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Found 9 results

  1. I recently completed my first Azure Moon playthrough. Since I previously played through Crimson Flower and Verdant Wind, all that remains is Silver Snow. I try to limit the number of student characters that I recruit, both for story reasons and so that I don't risk training characters that I won't accidentally train units that I ultimately won't use. With Silver Snow, there is extra incentive to recruit characters as you lose Edelgard and Hubert, but at the same time, once they leave, there's one less slot compared to Verdant Wind. I also want to consider using the church units; I've basically ignored all of them except for Flayn in my previous playthroughs, and even then, I usually end up dropping Flayn, so it would be neat to maybe use some of them here; it is the church route after all. I immediately knew I would be recruiting Lysithea, as she's basically the perfect replacement for Hubert, she's necessary for Ferdinand's paralogue and her pairing with Linhardt is sweet. If I'm recruiting Lysithea, then I'm probably recruiting Lorenz (but not using him as he isn't very good or relevant) for his relic so I can give it to Lysithea. For paralogues, I'd have to recruit Mercedes for Caspar's and Leonie for Linhardt's. However, I don't know if I really want to use them; in Mercedes' case, there's already Linhardt, Flayn and Dorothea for healing, and for Leonie, there's already Bernadetta for horseback archery. One issue that I have is that I like to have everyone paired up with someone at the end, and with my plan to have Byleth s-support either Rhea or one of the other church units such as Shamir, my current roster leaves Petra single. Usually, I pair her with Ashe, but he's just as redundant as Leonie. Anyway, what recruits do you recommend for Silver Snow?
  2. What character we can recruit in each route ? Please ask me if you have done one of them. - Scarlet Blaze : - Azure Gleam : - Golden Wildfire :
  3. Silver Snow LAST route !! After finished Crimson Flower , Azure Moon and Verdant Wind !
  4. So, I started with a Crimson Flower playthrough, now I'm doing a Golden Deer playthrough, and, after that, I'll be doing a Blue Lions playthrough. I don't have any DLC, and I try to recruit at most two students in each playthrough. I try to make sure everyone can get a good paired ending if I can, but I mainly have chosen recruits based on either usefulness or what part 2 paralogues they unlocked. In my Crimson Flower playthrough, I recruited Lysithea (for beating the Death Knight), Leonie (for the paralogue with Linhardt), and Ashe because I felt sorry for him after Lonato's death. This meant I accidentally left Hubert without a paired ending. For my Golden Deer playthrough, I recruited Linhardt for Leonie's paralogue, and Ferdinand for Lysithea's paralogue, with no intent to actually use Ferdinand. For this playthrough, the only person without a paired ending is Ferdinand, but I only recruited him for the paralogue, so that doesn't count. With planning out my Blue Lions playthrough, however, I've run into a problem: I have to recruit Caspar for Mercedes' playthrough (though I'm more than happy to have him end up alone as I'm only recruiting him because I have to), and the Blue Lions team comes with enough lance-wielders (and therefore knight-kneeler) that I might not even need Lysithea to bring down the Death Knight, nor am I really sure who I would even use the Dark Seals on once I beat him. So, I could go the whole playthrough without recruiting anyone (except Caspar). However, I currently plan to pair Byleth with Ingrid, and Sylvain with Mercedes. This leaves four guys (Dimitri, Dedue, Felix and Ashe) and two girls (Annette and Flayn). Who should I recruit?
  5. I was playing Fire Emblem 7 for GBA on my Visual Boy emulator and I forgot to recruit Priscilla. I am at the start of CH 16 now, and I need her to recruit Raven/Lucius but i can't go back and recruit her. Can someone please give me a detailed step by step on how to use FE Builder and or Nightmare program to hack her into my party. PLEASE. I don't know a lot about programming. thank you
  6. I’m making a Fire Emblem 8 hack where every playable character is a recruit, but I’ve run into a problem. I have Seth at level 10 as a recruit, but when I go to the next chapter I’m not getting the screen to promote him. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. This is a challenge that somewhat occurred to me, but I'm not sure what kind of challenge it is. The principle is simple: The only characters you are allowed to use are those which the game gives you automatically. A few examples: You can't recruit a unit that begins as a red unit (say, Joshua), is found in a village/Info Conversation (Canas), or is present on the map as a green unit (Karla, as the only example I can think of off memory). I'm going to come right out and say that it'd be fairly obvious to assume that the run will be easier in some games than others (FE7 seems easy at a glance, FE10 is almost definitely pretty difficult). So, what do you think? An interesting challenge that might (keyword might) provide an interesting outlook on the game? Or something that takes more strategy than it offers? (I can think of a few games that have no automatically obtained thieves, for instance).
  8. Has anyone experimented with using the mine trick, that lets you control the enemy turn, to siphon weapons for yourself? The scenario I had in mind is in FE7/Blazing sword chapter 17x. Fargus and Dart will not attack player units unless attacked first. On hard mode the enemies have a number of killer weapons an an Elfire. If during the enemy turn they traded those weapons to Dart would he still have them in his inventory when he joins in chapter 19?
  9. Hello everyone! If you haven't gotten to Paralogue 18 this will have spoilers for that, just a heads up! I've played through Awakening twice now on Normal/Casual and very few recruitable characters ever give me trouble as much as Gangrel (not including Paralogue 17 good lord). So I've thought about it, and would like to know, what do you guys do for that chapter to recruit him? I'll share what I usually do, but I'm almost positive there is a better way to go about it. My strategy is to make sure that I at least have two flying units. Frederick is a Wyvern Lord with A support for Chrom who is a Great Lord. I pair those two together and put them in the mountains right until Gangrel comes close enough to them, which ends up happening at the bottleneck of the two mountainsides. I'll fly out and switch to a weaponless Chrom and talk to Gangrel. Meanwhile, my other flying unit (it doesn't really matter who it is, my first time playing through was Grand Master Female Avatar and Falcon Knight Cordelia) will pair up with the Avatar and make their way to the village. My other units, besides Lissa and Libra, would go and clean up the spawn area but avoid going near the bottleneck just in case they pull Gangrel to them. Lissa (Sage) and Libra (Sage) were on standby in case anyone needed healing. With the village taken care of and the spawn area clear, I just wait on Chrom to finish talking to Gangrel for two more turns, meaning Chrom is weaponless during that time. On Normal difficulty that isn't a problem, but I think this plan would fail on Hard and up. Needless to say, Chrom finally gets Gangrel to join. Since I'm Casual scum, I just send Gangrel off to fight everyone by himself, but when I play on Classic I planned on just having Lissa or Libra to rescue him so he doesn't get killed by his former comrades. After that, everyone charges in and cleans up the map. It doesn't seem too hard of a map, it's just Gangrel makes it difficult if you really want to recruit him. Like I've said, I know my strategy isn't that great, so I'm curious on what others on Serenes Forest have tried.
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