bought the game and still don't fully understand reclassing system. For example, if Odin and Luna marry each other, Odin's base is Dark mage and samurai as a secondary while Luna's base is Mercenary and Pegasus as a secondary, naturally Odin will get access to Mercanary class right?. However, what if I buddy Odin with Lazward BEFORE Odin x Luna marriage? Lazward's base is Mercenary, so Odin should get access to Mercenary class when buddy with him. Is it possible for Odin to get Pegasus class after marriage with Luna in this case? (since right now Odin already has Mercenary class from buddying with Lazward if I'm understanding correctly) Thank you :)
  15. Okay so a few questions. Does Draug make a good hunter or should I reclass him into something else. When should I reclass him? I do have ryan by the way. Thinking i'm just going to keep him archer to sniper. MU is cavalier. Thinking I might reclass to him fighter at some point. Currently on chapter 1 playing on normal. Team i'm mainly using, draug,Marth, MU,Luke,Ryan,(probably going to throw palla there whenever you recruit her), Also generally chipping with cecille.
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