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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! I haven't been active on here unfortunately. I'm hyping the FE1 localisation so I made this remix :)) I hope you could enjoy this!
  2. Hi everyone! Jugebox98 here!! I'm new on these forums :) I don't know how many knows me before hand but I make remixes on Youtube. I have covered Fire Emblem music before. But I don't want to talk about myself too much. I have started to make Fire Emblem Medley because FE is 30th years old :) I'm currently on GBA games but my goal is to cover almost every mainline entry of the series (FE11 and FE16 will be missing due they are just remakes). I don't know excatly when this is going to be released but I will inform you if you're interested! Here's sneak peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKl9myI5-o0 If you have any questions then I'm willing to answer! If you have suggestions about the songs or general advices I would take those comments too!
  3. Basically, take a song that lacks a remix in Ultimate (or is not in Ultimate at all), and give it one. Posters can do up to 5 per post. I’ll start with some Touhou tracks because why not, I have brought up some Touhou in Smash stuff as of late. Maybe even a composer if you can. -Maiden’s Capriccio (Reimu’s theme) Kind of just want a remastered version, utilizing the piano and some Japanese instruments, too. And since this is a remix, maybe even add in a piano solo towards the end of the loop. -Love-Colored Master Spark (Marisa’s theme) Same treatment as M’sC. I thought of the composition using the same instruments as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s “A Stranger I Remain”. Some techno there, more rhythmic electric guitar here, dominated by violins. And maybe an extra little part in the latter half of the loop.
  4. Some friends and I have started a fandub of the first localised Fire emblem game. Below is a fandub of the opening history narrated by yours truly, along with the first official episode of the fandub, where Lyn encounters Sain and Kent. All footage was recorded via the Wii U's virtual console service and all the audio was edited by me. Feel free to give them a watch! My voice cast has exceptionally hard on this project, so any support you can give them is also appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJOG7XMYL0o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrAFFqSEaO4 Disclaimer: This is my first time directing a fandub. This is not a full fandub, just a highlight series, and will also include supports later down the line. Also it uses the PAL version of the script, so some phrases will be different.
  5. Actually i.. anyways they hinted this in the 1.5 credits after all. Edit: Will Include Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded and Kingdom Hearts II BBS and KH2 will be in their final mix versions.
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