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Found 1 result

  1. RULES 1. I'm the host, and what I say goes. Edits to these rules may come at any time, although you will be informed if this occurs. 2. This game is NOC. Communicate in the game thread only, unless your role allows you to do otherwise. 2a. This includes non-players. If you spoil all of my potential subs I'll get kind of mad. 3. You may not speak during the night phase unless your role allows you to do otherwise. 4. Don't talk to dead people, don't talk to non-players who aren't hosts/IOs. 5. Taking screenshots and posting outside communications with the host, real or forged, will result in an instant modkill. 6. Don't edit your posts. If you somehow slip up with this, contact me immediately and tell me what you changed. 7. If you are modkilled by any fault of your own, you lose. 8. If you attempt to gain an advantage for your faction through your modkill, I'll see to it that it doesn't happen. 9. If you don't post for 24 hours, I will prod you. After enough prods, I will attempt to sub you out or modkill you if that isn't possible. 10. In spite of Shinori's words of wisdom above, try your best to avoid being an asshole. MECHANICS 1. This game starts on Day 1. 2. Days last for roughly 72 hours, while nights last for 24. These will probably be bent for my convenience. 3. 1/3rd of the living players must vote a target in order to lynch them. 2/3rd hammers early. Ties lead to no lynch. 4. If two day phases pass with no lynch target (intentional or otherwise), universal loss will occur. 5. You will be informed if your action fails or hits an unintended target. 6. *YLO will be announced. Whether or not it is potential *YLO will not be. 6a. *YLO is defined as a phase where the town can lose at the beginning of the following day phase. 7. Non-factional abilities from dead players will flip, but their full role pms will not. 8. This game is not bastard. 9. Every player has at least one passive or active ability beyond those typical for their faction. In other words, this is role madness. 10. Flavour may correlate with role, but not alignment. SIGNUPS (13/13): Arcanite Bard BBM Eurykins Fenrir Aesir Prims Propeller Knight (Via) Rapier Refa Shinori Walrein Weapons YOLOSWAG (Omega)
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