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Found 4 results

  1. Shadow Dragon added 7 of them. Combine that with the 5 from New Mystery (not counting the returning Shadow Dragon OC characters, the BS FE characters, etc) and that's 11 of them total in the span of these two remakes. Which is ridiculous since Archanea's cast is already big enough. These new characters don't even flesh any of the others out, they're entirely self contained. The only one close to fleshing anyone out is Norne, and she becomes a Kris cheerleader. Not once does she mention Gordin and Draug in Heroes nor Fe12. Kris is even controversial and makes established scenes worse. Meanwhile Echoes only has 5 of them. And only 2 are playable. None of the OCs are self contained either outside of Rinea, and she's extremely minor in the plot and not playable at all. Faye's apart of the starting group of Ram bois, Berkut is obvious, Fernand is a founder of the deliverance and helps give Clive, Clair and the others more story and conflict, and Conrad gives Halcyon more purpose and fleshed out Celica's past some more. FE4/FE6 remake please don't let us down.
  2. If you'll indulge me: Balancing is integral in rpgs in all games balancing is a delicate practice and requires many deliberate and meticulous little tweaks that on the large scale may seem inconsequential but can drastically affect the players relationship to the game. This is especially true of rpgs as in an rpg the players main way of interacting with the game is based on there stats as well as often how rng and the stats of opponents relate to it. I've spent a bit of time on this forum talking with the fanbase on binding blade it's flawed, as well as it's merits, and i've come to the conclusion that consistently people seem to feel it's biggest flaw is in it's balancing. In some of the best fire emblem games and in tactical games in general, every unit is viable, while also having strengths and weaknesses requiring you to use them to there fullest potential in tandem with other units, in chess each unit is suited to a particular role for example rooks can be used to defend the king in a practice known as "castling", pawns are limited in movement but have potential to move and knights are great offensively (Forgive my limited chess-knowledge). The idea of each unit being viable in fire emblem also parallels themes within the franchise, every individual unit is of value and can change the course of battle. Good balancing and carefull attention to stat values can also help to convey certain aspects of a character, such as a clumsy character having low skill, but then developing that stat throughout the game, both developing in a character sense and in a gameplay sense. I think if Binding Blade is to be remade it would benefit from focusing on implimenting balancing of this nature, making characters not only more viable but more developed through this kind of subtle visual storytelling.
  3. So as a fan; I have stated previously in older posts, Ive only played really the later half of the fe series gba and up, I have high hopes for echoes. What should be my biggest concern coming into it like what should really be a focus point. What would be the biggest learning curve or change in the upcoming game.
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