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Found 5 results

  1. The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance Final Version Released Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM What is it? It is a reskin and rebalance of Sacred Stones using classes and music from all 3 GBA games, a lot of new custom classes with new animations, new spells, new weapons, a skill system and many quality of life improvements made by the hacking community. Vanilla campaign was not altered, but difficulty has been slightly raised. This hack features a complete separation from the Strenght and Magic stats, meaning some classes are able to use magic and physical weapons. All of these changes are aimed at making Sacred Stones feel fresh and more challenging, while not altering the story (with the sole exception of Hayden joining on chapter 20). This project was heavily inspired by Sir Serenes' Reskin and Seal's Sacred War hack. There are 8 versions to choose from. They are combinations of 2 choices across 3 categories so that the player can choose whichever version has the configurations they would prefer to play. The categories and choices are as follows: Full or Lite - The full version contains the community-made skill system. The lite version only contains vanilla skills. The lite version was made for people who complained about skill bloating of the full version. Random or fixed growths - The random growths is the vanilla system for leveling up. Stats are raised randomly according to character growths. The fixed growths are similar to the system found in FE9. Stats will be raised in predetermined levels. With or without AI tweak - The versions with the AI tweak will prevent enemies from attacking player units to which they deal 0 damage. The versions without the AI tweak is the vanilla behavior of enemies dumbly attacking anyone in range. What was changed? * Many characters have exclusive custom classes * Hayden joins automatically on chapter 20 and has an exclusive class (Bow Knight) * Amelia has access to the soldier class and can be promoted to halberdier (using knight's crest) * Knights, generals, great knights and monarchs move 1 additional tile * Magic system revamped with new spells. With the exception of siege tomes, wind spells have low mt and 2-3 range. Fire spells have average stats and 1-2 range. Thunder spells have high crit and are locked to melee range. There is also an anima magic triangle. Fire spells are strong against wind. Wind is strong against thunder. Thunder is strong against fire. The traditional magic triangle (anima>light>dark>anima) is still present. * Every class has a third promotion option. * Poison damage has been reworked. Poison will deal low damage in early game, but it will gradually increase as the player progresses through the game. In the final chapters, it can deal as much as 20 points of damage. Don't underestimate enemies with poison weapons! * Some classes have had their HP caps expanded (up to a maximum of 80) * Added generic female enemy units for more diversity. It always bugged me how 99% of the women of this franchise only fight for the player. * I manually edited every enemy in the game to improve them by increasing base stats, growths, level or giving them better equipment (in a similar fashion to Seal's hack). Bosses have been buffed and are no longer a joke. * Armory and shop inventories have been improved so you will have access to better weapons earlier in the game. On top of that, the preparation shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game. * Allies join you at appropriate levels so they won't require grinding to become usable. (except trainees) * Some of the promoted monsters have custom animations too. * All units can achieve multiple S ranks. * Ephraim and Eirika have alternative promotions. You must decline the automatic promotion at the end of chapter 16 and use the Solar/Lunar brace for the options to appear. * Units gain support points by being up to 3 tiles away from each other * The player can unlock Selena and Lyon by clearing the Tower and the Ruins only once * Myrrh's dragonstone is unbreakable, but is no longer effective against monsters. It has also been nerfed so Myrrh wouldn't be too broken with unlimited dragonstone. To balance it out, her dragonstone has 1-2 range. There is also a second and a third type of dragonstone that can be aquired in the game. * Lagdou Ruins is a high-level challenge area for post-game activity. Enemies over there have better stats and powerful, exclusive weapons. * Starting on chapter 9 there will be mini bosses carrying good loot for the player. * There is a leadership mechanic which gives units additional avoid and hit rates. (usable by the player and enemies) * There are two new secret shops in Lagdou Ruins. One on floor 5 and another on floor 9. Both require the warp staff in order to be reached. You can try to find them yourself or check their exact locations here: **Quality of life changes** * Detailed HP bars (by Circles and Zane) * Skill system -"Full" version only- (by Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze,Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1) * Show Heal Amount (by Tequila) * Map Danger Zone (by Circles) - Press the select button to display enemy range * Colored stats, growth and talk display (by Tequila) - Press SELECT while in the status screen to toggle between growths and stats * Gain support points up to 3 tiles away (by Venno) * Units can act after talking or having support conversations * Metis' tome can be sold (useful for people playing fixed growths mode) * The preparation screen shop is dynamic and will offer better weapons as you progress through the game. * You can access the support screen by pressing the "L" button while in the "status" screen * The preparation shop items have the same pricing as regular shops * Detailed minimug (by Runa) Skill list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oeXwIH2tn0Y30FXr0Stx6cbXOHC0IaHVe_ZI9WC03tY/edit?usp=sharing Promotion Chart https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wXaWtr1oJjKHx4dJ-0xy9FrgwhPYzBA4aYm2V-n9IGs/edit?usp=sharing Some screenshots To be updated Credits To be updated * Our lord and savior 7743 for FEBuilder * Sir Serenes for the idea and palettes for Riev * TBA, Arch, Skitty and Temp for phantom animations * IS, Hairyblob and Maiser6 for quicker Zephiel animations * IS and Blademaster for Athos animations * TR143 for fixed growth mode * Temp and sniper_zero for Eliwood repalette and ranged Durandal animation * Alusk for alternative soldier hover and moving animations * Spud for soldier Amelia animations * Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp and Wan for halberdier Amelia animations * Brady Shinners for the animation database * St jack, Seal and Sacred War for ballista animations * Iscaneus and Nuramon for knight animations * TBA for brigand animations * Glenwing and MK404 for fighter animations * SALVAGED team and flasuban for cavalier animations * IS, Circles, Kao and Marlon0025 for Tethys animations * Alusq and Maiser6 for mercenary animations * TBA, DerTheVaporeon and Nuramon for general animations * TBA and Maiser6 for berserker animations * Nuramon, Swain and Temp for sniper animations * Nuramon for wyvern lord animations * Keks_Krebs, Peerless and SD9K for assassin animations * Swain for hero animations * IS and Glenwing for swordmaster animations * Kenpuhu, Aruka and Nuramon for grand paladin custom class and animations * Alusq for better soldier animations * CamTech075, LisandraBrave, Zane, Zelix and Lord Glenn for custom icons * Arkth for Deathgoyle custom animations * Yangfly for kawaii blader animations * Nuramon for infantry great lord Ephraim animations * Teraspark, Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon for dark knight animations * Seal for legion, elder tarvos and gazer animations * BwdYeti for elthunder animation * SHYUTER for forblaze animation * Blazer and Jubby for meteor animation * Arch for static, wind and tornado animations * Seal for tons of stuff like custom icon, map sprites, class cards and battle backgrounds. I cannot stress how awesome he is for making all of this available * Klokinator for putting many custom animations and map sprites in a single, easy to find place * dondon151, Sephie, Teraspark, Arch, RobertFPY and HyperGammaSpaces for many card classes and map sprites * Waleed and flasuban for the male fighter animations and map sprites Known issues * Using any of the four new staves with animations turned off will cause a visual glitch Get the patches here. Apply to clean US FE8 ROM
  2. A port of a game is an old game modified to run on a new system, a remake is a reconstruction of an old game from a modern lens, and a remaster is something in-between. However, in recent years, I've been ever-increasingly noticing something I think should be considered a fourth category: a reskin. Basically, it occurs when a game is developed in the hopes of getting the profile and profit of a proper remake or remaster, but it only puts in the effort of a port, and to hide that fact, the game is given just enough superfluous changes that the marketing can call it a remake or a remaster, even though the game may as well just be a port. These superfluous changes being mostly visual, and usually never actually a visual enhancement; just a visual change, is the reason I thought "reskin" would be a good name for this. What do you think? Do you think it deserves its own label? Can you think of any particular examples? Also, if anyone has an idea for a better title for this topic, please let me know.
  3. Hello, people of Serenes Forest! My name is Garo, and I’m new to the rom hacking community. I have come today to post my completed FE7 reskin, Fire Emblem 7 - Heroes. Have you ever wished you could recruit Ishtar or Eldigan? Have you ever wanted Hector, Lachesis, and Nephenee all on the same team? That is what this hack aims to do. This hack takes characters from different FE games and makes them playable in one game while keeping their unique strengths and abilities intact. Lewyn with Forseti? Check. But what about Murdock with Wishblade? Also an option. Here are some features of the hack! Playable characters from throughout the franchise: (Continent-# of playable characters) Jugdral-14, Elibe-8 , Magvel-6 , Tellius-10 , Fodlan-1 Personal weapons and legendary weapons, including Holy Weapons from Jugdral Powerful player units, but also beefed up enemies Unchanged map design, but enemy placement has been tweaked for more challenge/fun Unchanged story, but simple, quick-building supports to keep character personality intact Increased exp gain for unpromoted units And more! ~!! Quick things to know before you start !!~ - This hack was made in Eliwood Hard Mode in mind, so make sure you play that mode for the intended experience! The game will quickly soft-lock on the other modes. - Most every character is recruited using the Eliwood replacement, Lewyn. This is so you don't have to keep track of who replaces whom. - You'll be getting a lot of strong units, so I recommend playing this game as an Iron-Man to anyone familiar with FE7. - Because growth rates are so high and exp gain is increased for unpromoted units, I don't recommend promoting your best units too early, as you could kneecap yourself for those later chapters. Enemies stats get pretty high, especially in the last couple maps. But your call! - You're bound to have some questions regarding the game's quirks, so *PLEASE* don't hesitate to check out the readme and the FAQ in the dropbox. I'm confident it can answer/solve all but your most obscure issues! Plus I tried to keep it as spoiler-free as I could. 🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗 Link to the dropbox. Download the patch! Link to the discord. Let's chat about the hack! 🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗 For me, probably the coolest part of all of FE is the final Act of FE10, where the coolest, most powerful people in Tellius come together to kick some ass. That is what this hack is supposed to be, but with my favorite characters from my favorite games. In addition, I've always loved how GBA Fire Emblems play, but my favorite characters come from Jugdral and Tellius. In this hack, you can use badasses from different games while keeping that perfectly snappy and streamlined gameplay of the GBA games. Your team is going to be super strong, but the enemies will be too. This is meant to be a difficult, but straight-forward and rewarding hack. I would like to think this hack speaks for itself. I'm not a super experienced hacker, but I've been working on and polishing this hack for a year now, and I'm proud of it. I hope you give this project a try! *Portrait credits* *Spoilers for playable units!* Glaceo and x0_000 are twitter users who gave me their permission to use their art. All other portraits were from the FEU repo and/or labeled free to use Lewyn: Glaceo Nephenee: NICKT Ike: NICKT Hilda: x0_000 Jill: NICKT Julia: melia Elincia: Imperial, Cardcafe Tailtiu: Glaceo Haar: NICKT Ishtar: TheBlindArcher Astrid: NICKT Finn: melia Lachesis: Glaceo Eldigan: Glaceo Altena: Vampire Elf Brigid: Glaceo Ashnard: Vampire Elf, Blackavar, Chalphy Travant: Vampire Elf Wario: ruherech Mia: NICKT, Pichu, Solum, Nih, Lenh Leanne: Vampire Elf Sigurd: x0_000 Arvis: Glaceo Ilyana: NICKT Leif: melia Ayra: Glaceo
  4. Hello there my friends, I'm new to the forums and I want some suggestions for playing the GBA fire emblems romhacks (Fire emblem 6 and 7). Last week i've played this Sacred Stones Reskin and Rebalance: Oh man, let me say this is a wonderful romhack, top of the line in my opinion, very nice sprites and animations, a lot of diverse skins for a lot of characters, and new custom classes too. So, I don't know many reskin romhacks for FE 6 & 7, can you guys indicate me a top quality reskin (and rebalance if comes together, but i truly want is a reskin), like this one I've linked, romhack for both FE 6 and 7? Observation: I don't want romhacks with custom story, like The Last Promise, I want romhacks with primarily top quality reskins for the original story of Binding Blade and Blazing Blade.
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm sure you missed me and my LPs terribly, so I'm going to rectify that. I'll be playing a reskin of FE8 called Master Version, by Bright Vega. The hack's topic can be found here. The objective is to make FE8 more difficult without just inflating stats; I hope the author has succeeded in this regard and look forward to playing this. I'll be playing Ephraim hard mode, which is supposed to be difficult. It should be noted I've not played this before, so any, uh, surprises will be, well, surprising. I'll almost certainly use savestates, but I'll try to minimize their use, and I'll also give a summary of what's different at the end of each chapter. Without further ado, let's master this version! That sounded better in my head. [spoiler=Chapter 1] So, we have a slightly modified title screen. It tells us we're playing something different from vanilla. I approve. The menu backgrounds have been changed, and I gotta admit, that looks spiffy. I will, as previously mentioned, be playing on difficult mode. The text hasn't been changed as far as I can tell, so I'm just skipping through the cutscenes. There's also a nice background for the chapter title, although I caught it a bit late (I'm guilty of mashing the space bar waaaay too often). Our enemies are the standard two fighters and O'Neill, so I won't show placement. I can't tell if these guys have been nerfed or if they were always this shoddy, but either way, they won't pose much of a problem. Also, notice the new background here as well! I'm not a HUGE fan, because it's sometimes hard to read the white text on the mostly-white background, but it's not a big issue, and the fact that Vega changed it at all is a nice touch. O'Neill, on the other hand, got a bit of a boost to his stats. Eirika can't double him anymore! In exchange, he gave up his name for the generic-sounding "Commander", and for some inexplicable reason has A in all physical weaponry. He also drops some gold, which is nice. On our side, Eirika seems to have gained a few new items. The slim sword needs no explanation, and it's nice to see the rapier's got some more uses, but what's this Star Seal nonsense? Tada! It gives +1 to all stats. Not overpowered, but a nice item to have when you're trying to level up some of the newbies. Eirika also starts out with E swords. Nothing new there. I like the vulnerary icon, incidentally. Seth's also got a surprise in the form of an Angelic Robe. I think Eirika would be the candidate for it at the moment, but I'm going to hold off using it for a bit. He also has a silver sword in place of a steel sword, and-hang on, 9 movement? I'm not sure this is a great idea, but I'm going to reserve judgement for now. The usual shenanigans for the prologue. Moving Eirika here allows her to... ...crit-kill the two fighters on EP 1. She does take a hit, but in vanilla, if she's on the forest, O'Neill won't hit her. That being said, I heal up just in case this beefed up O'Neill Commander pulls of some bs. I'm not going to savestate on the prologue now, am I? But no bs ensues. Eirika crits for the win and gets a nice level and some gold. [spoiler=Chapter 1 Changes] All this information is taken from the text files kindly provided in the download. I'm not double-checking them in Nightmare. Growth Changes: Eirika: Str +5, Def -5, Res +5 Seth: HP +10, Skl -5, Spd +5, Def -10, Res +10 Bases Changes: Eirika: Str +1 Seth: Skl +1, Spd +2, Lck -1, Def +4, Res +2, Mov +1 Promoted Unit Caps Changes: Great Lord (F): Str +1, Skl +1 Paladin (M): Spd +4, Def -1, Res +3, Weapons Changes: Slim Sword: Might +1, Crit +10 Silver Sword: Rank -1, Might -1, Hit -10, Uses +5 Rapier: Hit +5, Uses +10 Silver Lance: Rank -1, Hit -5, Uses +5 Iron Axe: Weight -2, Uses +5 Enemy Growth/Bases Changes: None. Thoughts: You took Seth, arguably the best character in the game, and made him and his class even more OP. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Iron axes having less weight makes things easier for Ross when he arrives, I suppose. [spoiler=Chapter 2] Our boss again has some cash, and the two soldiers traded in their iron lances for some two-range weaponry and droppable pure waters. They're still shit, though. Oh, hello! A and S ranks get some additional bonuses, detailed below, so this makes this guy slightly more dangerous. Eirika runs towards the fighter. Seth chills in the background. Will have to see whether their bases were changed. Eirika gets a meh level. Gilliam and this soldier demonstrate their incompetence. Some more than others. Franz was supposed to get the kill from Gilliam's chip; unfortunately, he'll probably have to take some damage now. BOTH OF YOU ARE DISGRACES TO YOUR RACE! Gilliam attempts to redeem himself. Hang on, something looks different about these guys... ...Yeah, probably not gonna use this guy. Apparently I'm going to need these. Neener neener neener blah! Forgot to free up his inventory beforehand. I dropped the 4-dose vulnerary. Utterly useless. Seth drops Eirika in front of the boss, he attacks her, and she ORKOs him for a nice level. Money and more money! [spoiler=Chapter 2 Changes] Growths: Gilliam: Str +10, Skl +10, Res +5 Franz: Hp -10, Str +10, Spd +5, Luk +10, Def -5 Bases: Gilliam: Con -2 Promoted Unit Caps: Great Knight (M): Str -1, Skl +3, Def -2, Res -1, Mov +1 General (M): Str +1, Skl +1, Spd -1, Res -3 Weapons: Iron Sword: Uses +4 Iron Lance: Weight -1, Uses +5 Enemy Growths/Bases: Knight: Base HP +3, Def growth +2 Ranks: A rank gives +1 damage and +5 hit S rank gives +1 damage, +10 hit, and +5 crit. Thoughts: Nothing too drastic changed here. Pegasus knights/Amelia become a tad more dangerous because they don't get weighed down as much by iron lances, which is kinda nice.
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