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Found 6 results

  1. For this thread, Call anything that has a similarty to something a ripoff, I'll start, The Beloved Sofia from FE Echoes is a ripoff of the Lobera from Elibian Nights! Both are swords, And both have the same looks! The Lost Forest from FE Fates is a ripoff of the Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda! Both are forests, And both have similar names!
  2. Both have 12 symbols, both have the exact same plot, both are strategy RPGs, both have a protagonist that looks like a famous singer, both have a protagonist that looks like a Legend of Zelda character, both have Hogwarts ripoffs, and this is slightly unrelated, but Fire Emblem The Three Stooges also ripped off Durr Lang Raiser's battle system!
  3. Both are ugly, Both can transform, Both are royalty, And if you replace the R in Garon's name with an N you get Ganon!
  4. Both are involved with the plot, Both are vassals, And both are in a game that revolves around the sun and the moon!
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